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Your wedding trousseau is a curated collection of items to help you transition seamlessly into married life, and it's essential to include menstrual hygiene products to ensure you're prepared for your monthly cycle during and after the wedding festivities. From sanitary pads to undergarment liquid wash, scroll below to get your hands on the ultimate menstrual hygiene products list!

Essential Menstrual Hygiene Products For Brides-to-be

1. Menstrual Cup

Menstrual cups are becoming increasingly popular simply because they provide leak-proof protection as well as leave you rash-free (the opposite of how sanitary pads usually leave you with a rash). Now, manage your period stress-free with a menstrual cup!

🛒Buy here: Pee Safe Menstrual Cup

Source Pee Safe

2. Menstrual Cup Steriliser

If you are using a menstrual cup, you definitely need to purchase a menstrual cup steriliser as well. It’s the perfect product to kill off all the germs so definitely buy one to put in your bridal trousseau!

🛒Buy here: Pee Safe Menstrual Cup Steriliser

Source Pee Safe

3. Sanitary Pads

A staple menstrual hygiene product, sanitary pads are an essential part of your wedding trousseau. When packing pads in your wedding trousseau, consider including a variety of sizes and absorbencies to accommodate your changing needs throughout your menstrual cycle.

🛒Buy here: NUA Sanitary Pads

Source NUA

4. Natural Intimate Wash

Maintaining intimate hygiene is essential, especially during your period and an intimate wash is the ideal product for those days. It will not only help your intimate area stay fresh but will also maintain the natural pH balance. 

🛒Buy here: Pee Safe Natural Intimate Wash 

Source Pee Safe

5. Cramp Relief Roll-On

For continuous relief from menstrual cramps, we suggest you keep a Cramp Relief Roll On handy in your bridal trousseau. Oh, and the best part? You can easily enjoy the wedding festivities without discomfort! 

🛒Buy here: Pee Safe Cramp Relief Roll-On

Source Pee Safe

6. Liquid Underwear Wash

Proper care and maintenance of your undergarments are essential for maintaining hygiene and increasing the life of your undergarments. Opt for a liquid underwear wash that will suit the delicate fabric intact!

🛒Buy here: Ugees Liquid Undergarment Wash

Source Ugees

Source Ugees

7. Herbal Pain Relief Patch

Another product that falls under your menstrual care kit is the herbal pain relief patch for days when the pain gets too much. It is perfect for instant relief, ensuring that not only should you enjoy your wedding festivities but also stay super comfortable!

🛒Buy here: Pee Safe Herbal Pain Relief Patch

Source Pee Safe


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Must Have Menstrual Hygiene Products To Keep in Your Bridal Trousseau

by Shweghna Gursahaney

Must Have Menstrual Hygiene Products To Keep in Your Bridal Trousseau