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Planning a wedding and being regular at your job, at the same time, be really stressful for the to-be bride. And, if you have a strict 9-to-5 job then finding the balance between your job and wedding planning is crucial. So, to help you maintain a balance and stay on top of everything we have compiled a list of ultimate tips for planning a wedding and nailing your job. Scroll below to get your hands on this guide and get ready to bookmark each and every point! 

Ultimate Tips for Juggling Between Planning a Wedding & Your 9-to-5 Job

Pre-Plan Like Your Life Depends on It

If you’re not pre-planned, then you’re doomed. Speak to your vendors, event planners, friends, and family well in advance. If everything goes according to plan, your wedding planning will go seamlessly.

Checklist is Your New BFF

Use a checklist at all times. The checklist will help you stay on track when it comes to the wedding tasks and get ahead on them. Oh, and the satisfaction you’ll get once you check off the tasks!

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Delegate Your Tasks

Don’t be afraid to delegate tasks to your nearest and dearest ones. You’ll be shocked to know how handy your buds will be when it comes to doing something for the to-be bride!

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Bank on All Your Weekends

Ladies make use of ALL your weekends leading up to the big day. Have bridal outfit fittings? Schedule it for the weekend. Have to visited the venues for your wedding functions? Weekends it is!

Be Frank With Your Boss

You’ve gotta speak to your boss!

Discuss your wedding plans and any potential time-off needs well in advance. Be transparent about your schedule and reassure them that you're committed to maintaining your professional responsibilities during this exciting time.

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What are Those Lunch Breaks For?

Sounds unreal but you can actually get a lot done during your lunch break. Whether you use this time to make phone calls or video chat with vendors, that one hour can be really good for all the wedding planning.

Rely on Technology

In today’s time, there’s so much you can do with all that technology like get inspiration from wedding websites, digital checklists, and video calls for wedding-related discussions.

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Don’t Compromise on Your Sleep

Ladies, this is the most important tip that will work for you throughout the wedding planning stage. Sleep is crucial if you want to juggle between wedding planning and your day job. With an ample amount of sleep, you will be fresh and be able to do all your wedding tasks effortlessly!

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Don’t be Afraid to Ask Your Colleagues for Help

Your colleagues can be helpful if you ask for help. Ask them to lend a hand with your work or cover for you sometimes. Trust me, you’re gonna be so stress-free!


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Brides, Ultimate Tips for Planning Your Wedding When You Work a 9-to-5 Job!

by Shweghna Gursahaney

Brides, Ultimate Tips for Planning Your Wedding When You Work a 9-to-5 Job!