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Known for his dramatic sculptures, draped ensembles & contemporary silhouettes, Gaurav Gupta has over the years become every modern bride's go-to choice for a cocktail or sangeet outfit. The couturier is more than accommodative when it comes to twisting an outfit as per a to-be bride’s taste, which is another reason why he is one of the most well-liked designers.

There’s no doubt that he knows how to add a whiff of traditionalism to modern bridal outfits. From completely revamping the face of conventional sarees to bringing about the trend of exaggerated shoulders and ruffled hems, the maestro has taken the bridal fashion scenario a notch above with his expert design sensibilities.

Having witnessed a lot of brides donning statement GG gowns for their wedding functions, today we’ve scouted for our favourite real brides in GG couture. Scroll below and get ready to bookmark these drop-dead gorgeous outfits!

Real Brides in Stunning Gaurav Gupta Bridal Outfits

1. We Love This Bride In This Ravishing Lavender Gown

This gown made it to our favourite GG outfits because it has many interesting elements like a tube neckline, a sheer fall and sequins, and feather finishing. It is the perfect outfit to pick for your cocktail function if you’re going with a western theme for the function!

2. Check Out This 3D Applique Design Gown

This one isn’t your usual GG gown which is why we loved it so much. It’s got beautiful 3D appliqué work done in silver with prints of flowers. This one is a no-brainer and simply made for brides who want a piece of GG couture but don’t want the usual. Ladies, we promise that it will look breathtaking on you at your cocktail function.

3. We Want This Sculpted Sleek Gown!

One can easily identify a Gaurav Gupta gown by the structure work which is done around the neckline. This one is a quintessential GG gown with all the sculpted work, sequins and silhouette in general. Opt for this if you’re looking for a glam option for your big night ladies!

4. This Saree Gown is Surreal

Saree gowns have been a hit since forever because of how versatile this outfit is. You are getting the best of both worlds. And, speaking of saree gowns, guess which designer has the most surreal saree gown in red? Yes, ladies, GG comes to your rescue. Check out this breathtaking saree gown and get ready to fall in love.

5. We are Swooning Over This Regal Sculptured Gown

Another sculptured gown, this gown by Gaurav Gupta is a beauty. Made in a beautiful peach hue, this sleek silhouette has every element, such as sequins, sculpture work, and, most importantly, a trail to give a grand feel. Go for this one if you want to look elegant and regal at your wedding functions.

6. We Love This Pristine Pearl Drop Gown

With light ruffle details on the hem and a sheer net neck, this gown by Gaurav Gupta is unique. If you’re a minimalistic bride who enjoys easy-to-carry silhouettes but with tons of detailing then look no further cuz this is going to be your dream gown!

7. This Off-White Lehenga is GORG

Ladies, mostly everyone prefers wearing a Gaurav Gupta gown at their wedding functions but we think his range of lehengas is also a great pick for the occasion. Introducing this gorgeous off-white lehenga that we spotted on a real bride. This will look exceptionally good on you at your cocktail function or even on your wedding day!

8. Embellished Fishtail Gown For The Win

A fishtail gown isn’t everyone’s cup of tea however we recommend this specific fishtail gown to all you millennial brides. It’s chic, unique and super easy to carry off. Oh, and the best part about this? There’s so much embellished work and detailing that one can’t help but be all head over heels for this outfit.

9. Lilac Ruffle Lehenga For Statement-Making Brides

It is of utmost importance that you choose a statement-making piece for your cocktail function. For one, the cocktail function is one of the grand functions and secondly, you’re gonna be dancing your heart out and have all the eyes on you. That’s why we suggest this pretty lilac ruffles lehenga by GG that will make the perfect cocktail outfit!

10. Ditch Indian Silhouettes & Check Out This Black Gown!

It's not necessary to opt for an Indian-themed cocktail function. You can always change the theme to Western and ask your guests to come in gowns rather than in Indian silhouettes. You’ll also get to don a stunning western gown from Gaurav Gupta just like this real bride did.

11. Cream Saree With a Super Hot Blouse

A saree is a fab option for your cocktail function cuz you will get so much space to move around freely. We love how this bride went with a beige saree for her cocktail function and with that went with such a chic blouse. This is a must-have ladies!

12. A Pristine White Puffy Gown

If you want something grand with a lot of volume, might we suggest this pristine white gown by Gaurav Gupta? Apart from the fact that it is a tube gown, it has also got other amazing elements like heavy pleats, appliqué work and embellishments. Ladies, an outfit like this will look marvellous on you at your cocktail function.

13. A Dreamy Red Off-Shoulder Lehenga

A lehenga is an exceptional choice for your cocktail function because of multiple reasons like how flowy the silhouette is and how many design options are there for blouses. That’s why when we found this dreamy red lehenga, we knew we had to introduce this to you guys to bookmark for your cocktail function.

14. A Structured Onion Pink Straight Gown

Ladies, another great creation of Gaurav Gupta has to be this structured gown. Available in onion pink, this one is made for brides who like those body-hugging silhouettes. Another great part about this gown is the fact that it is got a wide neckline!

15. Ditch The Usual & Opt for This GG Silhouette

Ah, and the last one had to be this quirky silhouette by Gaurav Gupta. We have found this amazing jumpsuit with ruffle detailing around the neck for all you brides who are tired of seeing the same Indian wear options. Put a drape on the backside and you’re set for a ravishing outfit!

16. A heavily embellished and ruffle hemmed gown 

Ladies, we love how GG never fails to surprise us with his bridal wear, especially the gowns. I mean just look at this gorgeous turtle green gown with ruffle detailing in the end. Isn’t it stunning!? 

17. Custom Embroidered Organza Swirl Gown

Another gown which we couldn’t stop swooning over is this organza one which has heavy embroidery and a swirl detailing at the end. This gown is also made in a soothing colour which will help us to do it during the day and night time! 

18. A Red Custom Scarlet Swirl Gown 

Red is one of those colours to which a bride can never say no no matter what the bridal outfit is. And, one look at Gaurav Gupta’s red gown worn by this real bride and you wouldn’t wanna see any other bridal outfit after this!

We think this scarlet swirl gown is a perfect choice for your reception or cocktail function. 

19. Zardozi Embroidered Saree Lehenga 

Well for one, we are major fans of zardosi. This is one kind of work which never goes out of fashion. And, paired with Gaurav Gupta’s unique saree lehenga? Simply a match made in heaven! 

Ladies, we think that you should get this piece for your roka ceremony to dazzle every single guest!

20. This Cascading White Saree-Lehenga-Gown

We don’t know about all you brides out there but this cascading white saree-lehenga-gown by couturier Gaurav Gupta is one to not miss. From statement-making elements like ruffles, pearl detailing and intricate embroidery work to a gorgeous back design, this saree-lehenga-gown is a surreal outfit. This outfit in itself is so perfect that we recommend this one to all you Christian brides out there for your big day!

21. A Frosted Organza Swirl Lehenga

Don’t you just love it when Indian outfits have every intricate detail on them such as organza, floral embroidery, ruffles and whatnot? Well this GG creation is one of such outfits which have it all. Whether you decide to don this number for your cocktail function or at your reception, we know you’re gonna look simply drop-dead gorgeous! 

22. The Dreamy White Mermaid Sculpted Gown

Now for all you brides who love body-hugging silhouettes, we’re sure that you wouldn’t be able to resist this sculpted white mermaid gown by Gaurav Gupta. It’s sleek, has a beautiful finishing and fits the body like a glove! 

23. A Heavily Embellished Organza Swirl Gown

Ladies, wanna raise the glam quotient at your engagement ceremony? Trust this Gaurav Gupta swirl gown to do exactly that for you. Apart from being heavily embellished, the gown has an amazing ruffle detailing in the end and is available in the most beautiful hue!

We say that you should not let this one slip by. 

24. This Classic Red Sequinned Gown is Giving Us Mermaid Feels!

Your cocktail function is one where you need to make a statement. Go with this gorgeous red one which is embellished from the top till the end with a beautiful finishing of ruffles. 

25. A Royal Blue Intricately Embroidered Ruffled Lehenga 

Not a lot of brides opt for the Gaurav Gupta lehenga but the ones who don look as ravishing as they can. This blue and golden ruffle lehenga is so unique, offbeat and gorgeous that one cannot move their eyes from this! 

26. A Frosted Sheen Origami Gown Embellished with Antique Metallics

Gaurav Gupta is known for his offbeat designs and colours and this frosted sheen gown is every simple bride’s dream outfit because of the same reasons. The beautiful sequins work, the cut, the drapes and every little detail in this outfit have our hearts.

27. Dazzling Red Gown Highlighted with Structured Organza Ruffles 

Are you a fashionista who wants to don stylish outfits for your wedding functions? Then simply go with this red gown with ruffle edges. This has the whole package starting from a beautiful colour, detailed work, ruffles and embellishments. If you ask us, this is the perfect cocktail outfit!

28. This Grey Gown with Elaborate Ruffles on the Hem 

Gaurav Gupta has created some remarkable gowns over the years, this one is one of them. The colour is off-beat and the embroidery is amazing. A must-have for your cocktail function. 

29. Structured Organza Lehenga Gown

Ladies, if you’re on the hunt for an extravagant gown which has a nice pallu then this organza lehenga gown is for you. The colour is so soothing and the design is just to die for!

30. Sculpted Mauve Organza Gown

If you’re looking for something off-beat which isn’t too heavy and is super comfortable, then you should consider this Gaurav Gupta creation. Sculpted in a unique hue, this organza gown is no less than dreamy.

31. An Enthralling Ivory Saree Lehenga

Saree lehengas are truly the best of both worlds. You get a grand silhouette and also get to carry a pallu. Talking about this silhouette, we cannot stop swooning over this ivory number by Gupta! 

32. A Deep Green Sculpted Gown

If you are a fan of Gaurav Gupta’s quintessential designs then this deep green sculpted gown is the perfect option for you for your cocktail function. The work on this outfit is so intricate that you will shine like no other bride in this piece!

33.  A Delicate Lavender-Pink Saree-Lehenga

If you’re looking for something delicate, we recommend going with an outfit which has embroidery work done on it like this lavender-pink saree lehenga. It’s got so many beautiful elements that how can you not consider this GG outfit for your cocktail or reception function?

34. Check Out This Dusty Pink Lehenga

All brides love wearing lehengas at their wedding functions. And, while we are major fans of Gaurav Gupta’s gowns, his lehengas are no less. Check out this real bride who slew in a dusty pink off-shoulder lehenga at her reception function!

35. This Divine Midnight Blue Sequins Gown

Want something glittery that is statement-making? Then how bout this drop-dead gorgeous midnight blue sequins gown? The silhouette is super comfortable, the intricate work is breathtaking and the details are just lovely.

36. A Statement Gaurav Gupta gown with Metallic Silver Work

Silver is back in fashion like never before. This hue is the go-to colour for all brides who are finding an outfit for their cocktail function. That’s why we strongly recommend that you opt for this surreal statement gown which has metallic work!

37. Baby Pink Fishtail Gown

Another silhouette taking the internet by storm is a fishtail outfit and who would have guessed that GG has already created an outfit in this silhouette!? Well, he has and it's so beautiful that you cannot keep your eyes off this stunning baby pink gown!

38. A Structured Gown in Blush Pink with a Swirling Bottom

Ladies, if you’re looking for a ravishing gown in a subtle colour then this Gaurav Gupta gown with a swirling bottom is surely going to make your heart beat faster. It's the perfect gown for your cocktail or reception function!

39. A Beautiful White Saree-Gown 

If you want to opt for a subtle shade but your bridal outfit to be extravagant, we suggest that you take a look at this stupendous white saree gown worn by a real bride at her engagement function. Ladies, this outfit is so versatile that it's completely on you how you want to style it — whether you want it to give an Indian look or a western one.

Source ShaadiSaga

40. A Scintillating Mosaic Blue Saree Gown

We’ve said it once and we’ll say it again that nothing is trending more than pastels right now. That’s why when we first saw this mosaic blue saree-gown by ace designer Gaurav Gupta, we knew we had to include it in our list. Whether you’re the bride, sister of the bride or her childhood best friend, do consider this gown!

41. An All Gold Sculpted Gown

Let’s face it gold is synonymous with glam. The colour comes out so well on bridal outfits that all brides rave about its colour. So, if you are also a big fan of this shade, we recommend going with a gold Gaurav Gupta gown; similar to the one worn by this real bride below!


So, which Gaurav Gupta gown did you like the most? Head to our Instagram page and tell us!

Best 41 Gaurav Gupta Cocktail Outfits We Spotted on Real Brides

by Shweghna Gursahaney

Best 41 Gaurav Gupta Cocktail Outfits We Spotted on Real Brides