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We love bridal shots that show a bride in her best element, smiling ear-to-ear on her big day. These shots, apart from being cherished by the bride, make the perfect inspiration for other brides who are on their way to getting hitched. That’s why today, we have created a roundup of 100+ candid bridal shots that are simply breathtaking.

From candid dancing shots to brides laughing their hearts out, scroll below and bookmark your favourite shots! 

Best Candid Bridal Shots 

Dance Your Heart Out 

They say, “Dance like nobody is watching” for a reason and that’s for you all to have a great time. Clearly, these brides had a fantastic time cus these candid dancing shots are really good. All these brides had a good time at their wedding functions and we’re here for it! 

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Source Oshoot

Source Oshoot

Getting Ready Shots 

If you want the perfect candid shots, there’s no better time than when getting ready to get those shots. Brides are caught up with making their bridal look perfect and that’s probably the best time to catch their raw emotions. So, don’t shy away from the camera, when you’re getting ready on your big day! 

Scroll below and check out these stupendous getting ready candid shots. 

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Source Oshoot

Full of Love 

Weddings are an emotional rollercoaster for all brides. The feeling of love for your friends and family lingers on throughout the wedding functions and these candid shots are the right example of them. Happy, overwhelmed, full of love and whatnot, these bridal candid shots have our hearts! 

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Source Pinterest

Source Oshoot

Goofy Bridal Candid Shots

What is a wedding without any fun? Candid and goofy shots can add a fun and lighthearted touch to your wedding album. And, while one does not plan on getting these shots, if you’re having fun, you will manage to get these ultimate goofy bridal shots

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Source Mili Ghosh

Source Mili Ghosh

Ultimate Candid Drinking Shots 

Add a fun and unique twist to your wedding photos by getting drinking shots. Ask your photographers to be ready when you’re going to open the bar, when your loved ones are giving a toast or simply when it’s time to chug those shots. Trust us, you’ll get amazing drinking shots! 

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Beautiful Laughing Shots 

Some of the most delightful and heartwarming candid shots of brides are laughing ones and deserve to be captured in the most beautiful way possible. These shots are not only a great way to capture the emotion of the day but are also a fantastic way to showcase the bride’s natural beauty and happiness. Scroll below and see for yourself! 

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Source Soniya Modi

Wholesome Candid Shots 

Wholesome candid bridal shots are images that capture the bride in her true element. This is the time when the bride is not posing for the camera but is simply caught up in the moment and is feeling happy, overwhelmed and full of emotions. These are, in our opinion, the best kind of candid shots!

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Source Oshoot

Source Gaatha


Which is your favourite candid bridal shot? Head to our Instagram page and tell us!

100+ Candid Bridal Shots That Are TOO Adorable to Handle!

by Shweghna Gursahaney

100+ Candid Bridal Shots That Are TOO Adorable to Handle!