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Always wanted to look like a royal queen at your wedding? Laden in a heavy bridal lehenga further amped with an assemble of ornate jewels - if that's the picture you always cut in your mind while thinking of your bridal look, we have a little addition to further up the royal maharani feels! How about getting some vintage bridal portraits to preserve your D-day opulence?

Before you ask what exactly is a vintage bridal portrait, well, they are just the usual bridal photos but with an added old-world charm aesthetic. Some of them are tinted with a sepia-inspired filter, others boast intense monochrome feels. Looking at them TBH, they are a must-have for your Shaadi ki album and you should bookmark them right away for reference! It is not every day you embrace bridal glory, right?

To help you with the do, we have fished out some of the most illustrious vintages bridal portraits! Observe them, understand the posing game, and most importantly, discuss them with your photographer beforehand. It is not just the pose and the capture, but editing plays a considerable role too.

Best Vintage Bridal Portraits For Your Wedding Album

1. Isn't this bride looking like a real-life Rani? From her attire to the jewels to her gaze and of course, the photo - all exude sheer opulence!

2. This bride also got some really pretty vintage-style portraits & we're here for it!

3. This royal beauty has our heart! One of the most classy vintage bridal portraits we've ever seen.

4. Getting-ready shot but with a touch of vintage feels makes for a strong case!

5. This bridal portrait has redefined opulence for us!

6. Just a brilliant piece of art that captured bridal glory to perfection!

7. The perfect play of light makes this shot all more ogle-worthy!

8. Presenting a must-have vintage veil shot to preserve your wedding memories.

9. Here's a vintage bridal portrait that's oozing opulence in abundance. PS: Note the pose!

10. Yet another glorious vintage bridal portrait that we can't take our eyes off!

11. Make the most of the picturesque wedding venue and use'em ornate walls as the backdrop for your bridal portraits.

12. The magic of monochrome is always soul-arresting!

13. A mesmerizing monochrome portrait every bride yearns to have!

14. How about looking away from the camera for that perfect shot? Only for a while, though!

15. The poised walk and grandeur of the property clicked with vintage feels.

16. Wedding photographers & brides are acing the vintage portraits. Here's another picturesque proof:

17. You can also have a vintage portrait that's coy and royal at the same time.

178. A portrait so gorgeous that it'll transcend you to the royal era!

19. A portrait that screms dreamy, royal & vintage - all at once!

20. Here's a portrait worth framing!

21. We are oh-so-in-love with the old-world charm of this bride's photograph!


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21 Vintage Bridal Portrait Ideas To Capture The Maharani Feels!

by Medha Chawla

21 Vintage Bridal Portrait Ideas To Capture The Maharani Feels!