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Of all the wedding decor we've witnessed in the past, there are always a few elements that are new and unique, which stands out and catches our eye. Every wedding comes with something new, something a bit more original which feels like a breath of fresh air. And it's these unique decor elements that end up becoming the soul of the entire wedding. They become that one thing that leaves a lasting impression on others, something to remember the wedding by. 

It's the whimsical decor! And it always fills our hearts with joy. So, without further ado, here are our top favourite unique decor elements that truly struck a chord and made an everlasting impression!

Unique Decor Elements We Spotted At These Weddings 

Vintage Items As Decor

Unlike decor that's loud or 'in your face', the vintage decor is more subtle, created with the use of elements from the past, along with either colours that match, or pastels from now, and other natural elements. It could be a gramophone, maybe some old hardbound books or even typewriters covered in baby's breath. The whole point for it is to remind you of a beautiful past if vintage items are your thing. 

Sanitizer & Facemask Tables

With precautions for the pandemic being taken at every intimate wedding, we're not surprised by this element, but we sure do like them, especially when aesthetically placed!

Mandaps Under A Tree

Do you know what a mandap under a tree is? Well, we didn't know of one either until we saw it with our own eyes. All the setup work is done on the huge branches of the trees and you get to tie the knot with the love of your life right under it. And boy, are they gorgeous!

Origami Paper Cranes

Paper cranes are not the usual decor item you find at weddings. But when matched with the colourful theme of a Mehendi, we believe they make the perfect decor companions. 

Pooja Thaali Decor That Has Us In An Awe

There are so many fantastic things done at South Indian weddings right from the traditions to the decor. From all those things, the one that caught our attention is how they decorate pooja thalis. Elaborate and creative, it's that one item you should definitely have at your wedding!

Floral Staircase

Recently, we witnessed the cute intimate Christian wedding of Prejo and Susanna. And in that amazing wedding, we saw this gorgeously decorated double staircase, which was laden with flowers, making an intimate setting grandiose in every way. 

Flamingo Themed Decor

Flamingo themed decor is not only the prettiest but the jazziest theme, ideal for bachelorettes. These flamingo themed decor elements are our favourite by far!

Source Pink Palki

Jenga Message Tables

We all love Jenga. And for couples who're fans of games, having a Jenga table might just be an ideal item of decoration!

Gorgeous Terrariums

Terrariums are a rare element we see at weddings. Yet, these small glass boxes that hold an entire world in themselves are beautiful additions as table centrepieces. 

Decor by Altair, Mumbai

Fairytail Princess' Inspired Hangings

The glam Udaipur wedding of fashion blogger Anjuli had us wowed at the theme of every function. And we were especially fond of her sangeet night inspired by the enchanted forest and other fairytale elements. Our favourite part? The hand-designed pictures of fairytale princesses which hung over every table to signify each table's name. 

Hanging Lampshades Are Such A Vision 

We've seen hanging lanterns, we've seen flower bouquets and even dreamcatchers, but colourful lampshades are truly something new and uncanny. 

A Whimsical Chandelier 

This gorgeous chandelier by Rani Pink decor company is a thing to marvel at. Quiet beautiful indeed. 

Source Rani Pink

A Butterfly Chair For The Bride

Now, we all are a fan of unique seating arrangements at weddings. And this bride's butterfly inspired pink and yellow chair is a beautifully bright and stunning piece of furniture. 

Uncanny White Umbrellas Decor

White umbrellas used as wedding decorations are always beautiful to look at. And when paired with items like fairy lights, flowers and other natural elements, they make for stunning and eye-catching decor elements. 

A Photobooth That Tells Many Stories

A photo booth full of smaller pictures that recalls your entire family's history or your relationship timeline is surely an element worth having. 


We're all in love dreamcatchers. And these dreamcatchers are probably an element worth adding to your decor, irrespective of your theme. 


What are your favourite wedding decor elements? Let us know in the comments!

16 Unique Decor Elements in Weddings That We Absolutely LOVED

by Shivani Singh

16 Unique Decor Elements in Weddings That We Absolutely LOVED