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Brides! We agree that the toughest decision to make is when it comes to choosing between two different things. In our previous articles of What To Wear When, we solved your queries on your footwear, jewellery, hairstyle, and blouse design. And today we will answer one of the most confusing things that all the brides face is the comparison of when to wear Gowns or Sarees for your reception party. Fret not, because we have all the pros and cons, which will clear all your confusion and you will know what suits you best for your grand reception party. 

Reception Gowns Vs Sarees

When To Wear Reception Gowns


  • If you are done and dusted by wearing traditional outfits in all your functions, you can give yourself a hatke look with a western gown. 
  • Most of the gowns are body fitted from the upper part. So wear gowns if you are comfortable with that.
  • Gowns can be comfortable if you are planning a lot of dancing at your reception party. 
  • The open hairstyle looks good with western gowns. If you are convinced about having an open hairstyle, then with that go for a long-trail, flowy, or a ball-gown. 
  • How about you both complement each other in the party? If your husband is also thinking of wearing a tuxedo or a suit, the gown would look perfect with it. 


  • Since reception gowns are floor-length, you will have to wear heels with gowns to level up. If you are not used to heels, you can ditch the gowns.
  • If you have already decided on wearing traditional jewellery for the reception, you can say no to gowns as it will not match. 
  • Gowns can be a little pricey. The starting price for a good reception gown can be Rs 10k and above. 
  • You don't get a lot of options to explore when it comes to hairstyles pairing up with your gown! 

When To Wear Reception Sarees

Source Ritu Kumar


  • Indeed, you don't get to wear the saree in any other wedding function, right? So if you are also a saree lover like us, saree can make you look graceful and elegant. 
  • One can wear saree in any season. You can modify the blouse sleeves according to the seasons. For instance, half-sleeves blouse in summer Vs full-sleeves blouse in winter. 
  • The wedding-day jewellery can be reused for the reception outfit. Your full hand Mehendi will complement your traditional saree beautifully. 
  • Be it open hairstyle, bridal bun or braided hair, you get a lot of options to choose from. 
  • If you are not looking for a designer saree, you can get a fancy bridal saree starting at Rs 5k only.
  • You can play with the style of the saree by adjusting the drapes in different manners. Bookmark this saree & dupatta draping session with Dolly Jain!


  • Saree can make you a little more uncomfortable when it comes to walking and dancing. 
  • If you are planning to wear silk sarees, it can be a little heavy and uncomfortable at the same time. 
  • You can drape the saree in different ways, but it is a time-consuming process because draping a saree means a lot of effort.
  • A lot of safety pins are put to make the saree stable. And that eventually can end up in tearing your beautiful five to nine yards saree. 

Source Satya Paul


What would you wear for your reception? Saree or gown? 

What To Wear When: Reception Gowns Vs Reception Sarees

by Rashmi Jayara

What To Wear When: Reception Gowns Vs Reception Sarees