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Credits: Alamour; Gaurav Gupta

If you've decided to wear a gown for any of your wedding functions, you certainly are aware of the dilemma that is choosing the right style of gown for you. 

As a bride, you always want to look your best. But finding a great-looking outfit for your body type can be a bit of a challenge. Should the gown be fitted, emphasizing the body shape, or should it be flared, exposing others? Or maybe it’s possible to find an intermediate solution that will satisfy the most choosy brides-to-be? Well, to help you guys make the right decision, we're back with another segment of our What To Wear When guides! 

This time, we're tackling the never-ending debate on what's the best type of gown to don- a Bodycon gown or a Flared gown.

Scroll down and learn all the pros and cons of these outfits and find out the right fit for you!

What To Wear When: Bodycon VS Flared Gowns

Picking the right gown for your pre-wedding functions is probably as daunting as picking the right lehenga for your wedding! There are so many options out there. Which means there are equally as many decisions available. And ultimately, all choices boil down to the silhouette. Gowns of the same hue or embroidery can look absolutely different if the shape of the gown changes. So, if you're confused on which fit to go for, here's our opinion on it!

Bodycon Gowns

Credits: Amit Aggarwal; Naeem Khan

Bodycon, which is a standing phrase for 'body conscious, is the ultimate gown design for a bride looking to impress. If you've had the opportunity to live through or experience the 1990s era, then you're well aware of the status and popularity the Bodycon gown holds. A bodycon gown is all about showing off your body rather than hiding it. Fitted gowns, mermaid gowns, trumpet gowns and column gowns fall under the bodycon gown category. They're essentially tight-fitted gowns which hug a woman's body completely from top to bottom. Since bodycon dresses tightly hug your figure, they're perfect to flaunt your body. 

Pros of Bodycon Gowns 

- If you have an hourglass body type, then bodycon gowns will look amazing on you. 

- If you're tall, with a slender frame, then a bodycon gown is the best choice for you. 

- They're meant for those that have an equal bust and hips size, with a narrow waist.

- Such dresses are generally low cut to show cleavage, thus looking better on bustier women.

- Gown trains look stunning with this type of gown.

- You can flaunt gorgeous asymmetrical designs with bodycon gowns. Fashion designers like Amit Aggarwal and Gaurav Gupta are known for their stunning asymmetrical bodycon gowns. 

- Bodycon gowns are great choices for those that love a fitted, neat look.

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Cons of Bodycon Gowns 

- If you have a hip size larger than busts, then you are advised to stay away from this pattern as it will accentuate the cons of your body, rather than highlighting the pros.

- Not the easiest outfits to move in or dance in. 

- Doesn't add much 'drama' to your look as a flared gown would. 

- Since it's a form-fitting type of gown, it can make one feel conscious of their body. 

Source Alamour

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Flared Gowns

Credits: Gaurav Gupta; Sabyasachi

They're gorgeous, they're scintillating and they're the type of gowns straight out of a fairytale. Flared gowns are primarily gowns that come with a lot of layers in the lower half of the dress. A-line and princess ball gowns fall under this category. They give one the possibility to cover up as much as possible and are ideal for apple or triangle body shapes. They're also great options for women with a larger bust which can be accentuated with a deep V-neck or a shoulderless neckline. Furthermore, one can enhance the entire look by adding a belt to the waistline. 

Pros of Flared Gowns

-  They're the best option if you're going for a dramatic look. 

- You get to channel your inner princess with a flared gown. 

- They're sophisticated yet imposing and absolutely elegant, perfect for a reception or wedding!

- Flared gowns have empire waistlines which create a lengthening effect. 

- No amount of flare or puffiness is ever enough. You'll look gorgeous in a minimal and maximal flare.

- They're easier to move and dance in!

Source AMIT GT

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Cons of Flared Gowns

- If not designed and stitched right, flared gowns tend to look tacky. 

- If you have a curvier or taller body, they can make you look huge. 

- If they're not accessorised correctly, they may look too ostentatious and loud. 

Source Dolly J

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Final Thoughts

No matter the kind of gown you choose for your wedding, cocktail or reception, it is essential to know which type suits your body shape. Gowns are the kinds of outfits that can look great on anyone if you know which design to choose. So, we hope this little What to Wear When guide helped you in making a decision!


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What To Wear When: Bodycon Gown VS Flared Gowns

by Shivani Singh

What To Wear When: Bodycon Gown VS Flared Gowns