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Ladies & Gentlemen, we are back again the cutest and most happening ideas for you to help you make your wedding the most beautiful and memorable journey of your life. Today, we will be talking about the trending proposal ideas that are beautiful, unique, extremely thoughtful and super hard to resist. Without wasting any time let’s get straight to the list of top trending proposal ideas.

Best 50 Trending Proposal Ideas

Best proposal ideas that'll bring a huge smile on your partner’s face

1. This couple is making us believe that fairytale is real

For your girlfriend who’s a dreamer, a fairytale wedding proposal will be the happiest day of her life. Amp up the settings with some fairy lights and other props, like the moon cut out in this one and create magic for her.

Source Pinterest

2. Making your wedding proposal a fam jam

What a wonderful idea of asking your families to help you ask her the most important question of your lives. After all, starting this new journey without their love and Weblessings wouldn’t be complete!

Source Pinterest

3. Is spring around the corner? 

Everything is a little extra pretty during spring, so, if you have decided to ask your partner to be yours forever during this pretty time of the year, all you have to do is to take him/her for a walk and get down on your knees amidst the beautiful flowers.

4. How about painting a wall with your love?! 

We love how creatively he has placed their pictures on the wall and used it as a background to her to marry him. The Decor is winning hearts!

5. We deem this one - the cutest proposal idea!

Are you both pet parents, or maybe, just people who are insanely in love with doggos? They wouldn’t be able to say no to this cutie. 🙈

Source Pinterest

6. Say it at your love corner

You do not need to go to exquisite locations to ask them the most awaited question ever. Just the place where you have been regularly meeting each other decorated with some roses and a cutesy banner work perfectly well.

7. Welcome them home from work on your knee

Why wait for special occasions to make yours and their day special? Turn a dull regular office day into a magical one by setting a few balloons and some fairy lights to welcome them to the biggest happiness of your lives.

Source Pinterest

8. A romantic Christmas proposal? YES!

The holiday season is the time of the year when the whole world celebrates. When the earth is as it’s brightest, its a good idea to go down on your knees and pop up the question.

Source Pinterest

9. A restaurant proposal never goes out-of-style

Do you remember this picture going viral all over the Internet? Look at the happiness on her face! 😍

Source Pinterest

10. Ask her best friends for help!

They are her best friends, sisters, advisors and future bridesmaids, involving them in her biggest happiness will bring the brightest smile on her face.

11. How about a date night under the stars?

We love how pretty this proposal setting looks. Love, flowers, lights and the two of you. Who wants anything else!?!

Destination proposal ideas for couples who love to travel together

12. Beach proposals are just so gorgeous

She arrived at the beach to witness the best surprise of her life planned by her boyfriend. The guy made a charming picnic set-up for a perfect moment with fresh flowers, soft cushions and funky props.

13. Aren’t proposals in hot air balloons charismatic?

Proposing to her in the skies, the guy has our hearts. For a partner who loves grand gestures, this tending proposal idea is an ideal one.

14. We are crushing over this gorgeous mountain top proposal

As they trekked all their way up to the mountain, this guy chose to go down on his knees and pop up the ring. We are completely swooning over this one.

Source Pinterest

15. A rooftop proposal in heavenly Bali

He went all the way to Bali, searched for this gorgeous rooftop with the perfect backdrop to ask her to be his for the rest of their lives. We can not get over this one!

16. Snowfalls, undoubtedly, are super romantic

Do you often plan to the mountains to witness pretty and cosy snowfall with your partner? Well, that totally can be an ideal wedding proposal. Their expression after reading ‘Will you marry me?’ engraved in the snow will be priceless.

Source Pinterest

17. For the couple who’s fond of wines

Wineries not only is home to our favourite drinks but also are super gorgeous. Propose your partner over a glass of wine in a winery!

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18. Getting lost with each other amidst the woods

There is nothing prettier than nature. We love how he decorated the woods with colourful flowers and some candles to create this super romantic ambience.

19. At the outskirts at the time of the sunset

If you both aren’t too fond of going too far off places or simply hardly find time for that, this is something for you. Take them to the outskirts of the city at the time of sunset, you need nothing more.

Source Pinterest

20. This pretty lakeside proposal is winning hearts

A meal together at the lakeside makes your wedding proposal a lot more special. The perfectly done decor at the site is just charming.

21. Lastly, your home is no less than a perfect destination

You don't have to go anywhere to make you partner feel special. A simple gesture like this one is done with genuine feeling is going to make his/her fall for you are over again.

22. Say it Via A Treasure Hunt Game

Send your soon-to-be fiancé on a treasure hunt. Make them stop at some of your favourite spots, or leave them little hints about your time together. Let the engagement ring be at the final “x mark the spot”.

23. Game Night!

This is one of the best marriage proposal ideas if your partner enjoys board games. It can be just the two of you or a small group, and try popping the question with a classic game like Scrabble letters or a Pictionary picture.

Source Pinterest

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For all the foodie couples out there!

22. To all the pizza lovers in the house!

We understand and relate to your love for pizza. Tell them that they are the one with whom you wish to share your pizza for the rest of your life. The heart-shaped pizza is adding the extra pizza :P

Source gradigroup

23. You're my sweetie pie, you're my cupcake

We are as obsessed with this cupcake wedding proposal as we are with this song.

Source Pinterest

24. I ‘doughnut’ you!

We are completely in love with these cutesy doughnuts asking them to marry you!

Source Pinterest

25. This old way of popping up the question always works its charm

Surprise them with a fortune cookie after a romantic dinner to ask them to marry you.

Source Pinterest

26. Let her/him know your feelings over a cup of coffee

We swear we can stare at this perfectly crafted coffee for hours!

Source Etsy

27. Or maybe, ask them to be yours over a cup of tea

For those who have built their relationship over the most loved ‘Chai’, there can’t be a better way to ask this question.

28. The couple who bakes together, stays together!

On a weekend that you both decided to spend alone at home, a baking session is a must. Surprise them with this question when they are expecting it the least.

Source etsy

Personalised wedding proposals have an unmatched charm

29. Cos your photo album is precious

They won’t be able to resist a hand made photo album or a storybook created by you especially for this day!

30. Simple yet thoughtful wedding proposal idea

It's easy, but it's effective, and something they're going to remember forever. Bundle up an elaborate memory box (boxes inside boxes, plenty of tissue, photographs, ribbons), and watch as they open layer after layer. They can find a ring-box sized parcel by the end, and if they still haven't found out what you're looking for by then that's your cue to tell them how much you love them, and how much you want them to be your husband or wife.

Source Pinterest

31. Gift them a special gift card

Gift them a pretty gift card and ask them to scratch it until they find a cute, little ‘Will you marry me?” written there.

32. Record a special proposal message to your partner

Tell them what they mean to you in your voice. Watch them listen to it patiently waiting for the question to pop up!

33. Reasons why I want to marry you

Gift them a chic box with all reasons that make you want to marry them to make sure they always remember how special they are to you.

Source Pinterest

34. Write a message on the graffiti wall 

Write a special message for them on the wall of your backyard and use that as a backdrop when you finally decide to go on one knee and ask the question.

35. A storybook with your story for them to complete

If your partner is someone who loves to read, gift them a storybook specially designed for them with your story. On the last page, pop up the question and let them finish the story.

Some quirky proposal ideas for the couples

36. A jigsaw puzzle for them to assemble

Gift them a jigsaw puzzle-like this one, which after it is assembled correctly asks the question on your behalf.

Source etsy

37. Ask them to be yours with flower bouquets

For new-age wedding proposals, letter bouquets are a sleek way.

Source Pinterest

38. A photobooth proposal is irresistible

Go inside a photo booth and propose to your partner just before you are about to get clicked to capture their first reaction and to keep it with you forever!

Source Pinterest

39. You+bed tea+ a ring = perfect proposal idea!

Gift them the happiest morning of their lives by bringing them a bed tea along with their engagement ring.

Source elliedanver

40. For the gaming couple

For the couple who loves playing video games, this is the perfect way to propose.

Source Pinterest

41. A wedding lego proposal

Get your imaginative minds to working and set up something as creative as this!

Source Pinterest

42. For the partner who’s a book lover!

Surprise your partner who loves to read with a new book, only this time, put your engagement ring in it!

Source Pinterest

Trending wedding proposal videos that we found doing rounds on the internet

Ps: Keep Some Tissues Handy Before You Watch This!

43. She broke all the stereotypes and went on her knees to propose to her pilot boyfriend!

44. We love how she proposed to her boyfriend virtually

45. A flashmob wedding proposal is just so dreamy & fun!

46. The internet went crazy when he proposed to her between on ongoing cricket match

47. This proposal idea never gets old!

48. Another flashmob, only this time, Bollywood!

49. This elaborate proposal video is making us believe in fairy tales again!

50. These two gorgeous scuba divers have won us over!

Final Thoughts!

We know the importance of a wedding proposal for you, after all, this is your first step to spend the rest of your life with your partner. We hope that you enjoyed reading the proposal ideas as much as we enjoyed writing them.


Let us know more ideas and inspiration that you would like us to curate for you via Instagram DM & keep checking this space for more!

Top 50 Trending Proposal Ideas

by Apoorva Saxena

Top 50 Trending Proposal Ideas