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Source Pink Palki

Adored for their poised stature, grace, and sheer beauty, Flamingos are an epitome of fancy flamboyance drenched in pretty vivid hues (read: pink). Much like our weddings breathing opulence, elegance, and subtleness all at the same time for that matter. No wonder, whenever we come across a blend of these two vibrant and exuberant worlds, we're left smitten for sure. Well, we're talking about Flamingo-themed decor that has been a total hit for wedding ceremonies and bachelorettes for quite a while now.

While infusing Flamingo themed elements with tropical ones for an exotic ceremony is a fad, incorporating those elements with all things girly and glittery for bachelorettes is also a fab trend. Amazing how one theme can exude two entirely different vibes, right?

Well, we've curated this blog especially to ideate all you on how you can center your ceremonies around Flamingo-theme and get everybody's hearts fluttering with happiness and pink.

Fancy Up Your Wedding & Bachelorettes with These Flamingo Decor Ideas

1. Installations around the venue

Having huge Flamingo installations deck up your venue, your seating or the entrance is something that marks your Flamingo or tropical themed decor.

Decor by Altair, Mumbai

2. Flamingo centerpieces

Deck up your tablescapes with cute little Flamingo centerpieces for a super cheery vibe!

Decor by Altair, Mumbai

Planned by Wedniksha, Mumbai

3. What a beautiful piece!

Cushions with Flamingo prints is yet another way to add that flamboyance to your decor.

Decor by Altair, Mumbai

4. Pretty corners-cum-photo ops!

To add more quirk to the decor, curate specific corners with Flamingo installations and other elements that double up as photo ups gracefully.

5. Backdrops are a must. Period.

Enchanting photo backdrops done in Flamingo elements, florals and foliage are a must have. Have them at the entrance or as your stage backdrop.

Source Pink Palki

6. Bars, DJ consoles and table settings.

Amp up your bars, DJ consoles or the tablescapes by having their bases done in pretty tropical and Flamingo prints. They are surely going to stand out!

Source Pink Palki

Decor by Altair, Mumbai

7. Don't forget the signages tho.

Signages, as it is, are an essential decor element. Don't forget to add that fancy touch to them as well.

Source Pink Palki

8. What a bewitching setup!

We love this cutesy seating created with a Flamingo print sheet and cushions, a pretty installation and tropical flowers and greens.

9. Floaters for the pool

Flamingo-shaped floaters are perfect for your wedding pool party or bachelorette.

10. A Flamingo-themed bachelorette

Include Flamingo balloons and other elements like stationeries, gifts and props along with some other girly elements for a perfect Flamingo bachelorette.


Now go throw that perfectly vibrant and spirited Flamingo themed ceremony!

The Prettiest & Pinkest Flamingo Wedding Decor Ideas We're Fancying RN!

by Divya Arora

The Prettiest & Pinkest Flamingo Wedding Decor Ideas We're Fancying RN!