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To our Bengali brides-to-be, as we near the end of the year, it's an opportune moment to begin wedding planning for your 2024 wedding. We've gathered the most auspicious 2024 marriage dates in Bengali. Explore the Bengali Panjika 2024 marriage dates calendar to discover the perfect time to celebrate your Bengali wedding day!

Auspicious Bengali Marriage Dates in 2024

Auspicious 2024 Bengali Marriage Dates in January 

The first month, January 2024 brings with it five auspicious Bengali wedding dates in 2024. Not only will the weather be perfect around this time but it is the perfect way to kickstart the new year!

Top 2024 Bengali Marriage Dates in January

Shot by Israni Photography, Mumbai

  • 21st January 2024, Sunday
  • 22nd January 2024, Monday
  • 27th January 2024, Saturday
  • 30th January 2024, Tuesday
  • 31st January 2024, Wednesday

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Auspicious 2024 Bengali Marriage Dates in February

Ah, the month of love!

Wouldn’t it be super romantic if you tie the knot with your other half in this magical month!? Well, you can because there are three auspicious 2024 marriage dates for Bengali weddings spread across the entire month of February. Scroll below to check out those dates!

2024 Bengali Marriage Dates in February

Source Flashback

  • 3rd February 2024, Saturday
  • 12th February 2024, Monday
  • 26th February 2024, Monday

Auspicious 2024 Bengali Marriage Dates in March  

March is a wonderful month to get hitched in. Apart from the fact that the weather will be fabulous, you’ll get to also incorporate fun summer themes!

With two good wedding dates this month for your Bengali wedding, you can easily plan a pleasant and fun wedding according to these marriage dates in the 2024 Bengali calendar!

Best 2024 March Bengali Marriage Dates

Shot by Sahni Studios, Chandigarh

  • 2nd March 2024, Saturday
  • 4th March 2024, Monday

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Auspicious 2024 Bengali Marriage Dates in April 

Well, April is a wonderful time to consider for your quintessential summer wedding. With nine auspicious Bengali wedding dates, this month brings with it great weather, a nice breezy vibe and so many pleasant decor and food options to choose from. Yes, this time is perfect to achieve the wedding of your dreams!

Bengali Wedding Dates in April 2024

Shot by Qpid India, Kolkata

  • 18th April 2024, Thursday
  • 19th April 2024, Friday
  • 20th April 2024, Saturday
  • 21st April 2024, Sunday
  • 22nd April 2024, Monday
  • 23rd April 2024, Tuesday
  • 24th April 2024, Wednesday
  • 25th April 2024, Thursday
  • 26th April 2024, Friday

Auspicious 2024 Bengali Marriage Dates in May & June 

There are no Bengali Panjika 2024 marriage dates in the months of May and June which means that this is the perfect time to book and finalize vendors, and venues and get other arrangements done for your upcoming Bengali wedding. Use this time to unwind and spend quality time with your loved ones!

Auspicious 2024 Bengali Marriage Dates in May & June

Shot by EPIC STORIES, Mumbai

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Auspicious 2024 Bengali Marriage Dates in July

After a nice break of two months, July brings five promising 2024 wedding dates for your Bengali wedding. This is the best time to get hitched if you want a pleasant monsoon wedding. Spread across the first half of the month, scroll below to check out the best Bengali marriage dates that are in store this month.

Bengali Panjika Calendar 2024 Marriage Dates in July

Shot by The Cheesecake Project, Mumbai

  • 9th July 2024, Tuesday
  • 11th July 2024, Thursday
  • 13th July 2024, Saturday
  • 14th July 2024, Sunday
  • 15th July 2024, Monday

Auspicious 2024 Bengali Marriage Dates in August, September & October 

In the months of August, September, and October, there are no auspicious marriage dates in 2024 according to the Bengali calendar. Make sure you utilize this time well to plan your winter wedding properly, shop for your bridal trousseau, and spend the best time with your nearest and dearest ones!

2024 Bengali Marriage Dates in August, September & October

Source The Wedding Story

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Auspicious 2024 BenDates in November

After a good long break for three months, Bengali brides, get set for November as this month brings with itself the maximum number of 2024 marriage dates for Bengali weddings. Starting from mid-month till the end of the month, scroll below to find the most auspicious days for your upcoming Bengali wedding!

Top Bengali Panjika 2024 Marriage Dates in November

Shot by Weddingrams, Delhi

  • 12th November 2024, Tuesday
  • 13th November 2024, Wednesday
  • 16th November 2024, Saturday
  • 17th November 2024, Sunday
  • 18th November 2024, Monday
  • 22nd November 2024, Friday
  • 23rd November 2024, Saturday
  • 25th November 2024, Monday
  • 26th November 2024, Tuesday
  • 28th November 2024, Thursday
  • 29th November 2024, Friday

Auspicious 2024 Bengali Marriage Dates in December 

On the last month of the year, there are a plethora of dates for your auspicious Bengali wedding dates for 2024. Starting from the beginning of the month 4th December 2024 till the 14th December 2024, these dates are perfect for a heartwarming winter wedding. So, if a wedding in 2024 December excites you then scroll below to check out these dates!

Trending Marriage Dates in 2024 Bengali Calendar For December

Shot by Qpid India, Kolkata

  • 4th December 2024, Wednesday
  • 5th December 2024, Thursday
  • 9th December 2024, Monday
  • 10th December 2024, Tuesday
  • 14th December 2024, Saturday

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Auspicious 2024 Bengali Marriage Dates Are Here!

by Shweghna Gursahaney

Auspicious 2024 Bengali Marriage Dates Are Here!