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Sure, candid photos have got you covered and will capture you in your glorious bridal moments throughout your wedding revelries. But as a bride, you can't simply rely on only candids. Your wedding album is definitely incomplete without some epic picturesque bridal portraits. You have put so much effort into putting together your bridal ensemble, all of it definitely needs to be captured in its truest essence, right? That is why we bring you some of the best solo bride poses if you're any clueless on what kind of photos to get clicked as a bride. These trending solo bride poses will ensure that you are lensed well in your bridal element. Right from getting ready shots to twirling and quirky photo ideas, we have compiled it all for you!

And oh, if you happen to be a camera conscious girl, this blog is all you need to prepare yourself for heavy photography sessions during your wedding functions.

Best Poses for 'Solo' Bridal Photos

1. Get captured through the bridal dupatta

2. Stand with poise and let the photographer capture a top angle shot!

3. Use that veil for some dramatic portraits

Source People

4. Let your photographer play with shadows and reflections

Source Rahul Lal

5. What a picturesque bridal photo idea

6. 'Yayyy..I'm getting married' pose in the bathtub

7. Stand against backdrop lit with fairylights!

8. A portrait in the car before making a stellar bridal entry

9. Pose how Sabyasachi models do!

10. Give a confident gaze to the camera with a slightly titled head

11. Flaunt that eye makeup!

12. The Royal Full Look Pose

13. Look away from the camera!

14. Or maybe turn around!

15. Flaunt the lehenga! *Obviously*

16. The gleeful mehendi pose is a MUST!

17. Look straight into the camera and bring that natural smile

18. 'Look into the mirror' shots

19. A coy pose for the quintessential bridal vibes!

20. The legit pose for a royal portrait

21. Don't forget to pose with food for some foodie portraits!

22. Do the magic with your eyes and flaunt your chooda simultaneously

23. Don't miss out on capturing the last carefree moments of bachelorhood!

24. Fake a hearty laugh cuz why not!

25. A yet another way to get a gripping bridal portrait!

26. Adjusting your bridal jewels is also a pose that lends great photographs!

27. Rejoice in the joy of getting married!


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27 Poses for 'Solo' Bridal Photos for Every Clueless Bride-to-Be

by Medha Chawla

27 Poses for 'Solo' Bridal Photos for Every Clueless Bride-to-Be