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On what was supposed to be a five-year anniversary dinner, Divij took a detour to his old house (where we had first started dating) for a work emergency. Little did I know that he will pop the question that night.

For one, the proposal came as a complete surprise to me. Divij had told me that it won’t be happening anytime soon because he wanted to catch me off-guard (which btw, he completely did!)

But the funniest thing is that one week before the proposal, I was partying at his house, and the proposal ring was right in his closet!

The Dreamy Proposal 

On the day of the proposal, which was also the day when we completed five years together, Divij picked me up in the morning and told me that I will be getting surprises all day long. We covered all our favourite places and in the evening left for dinner. But instead, he told me mid-way that due to a work emergency, we had to go somewhere else. To my surprise, he took me to the place where our relationship started and told me that our closest friends will be joining us for a surprise dinner (being the inquisitive person that I am, Divij had to cook up a LOT of stories).

When we reached the location, there was nobody but this grand set up in my favourite colour white.

Divij then took out the anniversary poem from his pocket (fun fact: in the last five years, Divs has always written a poem for me on all our big occasions so I knew I would be getting one that night also!)

He started reading the poem and in the last paragraph (by which both Divij and I were in tears), he put his hand inside his jacket pocket and took out the most beautiful proposal ring.

Divij for the longest time had been asking me about my dream proposal and I always told him that I don’t have one but whenever he will propose, I know its going to be better than anything I dream of. And he proved me right by planning the most incredible proposal!

Divij On Planning The Proposal

“I got COVID back in December and that got me thinking about life and the next step with my girlfriend. Once I was sure that I want to propose to Shweghna in the coming months, I had to figure out the perfect surprise proposal for her. Since it had to be a surprise for her, I started throwing hints that it won’t be happening anytime soon and there’s an ample amount of time for the next step.

I then started seeing diamond rings for the proposal but I couldn’t find anything that was exceptionally beautiful so I got in touch with a family jeweller and ultimately got a new ring made for her. Once the ring was also sorted, I had to figure out the location. I wanted the location to be meaningful for both of us which is why I planned the proposal at my old house (which is also the place where we both started dating.) For the decoration and photographer, I got in touch with one of my family members who has worked in event planning before. On the day of the proposal, I also had to keep Shweghna busy because it was our anniversary so I asked my best friend to help out with the setup. I was constantly on the phone with him, coordinating and getting everything done.

Final Words

I was nervous the entire day about how the night will turn out to be but while entering the proposal location, I was the most confident because I was very sure about the person next to me. Everything turned out to be exactly how I wanted!”


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#FirstPerson: "How My Boyfriend Surprised Me With The Most Incredible Proposal!"

by Shweghna Gursahaney

#FirstPerson: "How My Boyfriend Surprised Me With The Most Incredible Proposal!"