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The wedding day can be quite a hectic one for brides. Firstly, she would have to ensure that everything is taking place perfectly. Secondly, the wedding day is finally here so the jitters of that are also there. I mean, it's natural for all the brides to be on the edge that day. But, what’s refreshing is to see brides maintain their calm and stay as cool as a cucumber on the day of the wedding.

These brides don’t care about anything and are simply counting the minutes to their happily ever after. And, if you think these types of brides are a few in number, then you’re wrong cuz we actually managed to find quite a few. Scroll below to see some of the most epic shots of chilled-out brides. From nibbling on a pizza to putting their savage foot forward, scroll below to see different types of chiller brides!

Check Out These Chiller Brides & Their Cool Portraits

Say Hello to the Savage Brides

From playing cricket at her own wedding function to finding immense happiness in her Chanel gift, these real brides have shown us how savage a bride can truly be. We love how carefree these real brides are during their own wedding functions and have no stress whatsoever.

Scroll below and check out their savage bridal portraits!

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Brides Who Love Dancing

Well, we love a bride who knows how to rage especially when it comes to the dance floor. These real brides are completely in their zone and dancing their hearts out at their wedding functions. Clearly, their happiness is off the roof and we’re here for it!

Scroll below to see them put their best foot forward!

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Source Oshoot

Source Oshoot

Food Over Everything Else for These Brides

One big myth about brides and the wedding day is that brides need to be on a strict diet and can absolutely not look at food until after the ceremony is over. However, these brides are here to show everybody that they don’t give a rat’s ass about such myths and simply love food over everything else!

If this ain’t chilled out then what is!?

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Make Way for the Goof Masters

And then we also come across some real brides who surely enjoy goofing around. From making the funniest faces for their bridal portraits to being ecstatic about small-small things, these brides are showing us that you should not be stressed and should only focus on things that make you happy!

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So, which bride’s chilled-out portrait did you like the most? Head to our Instagram page and tell us!

We Are in Awe of These Happy Photos Of Chilled Out Brides in Their Zones!

by Shweghna Gursahaney

We Are in Awe of These Happy Photos Of Chilled Out Brides in Their Zones!