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There is no denying the fact that South Indian brides look like literal angels straight from the heavens up above. There is something about their classic Indian bridal charm that just keeps us from looking away from their sublime beauty even for a split second. When they put on their veil no matter how long or short it is, their gorgeousness is doubled.

So, here are some stunning South Indian brides in the veil shots that are sure to wow and inspire you!  

South Indian Brides in Veil Shots

Gone With The Wind

We are obsessed with this red and golden bridal look with the blood-red veil!

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Her Golden Grace

It's surreal how this bride looks in her golden saree!

Source Vijay Yadav

Delicate & Fierce

Her sultry eye look compliments her bridal attire so well!

Happily Walking The Aisle

The pink and lilac shades of this bride's saree and veil have our hearts!

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Royal Highness

This bride is literally elegance personified!

Indian Royalty

Doesn't she look like a queen in her regal jewellery and tasteful saree and veil?

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She's Sunshine

This bride carries the essence of a fresh summer in her looks!

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Fresh As A Daisy

We can't get over this green bridal saree and veil combo!

Pretty Perfect

Her million-dollar smile completes her bridal look!

Blushing In Pink

This glamorous bride carries that pink saree and white veil so beautifully!

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Surreal Beauty

There is no limit to the grace that this bride exudes!

Graceful In White

A white saree and veil combo cannot look any prettier than this one!

Source Pinterest

Sheer Elegance

This beauty in her saree and veil looks so chic even with almost jewellery on!

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Her Big Day

This blushing bride has the cutest smile ever!

Blushing Elegance

This bride in her bright yellow saree and the pink veil is as radiant as the stars!

Regal In Red

This red and golden bridal look is all you need to see to believe that Indian brides literally look like royalty!

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Captivating Beauty

This vivid bridal look is certainly one of the most stunning ones that we have ever come across!

Otherworldly Charm

This golden bride has a spark in her eyes which can be matched to that of the stars!

Angelic Grace

We are convinced that this angelic beauty has literally descended from the heavens!

Million Dollar Smile

This bride proves that the prettiest accessory that one can wear is their smile!

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Royalty Personified

This bride has the beauty and the attire of a Maharani!

Source Rohan Foto

Pink Perfection

We are mesmerized by how gorgeously this bride looks in her pink saree and veil look!

First Bloom Of The Spring

Her simple bridal makeup look goes so nicely with her pink and green bridal attire!

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Scintillating Beauty

Her bridal outfit is stunning but her sensual makeup is otherworldy!

Red In Love

The red tones of this bridal portrait are simply enchanting!

Source Pinterest

Golden Joy

We love to see a good bridal veil shot like this one!

Like A Queen 

We are in awe of this royal bridal look!

In Her Element

This bride's aura is just so warm and lovely!

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Shining Bright Like A Diamond

The saree and the veil of this stunning bride are just too beautiful!

Drop Dead Gorgeous

This bridal shot is so glam that it looks like it is straight out of a movie!

A Natural Beauty

Isn't this one of the prettiest bridal looks you have ever seen?

Inherited Beauty

Like a mother, like a daughter and here it is proven that they are both extremely beautiful!

Queen Of Hearts

This bride is sure to steal everyone's hearts, first with her lovely smile and then her scintillating saree and veil bridal look!

The Tranquility Of White

This South Indian Christian bride with her white wedding gown and veil looks like a fairy!


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South Indian Bridal Veil Shots That'll Take Your Breath Away!

by Pratiksha Pandey

South Indian Bridal Veil Shots That'll Take Your Breath Away!