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Dreamcatchers are often said to chase away bad dreams and capture good vibes and filter good thoughts - these are reasons enough to include them in your wedding decor! After all, who doesn’t want a happy and cheerful vibe on their wedding?

It maybe a Boho-theme essential but we have been spotting these pretty decor items left, right and centre at weddings recently.  You can either have it the typical way a dreamcatcher looks (feather and beads) but in other unique ways too! (think gota, tassels and more!).

Today, we tell you all the creative type of dream catchers you can have and all the possible ways to incorporate them (from invites to outfits). Obviously, the decor is the place where you would see it a lot, but there are other places too where all you can incorporate dreamcatchers.

Let's start it from where the places you wouldn’t have thought of!

#1 Icing on the cake

Dreamcatcher as the icing on the cake

Source Redraspberry Cakes

#2 Dreamcatcher motifs embroidered on lehenga

Dreamcatchers on the wedding outfits

Source Pinterest

#3 Dreamcatcher design in mehendi

Dreamcatchers on mehendi

Source Kona Henna Studio

#4 Dreamcatcher printed on mehendi invite

Dreamcatcher on Mehendi Invite

Source Itchha Talreja Designs

#5 In a "Will you be my bridesmaid?" invite just how Shifa added handmade dreamcatchers

Handmade Dreamcatcher for Bachelorette Invite

Source Shifa

#6 Dreamcatcher earrings and pendant could also be gifted as mehendi favours

Dreamcatcher earrings & Dreamcatcher pendant

Source Etsy

All The Unique Types Of Dreamcatchers

Triangular Dreamcatcher & Yin and Yang Dreamcatcher

Triangular Dreamcatcher (L) & Yin and Yang Dreamcatcher (R)

Source Happy Wedd

Feather and Beads Dreamcatcher & Dreamcatcher with Gota Extensions 

Feathers and Beads Dreamcatcher (L) & Dreamcatcher with Gota as Extensions (R)

[1] Shot by The Wedding Salad, Mumbai [2] Decor by Altair, Mumbai

Dreamcatchers with Laces & Dreamcatcher with Fabric and Tassels

Dreamcatcher with laces (L) & Dreamcatcher with fabric and tassels (R)

[1] Shot by Siddharth Sharma, Bangalore [2] Source Abhinav Bhagat Events Official

How You Can Have Dreamcatchers In Decor

As hangings on tables

Dreamcatcher hanging from the table

Source Happy Wedd

Guests writing their wishes for the bride and groom on the tags attached with dreamcatchers

Guests writing their wishes for the Bride and Groom on the tags attached with Dreamcatchers

Source Happy Wedd

As a photo wall backdrop

Dreamcatcher as photo wall for pre-wedding shoot


Part of the bride and groom chair

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Dreamcatcher as part of Bride and Groom chair

Source Happy Wedd

Hanging from the tree

Dreamcatchers hanging off the tree

[1] Shot by Weddings By Knotty Days, Delhi [2] Decor by With Love Nilma, Bangalore

Drawn on chalkboards boards

Dreamcatchers drawn on sign board

Shot by The Wedding Salad, Mumbai

Which dreamcatcher idea is your favourite? Don't forget to tell in the comments below!

Dreamcatchers: How To Incorporate This Hot Trend In Your Wedding!

by Nidhi Chaudhary

Dreamcatchers: How To Incorporate This Hot Trend In Your Wedding!