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Your wedding venue is one of the most initial and crucial decisions you will make for your wedding. After all, this special place will be etched in your memory forever; the place where you exchanged your vows and celebrated with your loved ones. So, before you say “yes” to your wedding venue, there are a few things you should consider first.

Scroll below to find out some of the key factors for determining what destination is right for your special day!

Things to Keep in Mind When Finalising Your Wedding Venue

1. Location & Accessibility

This is the first factor you have to keep in mind when finalizing your wedding venue. Go with a location that works for both you and your guests!

2. Season & Weather

You may have always wanted to tie the knot in the hills or have a dreamy beachside wedding but you’ve got to keep the season and weather in mind when choosing the venue. Now, you would never want very cold weather or heavy rainfall when your wedding date has been fixed!

3. Personal Style & Theme

Always eyed that elegant ballroom or a grand farmhouse for your big day? Then simply listen to your heart and go with a wedding venue that resonates with your personal style. Remember, every corner should define you and your other half!

4. Food Options

One of the most crucial points when picking your wedding venue is the available food options. After all, isn’t this what every guest most looks forward to at a wedding!?

Arrange a tasting session well in advance to ensure the menu meets your expectations. 

5. Do Not Forget About the Budget!

Your budget is the foundation for all wedding planning. Set a clear budget and look for a wedding venue that fits in the budget. Oh, and don’t forget to be mindful of hidden costs like service charges, taxes, and additional fees for extras!

6. Guest List & Capacity

You may be in love with a wedding venue but don’t forget that it should also resonate with your guest list and the maximum capacity of the venue. Go with a venue that can accommodate your guests properly after the decor has taken up ample space.

7. Rules & Regulations

Want an after-party at the wedding venue once you’re done with your pheras? Or want freedom for grand decor? Then go with a wedding venue that has flexible rules and regulations.

8. Services & Amenities

Another important point to keep in mind when finalizing your wedding venue is the service and the amenities. Things like the number of rooms you’re getting and wedding coordinators you are getting are things that truly matter.

9. Reviews & References

Lastly, don’t forget to get in touch with couples who have already picked your prospective wedding venue. Real experiences truly help determine whether the venue is the right pick for you or not.


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9 Things to Keep in Mind When Saying Yes to Your Wedding Venue

by Shweghna Gursahaney

9 Things to Keep in Mind When Saying Yes to Your Wedding Venue