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Growing up, we all dream of someday meeting Mr Right and getting a surprise proposal. Nothing can make a girl feel as special as a grand gesture of love can so naturally when we saw Aditya Gurwara, the managing partner of Quroz, surprise his longtime girlfriend cum RJ with a dreamy proposal, we knew we had to share it with you all. Scroll below to find out everything about this lovely couple and about that special day when Gurwara went down on one knee to change Supriya’s life forever!

Dreamy Proposal of Aditya Gurwara & Supriya

Aditya and Supriya become friends back in college and during those days, the duo used to take long walks on the Marine Drive with their friends. Little did they know that these long walks would lead to them getting to know each other better and eventually would lead to them becoming a couple. What became an essential and fond memory of their relationship was the first walk that the two took together alone on Marine Drive. That night they started talking and could find no end to the conversations and before they could realise, Aditya and Supriya had covered a distance of 1000 metres. That’s how this became a thing for the two!

During the time of planning the proposal, Aditya Gurwara shared this adorable story with the proposal planners and it is then that the team pitched to have a giant LED board that read, ‘1000 metres’ as the backdrop.

Aditya Gurwara went to the T to plan the most personalised proposal ever for Supriya. From elements such as the 1000 metres LED board to details from Supriya’s favourite show Brooklyn 99, the to-be-groom made sure to have everything right.

If you think that this is everything that the groom had up his sleeve, wait till you see how he included his dog Floppy as the final surprise element to melt Supriya’s heart!


Photographer: Karan Anand Photography | Proposal conceptualised, planned and executed by: All About Love

Final Words

What a heartwarming proposal this was! We wish the couple immense happiness and love! 🥰


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Aditya Gurwara's Dreamy Proposal Had Us Teary Eyed!

by Shweghna Gursahaney

Aditya Gurwara's Dreamy Proposal Had Us Teary Eyed!