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If there is one fashion designer who has changed the definition of unique silhouettes in the wedding industry, then it is surely Amit Aggarwal. Designing couture dresses for brides-to-be, Amit focuses on moulding and freezing amorphous forms into structures made utilising industrial materials transformed by hand-done techniques into intricate garments with a definite shape, which further beautifies a bride’s figure.

Be it getting ready for your cocktail night or looking drop-dead-gorgeous at your reception party. Amit Aggarwal's couture collection is a dream for every bride who is getting married soon. So, get ready to know some useful tips from the designer itself and inspire yourself with Amit Aggarwal's brides' cos we have oodles of inspiration coming your way! 👰 

In Conversation With Fashion Designer Amit Aggarwal

Mastering in an eclectic mix of organic and manmade textiles with very contemporary styling, Amit Aggarwal aims to explore traditional weaving and printing textile arts from the Indian subcontinent and make it relevant by superimposing it with unconventional materials and industrial waste for his brides. So, getting you first-hand information ShaadiSaga, went one step further and had a fun chat with the designer Amit Aggarwal who spilt the beans on his brand.

How your brand is different from other brands or designers?

Couture for me is a feeling, when you wear an outfit that you feel embodies your true spirit and aesthetic that to me is couture. Amit Aggarwal as a brand creates designs inspired by natural forms and articulating them through unique silhouettes. I think something that differentiates us is that our clothing is very lightweight even with its voluminous shapes and intricate surface details. Also, we aim to contemporise traditional handwork techniques with new-age materials, which is something that we find unique to us.

Your outfits are stunning & dramatic! What inspired you to create such outfits that shouts Amit Agarwal?

The brand has always drawn its inspiration from organic and architectural forms. We aim to beautifully morph the dichotomy of the two into one collection. It’s always a challenge but one that we enjoy exploring further and further.

Is there any trend that has changed particularly for your outfits? 

  • I believe that trends come and go. They come with a definite timeline, whereas that is not what we are trying to create as a brand. There’s a different kind of beauty attached to things that have stood the test the time, a classic as you would call it. While we do forecast and keep in mind trends in terms of colours, our aesthetic largely remains unaffected by trends.
  • Other than that, being conscious and sensitive towards our consumption patterns is something that is engrained in our very being as a brand. But I wouldn’t consider that a trend even though some people see it like that, it is the only way forward for all of us.

So many brides wore & looking forward to wearing your outfits. So, any message for them and why they should choose you for their big day?

My message to all the brides to be is that their outfit should be an extension of who they truly are. It is going to be a magical day and you should feel the magic starting from within you and spreading it all around. Be comfortable, so you can feel the beauty in every moment of what is going to be one of the most special days of your life.

Any latest collection we can see in 2020 for brides who are getting married soon?

Our Spring-Summer 2020 collection ‘Axil’ showcased at the Lakme Fashion Week Grand Finale will be in stores with some of my favourite things we have ever created as a brand, so that is something that brides to be can look out for. That being said, with everything that is currently going on it is hard to tell when there’ll be a new collection, but for us, it’s always been about pushing the envelope so we’re hoping to be able to do that.


Real Brides Who Wore Amit Aggarwal Outfits

1. Shriali Sood

Our first Amit Aggarwal bride is Shriali who wore this stunning hand-embroidered layered lehenga piece with metallic polymer strips in natural and linear patterns from their couture collection. On the other hand, groom Lakshay stunned us by wearing an Amit Aggarwal's menswear jacket with linear taped from their menswear collection and looked dapper for sure.  

Amit Aggarwal said, "The lehenga worn by the lovely bride Shriali was created with multiple layers and every layer is a reflection of one part of our couture collection. It is also an amalgamation of all the hand-embroidered techniques that the brand uses. Needless to say, the colour blush looked so effortlessly beautiful on her. Both Shriali & Lakshay chose very different colours, though, in sync, they were a reflection of both their distinct personalities."

2. Vasuki Punj

While Vasuki made a unique bridal entry on her wedding day we are still crushing on her custom made couture dress designed by Amit Aggarwal, which was made by meticulously hand draping layers of intricate embroidery that flowed seamlessly into panels of handwoven striped fabric. 

3. Prachi Gupta Badigar

Fan of ombre lehengas just like we are? Bride Prachi Gupta decided to go for Amit Aggarwal's couture lehenga and top encrusted with hand embellished ombré sequins, recycled polymer details, and paired beautifully with a corded cape that is brought together with a metallic belt.

"Sometimes certain clients eventually end up becoming more like family. Prachi and her family mean just that for me! For me, she shall always be the fearless warrior princess, a woman who knows and speaks her mind and has one of the kindest and supportive of families, and an eternally loving partner. I am happy our paths met and I in every possible way could be a part of one of the biggest days of your life. Eternally in love with you," revealed Amit Aggarwal. 

4. Rupa Ganatra Popat

Aspiring to be Amit Aggarwal's bride, Rupa Ganatra Popat wore a gorgeous pewter coloured couture dress, which was an intricately hand-embroidered fringed cape. Pairing up with a pretty handcrafted moulded bodice and with their signature recycled polymer detail in linear patterns was as dramatic as we could think! 

"I was enamoured by the styles, colours, and uniqueness of each piece at his store. I was even happier to hear about his sustainable approach to design, using recycled materials. Thank you for doing what you do, Amit - I loved wearing this gown at my wedding reception," said Rupa. 

5. Reeya Sheth 

Yes! Amit Aggarwal outfits are as light as a feather. Picking up moulded bodice and bridal cape for her special day, Reeya Sheth's lightweight outfit was breathtaking where she could enjoy her function with ease by wearing his dramatic outfit.

6. Nikhar Jham

Structured lehenga with layered peplums, Nikhar Jham wore an Amit Aggarwal's layered skirt with intricate handwoven lace, a handcrafted blouse with three-dimensional details, and with signature recycled polymer details on the winged holographic palla.

"Well, a designer’s happiest moment is when they see their creation on someone that brings their vision to an ethereal light. Nikhar was one of our first clients post the show and seeing her try the outfit she chose, brought me a sense of eternal fulfilment to the endless months of hard work put in creating a collection. She stayed true to her name and made every little detail of the outfit ‘glow’ with the incandescence she holds within," said Amit Aggarwal. 

7. Shairavi Shah 

A bridal lehenga with an illusion? Yes, Shairavi wore a pretty hand-embellished bustle-back lehenga from Amit Aggarwal's 2019 couture collection 'Lumen'. Being Amit's favourite picks from this couture collection this bride handpicked this bridal lehenga that created a beautiful illusion through linear under layers and geometric patterns on the outside. 

8. Rhea Nihal Singh Anand 

Who said RED colour is out of fashion? Look how bride Rhea slew this GORG new age hand-embroidered lehenga of Amit Aggarwal from his bridal couture collection and looks like we are crushing over her outfit! 

9. Shruti Gopani Ajmera

Just like red bridal lehengas are always in demand. Ivory lehengas are setting a new bridal lehenga #trend for the millennial brides-to-be. Take some inspiration from Shruti who looked beautiful beyond words by wearing this ivory winged couture dress paired with its holographic and metallic details. 

Ivory winged couture dress with an embellished tape bodice and signature Amit Aggarwal's wing with polymer details. This ivory lehenga reflects the ideology for metallic lines to meet organic patterns, created with iridescent weaves and polymer details. 

10. Ayesha Khanna

Twirling is your A-game? Take some notes from Ayesha who also decided to go for Amit Aggarwal for her wedding celebrations. Blush hand-embellished organic lace blouse, paired with a corded cape and signature linear upcycled polymer skirt, we are definitely floored on this #bridalehenga

While speaking to Ayesha Khanna she said, "This was the first outfit I ordered when I started shopping for my wedding. And I'm so glad I chose this one! It was so light and I could jump around to my heart's content comfortably and it looked amazing. Thank you so much for the perfect outfit." 

11. Karuna Kukreja

Are you a Hatke bride? Then brides check this outfit of AA that is simply Whoah! Bride-to-be Karuna wore this striking pink hand-embroidered lehenga with cape sleeves that was inspired by the beautiful feathers of a peacock. 

12. Aashna Behl

Looking for a perfect cocktail outfit? Your search ends here. Aashna Behl for her cocktail celebrations went for Amit Aggarwal's signature striped lehenga handcrafted with the recycled polymer. Paired perfectly with a three-dimensional winged blouse, hand-embroidered organza wings, sequins, and moulded polymer details this outfit screams BEAUTY! 

13. Tanvi Makkar

Tanvi Makkar for her cocktail party wore a stunning classic couture dress with a sculpted bodice created with tape and a draped modern palla. The lehenga on the other hand was created with hand-moulded and metallic moulded polymer details. She said, "Thank you to you and your team for the beautiful dress, you created for me. Thank you very much for your generosity and outstanding service at the store!" 

14. Aarti Arora

While there are 11 ways you can use Red colour in your wedding. We absolutely loved how Aarti Arora paired this pretty handcrafted embroidered lehenga gown with pearl details and a hand-embroidered lace border. PS: Don't miss out on bookmarking her blouse with intricate embroidery, beaded and pearl details, and a modern structural palla.

"There is a shade of red for every woman and I found my perfect red in this beautiful outfit. The moment I walked into the store and saw it, I knew this is what I wanted. There was a uniqueness to this outfit and everything about it was just perfect. Be it the colour, the style, and of course the cape. I am so happy that I got to find my dream dress," said Aarti Arora. 

15. Prachi Chaudhary

Fuchsia is your colour? Then, wear this unique Amit Aggarwal's fuchsia lehenga as Prachi Chaudhary wore on her nuptial ceremony. Pairing it up with diamond jewellery she wore a new-age lehenga that was handwoven with recycled polymer details paired with a hand embellished blouse with ombré sequin details.

16. Devanshi Bagaria

Want to make a grand bridal entry but with a Hatke red gown? This fashion designer to your rescue. Devanshi Bagaria also picked Amit Aggarwal's new-age couture dress made with handwoven recycled polymer details and a structured tape bodice encrusted and hand-embellished with sequin details for her wedding cocktail party.

She said, "Before I even started looking for my outfit, I knew I wanted a gown that makes a statement and looks beautiful. When I saw this Amit Aggarwal gown I knew it had to be this, it had the right amount of shine yet was not over the top. The fiery red colour made me have the princess moment I always dreamt of!"

17. Payal Verma

If you also LOVE sarees as we do, then brides-to-be this Amit Aggarwal's saree will make your day. Payal Verma looked like a pretty bride wearing this handcrafted recycled polymer linear details in a structural palla and said, "For my engagement, I wanted to skip the regular. I'd dreamt of an outfit that is minimal and unconventional. Just when I tried this saree on, I knew this was it! This emerald green saree with metallic details and the beautiful trail, it was indeed the perfect pick for the occasion."

18. Paridhi Dammani 

Next on the list is bride Paridhi Dammani who wanted to experiment with her wedding gown. Looking drop-dead-gorgeous in emerald metallic gown with hand-embellished ombré sequinned embroidery, Paridhi made a pretty bride. 

19. Evneet Kaur

Also, opting for a smashing emerald gown, bride Evneet Kaur wore a dramatic classic couture dress created with signature linear recycled polymer and hand-embroidered details. On the other hand, groom Chanpreet Singh wore a linear tape jacket with intricate hand embellishments for their wedding function.

20. Aishwarya Maheshwari 

Layered peplums in hand-embroidered thread work and structured with recycled polymer details, Aishwarya Maheshwari looked stunning on her sangeet night. 

"I entered the Kila store with my fiancé and he laid his eyes on this absolutely different ivory and gold outfit and he asked me to try it on. I came outside with the outfit on and all I could see in his eyes was that THIS IS IT! And then on my sangeet night, the words I heard from people in the form of compliments were heart touching. This Amit Aggarwal outfit added the perfect touch to my perfect fairytale wedding," said Aishwarya Maheshwari. 

Background of Amit Aggarwal

➡️ Graduated from the National Institute of Fashion Technology, New Delhi in 2002, Amit Aggarwal trained himself with some of the best design houses the world over until he started his eponymous label in 2012. His debut fashion show at India Fashion Week was heralded as one of the best shows by Vogue India, while Marie Claire India and Elle India both announced him as the best young Indian designer. He was invited by the Dutch DFA to Amsterdam to be part of a design delegation and is a finalist for the British Council’s Young Creative Entrepreneur Award.

➡️ The label combines the best of locally sourced factors with a progressive aesthetic, resulting in precisely executed garments that represent the metamorphosis of raw influences, both fantastical and mundane. The results are pieces that are modern and eclectic, yet hold a timeless appeal. His work was exhibited at the Arken Museum in Copenhagen showcasing the future of Art and Fashion from August 2012 till January 2013. In the same year, he was invited by TED in India for a talk on fashion, its future, and his journey so far. After a series of showcases in Paris and India, Amit Aggarwal started his much-loved diffusion line under AM.IT, an eclectic mix of organic and manmade textiles with very contemporary styling where both his lines on the international fashion calendar in Paris and currently retails in 16 countries through the world's best luxury stores.


So, which outfit did you like the most? Tell us in the comment section below! 👇🏻

20 Real Brides Who Wore A Dramatic Amit Aggarwal Outfit On Their D-Day!

by Chandni Kumar

20 Real Brides Who Wore A Dramatic Amit Aggarwal Outfit On Their D-Day!