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Credits: Sutej PannuSurya Singh Makeup

There's no hidden truth in the fact that every bride has her own style. Especially when it comes to their makeup choices for their wedding and pre-wedding functions. Some like to go all out and stun with fabulous colourful eye makeup looks, while others choose to glow like a goddess with dewy makeup looks. And one that everyone's still dilly-dallying between is of course the Eyeliner VS No Eyeliner look. 

About 90 to 95% of all women wear at least one type of makeup. Eyeliner is just one of those types. However, many makeup looks do not require eyeliner anymore either. The diversity and options are endless and as long as it looks good, it slays. 

But how does one know if eye makeup requires eyeliner? Or which makeup can go without eyeliner? Well, to answer that question for you, we're back with the latest edition of our What To Wear When Series. And this time we're taking on the hot debate of What To Wear When: Eyeliner VS No Eyeliner Look!

What To Wear When: Eyeliner VS No Eyeliner Look

When To Wear The Eyeliner Look

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The eyeliner look is exactly what it sounds like. Eyeliners are products that go around the edge of your eye, top and bottom, helping frame the eyes and create exotic and unique looks. They generally come in three formats- pencil, gel and liquid. For professional makeup artists, eyeliner application is breezy. However, for everyday use or for someone who isn't very well versed in precise eyeliner application, it takes time and practice to perfect the application technique.

But once you get a hang of it, this beauty product helps you create some fantastic designs around your eyes, making them appear larger or smaller as per your needs. Different makeup looks require different types of eyeliners. So, to help you identify situations, where eyeliner would suit your makeup look, here, are some pointers:

⭐ Wear eyeliner when working with lighter shades of eyeshadow like neutral or pastel colours. 

⭐ Use eyeliner to create a wing or a double wing when using no eyeshadow for a clean and sophisticated look. 

⭐ If you're in the mood of getting creative, then use eyeliner to create unique and glamorous looks.

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⭐ If you wish to add a pop of colour to your makeup look without dousing yourself in too much glitter or vivid eyeshadows, then go for a colourful eyeliner to line either your waterline or the lid of your eye. 

⭐ Often, whether you've chosen a simple eye makeup look, or maybe something extravagant and out there, eyeliner can compliment each look. Especially if you're looking to add drama to your eyes.

Source Richa Dave

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When To Wear The 'No Eyeliner Look

We know what you're thinking- "Bridal makeup without eyeliner? That's impossible!" However, it is not. The no eyeliner look is  popular among minimalistic brides. And honestly, this makeup trend is a blessing in disguise for many of us who're no Picasso with eyeliners! Thanks to the invention of highly pigmented eyeshadows and fanned out faux eyelashes, we can finally exclude eyeliners yet still create stunning makeup looks. The no eyeliner look can make you appear young, naive, wide-eyed, and innocent. The no eyemakeup look heavily relies on the use of eye shadow, mascara, eyelashes and other products to highlight the best parts of your eyes. 

So, if you're wondering when it's best to skip the eyeliner, here are some pointers:

⭐ When doing dramatic eye makeup like smokey eyes, eyeliner is not required. 

⭐ Skip the eyeliner if you're applying fanned-out, long faux eyelashes. Instead, set your eyelashes with mascara for a bolder, fuller look. 

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⭐ You can skip the eyeliner if you're short on time. But if you're eyes feel flat without eyeliner, then curl your lashes with a lash curler and then apply two layers of mascara. 

⭐ If you have large round eyes and long lashes, your pre-wedding makeup look can be done without eyeliner. You can also use dark eyeshadows to create a winged effect at the corner of your eyes. 

Source Amrit Kaur

Final Thoughts

Whether you choose eyeliner or no eyeliner on your wedding day, it's all about you looking the best. We always suggest brides to trust their Makeup up artists and that kind of trust builds when you have a trial session with them beforehand. Similarly, before your wedding, we suggest you start experimenting with makeup. Learn and practice basic makeup and find out what works best for you!



What To Wear When: Eyeliner VS No Eyeliner Look

by Shivani Singh

What To Wear When: Eyeliner VS No Eyeliner Look