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When it comes to wedding photos, couples are becoming more and more creative. While constantly looking for new ideas, couples are reinventing wedding photography in a whole new way. From traditional poses that look straight out of a wedding magazine to candid moments captured by talented wedding photographers, a wedding album is now an amalgamation of stunning couple poses. 

Gone are the days when couples simply posed traditionally during jaimala or pheras, which can be slightly cringe. Today couples are getting clicked in numerous poses. From brightly smiling and happy portraits to editorial-style royal poses or cute and fun candids, the options are plenty. So, we bring you pictures of the best and the latest couple poses we have spotted. These images will give you a bunch of ideas to consider. Just scroll down right now and start bookmarking!

Latest and Trending Couple Pose Ideas

Are you about to start your wedding ceremonies soon? Or maybe you're just pinning a few ideas for your wedding photos? Regardless, when you have the perfect couple poses for your wedding album. Start shortlisting these ideas of poses with your partner and get set to create a stunning wedding album!

1. A Sunset Closeup For The Romantics

When Athiya Shetty & K.L Rahul got married, the duo's photographer utilised the view of their Khandala resort and the gorgeous sunset view of the high altitude for a stunning sunset shot. You could do that too! Just make sure the sun's setting and in your background. Let the fading yellow of the sun peek from behind you as you embrace your beau.

2. The One Where You Carry Your Bride 

Once your jaimala is done and it's time to hit the mandap, let your beau carry your bridal style, literally. One of the best wedding photographs to capture for your wedding albums, this pose is a delightful and fun one to create!

3. Sindoor Shots Are A Must-Have

Nothing beats the beauty of a well-captured sindoor shot during a couple's nuptials. So, we always suggest to couples and photographers to get good photos of this moment as it's a photography ideal for your wedding album. 

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4. Get The Perfect First Dance Shot

Many couples have adopted the western concept of having a first dance at their reception ceremonies. And of course, a moment like that must be captured. Especially if you have a quirky, filmy dip choreographed!

5. Let The Clouds Embrace Your Background

Possibly one of the best shots for a pre-wedding or post-wedding shoot. On any given cloudy day, using them as your background is a great option. If it's a sunny yet cloudy sky, a downward shot would be ideal for your collection!

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6. A Vintage Foggy Shot With A Vintage Car

One of the best things about winter weddings is the presence of fog. Yeah, to many that sounds strange, but for wedding photographers, foggy backgrounds can bring quite the opportunity. Plus, if you've got a vintage ambassador covered in rajnigandhas and roses, then the photograph will be perfect.

Source Sutej Pannu

7. A Pictorial-Like Shot That Worthy Of A Magazine

Some couples look gorgeous when they're together, all dressed up in matching outfits. And we love it when they get captured looking wistful like this. Stunning!

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8. Aesthetic Photos While Hugging Your Partner

If you're ever wondering what a photo with you hugging your partner looks like, then the one below is an example. It's just revealing enough, yet with an air of mystery and adoration. 

9. The Celebratory Shot

Elaine Davis once said, 'Loved you yesterday, love you still, always have, always will.' Embody this emotion and walk out of the mandap cheering for your new beginning! Celebrating your union through such poses is the best way to realise that all that we love deeply becomes a part of us. 

10. Enchanting Moments Caught In Black & White

Black & white photography lets you see the world in a unique light. Nothing beats the charm of a gorgeous black-and-white photograph. It's endlessly romantic and can capture any couple's pose in a mesmerising manner. 

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11. The Royal Treatment

You know which couple poses make your wedding albums look like a million bucks? This regal one right here! Every couple deserves to get genteel photographs that make them look like magnificent pair together. 

12. The 'I Do' Kiss Has To Be In The Album!

When you see a couple locking lips, especially right after they say 'I Do', the moment is worth every penny and has to be captured for your future. It's a memory you need to keep close to your heart, no matter what. 

13. Looking Into Your Lovers Eyes Dreamily

When designer Masaba Gupta tied the knot in an intimate ceremony, we were graced with ethereal pictures of her and her husband, actor Satyadeep Mishra. And there's nothing more gorgeous than them dreamily looking into one another's eyes and we're all about their fondness for each other!

14. The Close-Up Every Couple Needs

We love close-ups, don't we? And imaginative close-ups like these are such a delight to watch. If you factor in the use of the red light against the blue background, the picture turns into a piece of art. 

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15. Jaimala With A Flurry Of Coloured Fireworks

Just look at the gorgeousness of this shot! Honestly, the flurry of coloured fireworks in the couple's background as they exchange their jaimalas is quite stunning. The vivid colours, the bright sky, the vibrant outfits, everything about this picture is dramatic in all the right ways possible!

16. Umbrellas Are Comfort

We've seen umbrellas as props before and there's no denying that they look absolutely beautiful. A groom carrying an umbrella to shield his bride from the sun is super sweet. It's moments like these that when captured by a photographer make wedding photographs even more special. 

17. Add Your Furry Friend To The Mix

This is your chance to steal the show by decking up your four-legged BFF in the most charming way and getting amazing shots with them. How can one ever say no to pictures with your pet? They're so adorable and an integral part of your life. So, it's only natural that you include them in your wedding photos!

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18. Intimate Close-Ups That Showcase Your Chemistry

We've said it before and we'll repeat it, editorial style photos with your partner are a must-have in your album! A gorgeous photo poses to play with is this one. It's always a good thing to capture any moment of your wedding that you believe was trendsetting.

Source Sutej Pannu

19. An Intimate Shot Against Cobblestone Streets & Old Walls

Natural backdrops of old city centres are prizewinning! We're so in love with this couple's outdoor photos where the city's buildings are still reminiscent of the past while embracing one another.

20. The Photo That Shows Your Excellently Quirky Selves

We love fun couples who enjoy a bit of quirk in their wedding shoots. Call it quirky or call it romantic, this photo pose of the bride and groom on a light utility vehicle entering an event in full swag is just the sight we needed to see!

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21. A Heartfelt Jaimala Moment

You know what's one trend we're loving these days? Grooms getting down on one knee for their jaimala ceremony. No wedding feels complete without a photo of the jaimala ceremony and an off-beat one like this is surely welcome. 

22. The Perfect Frame-Worthy Shot

Many people assume that close-ups are best when you're indoors. However, you can get a super close, intimate photo taken by your photographer while being outdoors as well. All you have to make sure that the angle is good and the lighting is right. 

23. The One With Sweet Whispers

We love plandid shots where a couple leans in for a chaste kiss. These kinds of photos may just be for your eyes, but look beautiful. If you enjoy unique photos, then get a shot like this.

24. Backhugs Are Always Welcomed

Like we said earlier, no wedding feels complete without a photo of the couple locked in a loving back hug. However, if you're camera-shy, then a slight back hug also works. Either way, it looks visually stunning. 

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25. Let Your Beau Embrace You Blithely

Hugs & kisses images are essential to any pre-wedding shoot or wedding album. Furthermore, a couple of photos with side hugs and kisses are downright stunning, not on the face and romantic all the way!

26. That Anand Karaj Shot We All Crave

There's no doubt that Punjabi & Sikh weddings are some of the best ones to witness. Since Anand Karaj ceremonies take place during the day, they produce some of the best photos. And when a bride's lehenga is on full display while the couple sits down for their ceremony, it's tough not to swoon.

27. A Flawless Proposal Portrait✨

Imagine you're on the open waters. The cool breeze blowing through your hair, the sun shining like a warm caress, the most romantic monument in your backdrop and then, the love of your life goes down on one knee to ask you that very important question! Yup, that's a moment to capture for sure.


28. A Couple That Laughs Together, Stays Together

Well, we like to believe that a couple that can joke and laugh together stays together for a long time. After a ceremony's almost over and you've finally got the time to kick back and relax, it's a vulnerable and heartfelt moment that should be captured. 

29. The Candid 'Just Married' Snap

Of course, you need to snap right when you've just gotten married. That 'Ah we're now husband & wife' is essential to be captured. How many of us have seen our favourite romance movies and witnessed something like this? Well, if you're a die-hard romantic, then maybe this is a pose you should capture to reminisce about later on. 

Source Sutej Pannu

30. Phera Photos Are A Must-Have

Significant for the union of two people the phera ceremony is the most intense, emotionally warming and essential ritual of a Hindu wedding. As indispensable as the fun jaimala ceremony and soulful sindoor ritual is, the pheras uphold profound sacredness and divine meanings. No wonder the bespoke quintessence of the seven vows that a couple make to each other around the sacred fire is unmissably moving and must be immortalised with a photograph.

31. Lifting Your Spirits Yet?

Unconventional pictures are always a great idea to have in your album. And we're loving this couple's post-wedding photo shoot, especially with the groom lifting the bride in his arms like a total champion! 

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32. Walk Into The Venue Slaying

Every couple deserves to walk into their ceremony venue in full swag. Dressed up to perfection and in vibrant outfits, trust us, you're gonna want to preserve that moment for always. 

33. For Sunflowers Are All The Rage These Days

Sunflowers at weddings are such a rage these days. Get yourself clicked in a bed of sunflowers and yellow flower petals, looking all lovey-dovey!

34. Black & White Closeups Everyone Needs

Black and white portraits are always beautiful editions of anyone's wedding album. Honestly, this one's definitely for the keep. 

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35. The One That Resembles A Movie Poster

It is no hidden truth that we’re obsessed with couples who ain’t afraid of expressing their love for each other in front of the camera. We also love it when couples look stunning in editorial-style poses where your chemistry just oozes. 

36. A Digitally Enhanced Photo Is A Must-Have!

For how the world of weddings has been steadily flourishing with constant and avant-garde experiments, coming across fresh and new ideas, inspirations and trends marking the current wedding scenes aren't unusual. Be it beautifully blended photos (a great alternative to double exposure shots), editing photos to bring about a concept or simply marking photos with excellent skills, such digitally enhanced photos will leave your jaws dropped. 

37. An Out-Of-Focus Shot For The Off-Beat Couple

Digging into our photographer profiles and their social media platforms, we landed across some wedding photos that have left us speechless for their sheer unique beauty and for the art that they are. This out-of-focus shot showcases the backdrop while also letting us swoon over their chemistry. 

Source Photo Films

38. Fuzzy Dance Floor Shots Are All The Rage

Couple portraits are getting more and more unique by the day. And these blurry shots of a couple on the dance floor, dancing the night away are insanely gorgeous and keepsakes for a lifetime. 

39. Vivid Snaps Surrounded By Props Are Always Adorable

Sometimes, you have to plan certain wedding pictures that will make it to your wedding album and the photo wall at your home. And if you're a maximalist like most of us, then vivid props like these are essential

40. Walk Away In Your Partner's Arms

Some photos take you back to your favourite romance movie. Its photography poses perfectly for the outdoors. You have enough space to play around and even try renditions of this course. 

41. Always Express Your Fondness To One Another

Since wedding photography is now a mixture of traditional and candid techniques, you have to ensure you're always smiling and affectionate towards one another, especially during moments like these. Lose the tension, let go of the stress and make sure you enjoy the wedding. This way, your photographer will be able to capture great shots of you both!

42. Make Sure To Capture Playful Moments

Don’t you just love those couple shots where you see the couple being all playful? The pictures will be genuine which is why we recommend you go for the hand-holding to get the most dreamy plandid pictures. Not only will your bond be visible from these shots but you’ll end up making some amazing memories while at it!

43. The Quintessential Twirling Shot

The one kind of image that you cannot go without, has to be a twirling shot. And if you're in it with your partner, even better! These snaps will turn out to be stunning if you’re planning on donning a lehenga on your wedding day or rather any other wedding function which is why we say that you gotta have it!

44. Exciting Moments Like These Are Snap-worthy

Seeing this, we're reminded of the famous Josh Groban song, 'You raise me up'! Probably the most wholesome photo we've seen to date is of this couple. This will let you get into the natural rhythm of love, which will help with creating better pictures.

45. An Artistic Shot With The Ocean As Your Backdrop

There are a handful of things you can do to make sure your photos turn out perfectly one-of-a-kind and feel right for you and your partner. One of those things is getting a couple of portraits shot on the ocean shore. 

46. A Mischievous Kiss

Nothing is sweeter than catching some very meaningful moments with couples. It’s lovely to look back at that moment and be reminded of all the sweet memories. 

Source Daas Films

47. Get Clicked While Exuding Boss Energy!

If you and your partner are full of swagger, then make sure you have a capture to prove it! After all, impressive full portraits of brides and grooms looking all fine and dapper should always be a part of the wedding album. And when you have the perfect outdoor setting, why not utilise it well?

48. Watching Your Bride Twirl In Her Outfit

It's a look that's worth a million bucks. These shots are fun, and easy to do and you have a lot of scopes to play around with your wedding lehenga and get surreal pictures. Furthermore, when you have your partner with you in the shot, it's just perfect.

49. Cute & Intimate Haldi Portraits

Hands down, the most emotional and overwhelming wedding function is the haldi ceremony. It's a no-brainer that candid shots are the best ones. The camera captures you right when you least expect it to and you end up getting the most surreal pictures. 

50. Don't Forget To Capture Fun Wedding Game Moments

Wedding games are so much fun! And photos capturing these moments are an all-time hit! Such couple portraits showcase the perfect chemistry between two partners. These kinds of pictures are timeless, and will always carry amazing stories with them. 

51. The Filmy Dip With A Bedazzling Background

Fall in love all over again with this epic filmy dip pose. We have all seen it in movies, shows, and on IG! That filmy dip and kiss look so romantic and beautiful! From fairytales to ballroom dancing, this particular dip pose is romantic and makes all those watching go mush.

52. An Affectionate Glace

 If you're the 'PDA' kinda couple, then take inspiration from these gorgeous, yet intimate shots. These kinds of pictures are timeless, and can be posted online whenever you want!

Source Sutej Pannu

53. Seal It With A Kiss

Amidst a plethora of mandatory solo bridal portraits and mushy couple photos that you will get clicked during your wedding reveries, having at least one picturesque 'seal it with a kiss' is a MUST. 

54. Stunning Portraits Amongst The Greenery 

Natural foliage is a prop for a shot that will never go out of fashion or disappoint. A couple portrait like this works even better when you're dressed in colours that gel well with the natural surrounding, just like the couple pictured here!

55. Let Your Outfits Do The Talking

Who doesn't love newlyweds dressed impeccably? Skimming through photos of real couples we couldn't take our eyes off this couple's enigmatic and chic photos, showcasing their wonderful outfits in the most impeccable manner overflowing with nothing but regality. 

56. Never Forget To Hug Your Bae 

Embracing photo poses are tranquil shots to look at. Whether you're midway through a hug or embracing one another all the way, photos like these are stunning, not on the face and romantic all the way.  Especially mid-celebration!

57. A Dance Off? Yes Please!

Love us a couple that can dance off during their sangeet like Rajkumar Rao & Patralekhaa. The couple's intimate Chandigarh wedding was an absolute thrill to witness and their playfulness gave birth to such wholesome photos. 

58. Capture That Daydream Moment

Don’t you just love those classy shots of couples where they’re all dressed up in their wedding attire and posing with an impressive vintage car and a wonderful castle in the backdrop? 

59. A Necessary Jaimala Shot

The traditional jaimala shots will never go out of fashion. It's 'the exchange of Jaimalas' that is considered the most soul-stirring ritual of all. These priceless moments are the ones that mark the ultimate union of a bride and groom on their big day. This is why capturing these events with sheer perfection is no more an option!

60. A Show Of Fireworks In Your Background

Fireworks bring so much festivity to our lives. Don’t you love those pictures where couples are in their zone, enjoying their hearts out and simply having the time of their life and fireworks go off in the background? Well, a bunch of fireworks in your backdrop during a function is sure to give you some astounding snapshots!

61. Shower Your Love With Flowers

We think that all couples should have such pictures clicked to always remind them how special they are to each other. And when your partner helps you get the best pictures with a shower of petals over your head, let's just say they're a keeper!

62. A Splendid Shower Of Roses

One of the best photos we've spotted on social media was of this couple, fresh off the mandap. The shower of rose petals with the couple standing affectionately this close to one another is just the kind of sight one needs to see in a wedding album.

Source Sutej Pannu

63. An Inspired Portrait

Your wedding photos are always going to be close to your heart, especially the ones that you get with your other half. And, while every photo will be memorable, the ones which are taken of the ceremonies taking place will always have a special place in your heart.

64. Mix The Dip With A Kiss!

Well, the one good thing about these types of pictures is that there has to be no planning. The feeling of getting hitched and for it to be happening so soon is extremely overwhelming that you will by default get photos that are full of love. And when you take that filmy dip and mix it with a cute kiss, you'll be left smiling ear-to-ear every time you see this photo!

65. Mandatory Happy Snaps Of Your Nuptials

Ladies and gentlemen, the ultimate trick to getting the most beautiful wedding pictures are that you never stop smiling. Go all out with your emotions and be sure to express them. Bring out your biggest smile while exchanging your vows!

66. Never Shy Away From Props

Getting cosy and intimate with your significant other in front of someone else can be a bit challenging for some couples. And that's why props are so useful. They give you something to do with your hands without them looking awkward. Furthermore, the best props for your pre-wedding shoot are everyday items that might just be on display in your homes!

67. Wistful Amongst A Field Of Flowers

What's an Indian wedding without flowers? These gorgeous & dainty beauties are the real MVPs of weddings that work up their charm to make the aura blissful and picturesque. And they make every and any photo gorgeous.

68. That Haldi Shot That Screams Madness

Two words- Chaotic synchronicity. It's a no-brainer that candid shots are the best ones. The camera captures you right when you least expect it to and you end up getting the most surreal pictures. And of course, moments like these, where a couple is doused in water by their friends and family during the haldi are precious keepsakes. 

69. Gone With The Wind

We love it when photographers create such stunning visuals of couples. This capture by the amazing photographer Sean Bell not only captures the couple's whirlwind romance but also the icy winds that were caressing the hills of Scotland at the time it was shot. 

70. Get Clicked On A Cliff

If you're planning a photoshoot on a cliff or a mountaintop, then definitely get a photo like this. Well, be careful of the hazards  But irrespective it's a perfectly splendid shot to have, especially if you have a long flowy dress for the occasion.  

71. Candids Like this Tug At Our Hearts

Over the years, you and your other half must have perfect a look that only you both can understand. It can be a happy look, a look of comfort. No matter what kind of bond you share with your other half, it will be visible in such photographs. 

72. A Unique Veil Shot That Will Make You Giggle

The passion and love that is visible in these types of shoots are nothing short of remarkable. But there is another aspect of this type of shoot that makes one giggle and smile - fun shots! Couples posing in silly and funny poses lighten up the atmosphere of the stress and worry about ten thousand things going through your head about the wedding!

73. Use A Floral Jhoola As Your Prop

Jhoolas make for amazing additions to a wedding function. And when it comes to intimate weddings, having a jhoola at home helps a lot with the decor. Plus, they help you get amazing and cute portraits that are oh-so-romantic!

75. When Your Decor Is Larger Than Life

Larger-than-life organza flowers are all the wedding decor rage these days. Couple portraits that show them looking intimate and loving with the such awesome decor in the background are all that you need to create gorgeous snaps of your wedding. 

76. Sharing Food Is The Biggest Love Language

Now you all know that couples that love one another dearly will always have moments where they'll feed one another, especially during hectic wedding ceremonies. And those are purely candid moments worth capturing!

77. The Quirky 'Grabbing The Bride's Pallu' Shot

We love fun couples who enjoy a bit of quirk in their pre-wedding shoots. Karan Grover and Poppy Jabbal gave us major inspo with their pre-wedding shoot, especially this funny 'grabbing the bride's pallu' shot that takes you back a few decades!

78. Go For The Silhouette Shot

If you enjoy unique photos, then get a shot like this. Walk down the beach during sunset with your beau and let the wind and the sunlight do all the talking. 

79. Piggybacks And Wild Flora

You can always utilise wild flora like these long-dried grass to capture fun pictures like these. Plus, a photo that captures you and your partner doing a piggyback scene like it's straight from a rom-com is always going to hold a special place in your album & heart. 

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80. A Snow-Drenched Pre-Wedding Shoot

Capture the seasonal spirit with an outdoor photo sesh. While a chilly, snowy wedding photo session isn't everyone's idea of a fun pre-wedding activity, we're willing to bet that most winter brides love a good snowfall!

81. Utilise Your Family Photo Wall

Many family homes have a wall dedicated to photos of family members. They can be a single wall, a narrow corridor or even the walls along the stairs. These areas are wonderful for some pre-wedding photo shots of you and your beau. So, if you've got that photo wall, make sure you utilise it well. 

82. An In-Between The Veil Shot

One of the easiest props to use is a veil. Drape the veil over yourself and your partner and get close-ups clicked of you two laughing and smiling away to glory!

83. The Almost Kiss That Makes Us Swoon

That moment before the big kiss is a big one. You and your other half share a look and know what’s going to come next. The anticipation during that moment is what truly counts. And it's a moment worth being captured.

84. Head to the Beach For Such Dreamy Shots

Do you find the beach a dreamy paradise? Well, we do and apparently, also a lot of international couples do cuz we managed to find some beautiful couple shots at the beach. Lay down on the sand or get all cheesy in the water and get the most stunning shots!

Source Pinterest


Watching these beautiful couple's photography poses just melted our hearts. These adorable moments should always be vividly captured and forever make you and your significant other reminisce about the wedding celebration. So, save these gorgeous trending couple poses and we're sure you'll get some amazing photos for your wedding album. We hope these were of great inspiration to you. Just point your wedding photographer in the right direction and have some beautiful memories forever!


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81+ Trending Couples Poses To Bookmark Before Your Wedding Day Arrives!

by Shivani Singh

81+ Trending Couples Poses To Bookmark Before Your Wedding Day Arrives!