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Ask anyone, whether married or unmarried, and they’ll tell you, ‘Indian weddings are a grand spectacle of so many different emotions.’ It’s indeed one of the most special events of someone’s life that embraces moments of great pleasure, sorrow, pride & satisfaction, all at the same time. Which is why it needs to be captured with great finesse to keep all the memories intact for eternity. And while you must have already curated your own personalized checklist of must-have shots that you anyhow need from your photographer, here are some of the most precious moments that need some special attention from their end and need to be captured with utmost care.

Mark them as super important as they’re sure to leave a lasting impression on you every time you walk down the memory lane!

Soulful Shaadi Moments that are a MUST in your Wedding Album

The Groom Entry 

The groom's entry (charmingly known as the Baraat) is one of the most happening events in any Indian wedding. It's the moment when the groom arrives at the wedding venue with all the dhol-dhamakas to marry the love of his life. There is loads of masti, shor-sharaba and some crazy baraatis dancing their hearts out. Keeping that in mind, it can't be given a miss and should be captured extensively in every which way. Whether it is while the groom is dancing on his ghodi or when he is engaged in a fun-banter with his saalis, all of it must make it to your wedding album.

The Bridal Entry

If there's one moment that the groom and all the guests direly wait for at any wedding, it's the bride's entry. After all, it's the first glimpse of the bride all dolled up in a whole new avatar. Also let's be real, we all secretly love seeing a bride walking down the aisle under that shaandar phoolon ki chaadar or being carried in a rath like a royal queen. So, this one had to make it to our list, without second thoughts!

That First look!

How can you miss capturing that one special moment when they first lay their eye on you all dressed up in your bridal avatar? It's a Must-Must have!

The Exchange of Jaimalas

The Jaimala ceremony marks the commencement of a blissful union. It's one such soulful moment when the bride and the groom exchange the auspicious jaimala wreaths amidst the presence of their loved ones and take the first step towards their happily ever after. Hence, it has to be on the top in your photographer's checklist!

The Kanyadaan

Hailed as one of the most emotional moments of an Indian wedding, Kanyadaan is an age-old ritual where a father makes a big sacrifice by giving away his darling daughter into the care of her husband. It is of utmost significance for the couple and the bride's family and hence should be adequately captured through the lens of your photographer.

Source Vipul Rege

The Soul-stirring Pheras

Followed by the Kanyadaan is the auspicious ritual of the saat pheras. It is yet another imperative moment for a bride & a groom as it sanctifies their union and is symbolic of an eternal promise of companionship. During this ritual, the bride & the groom walk around the sacred fire (seven times since there are seven vows) while the priest chants the mantras.  Every vow has some religious significance behind it and to know what it stands for, check out this blog.

Meanwhile, here are some beautiful pictures of couples taking the saat pheras that might leave you smitten and make you want to have amazing phera photos.

The 'Ek Chutki Sindoor' Moment

After the completion of the saat pheras, the next ritual that is of religious significance & value to the couple is the tradition of applying sindoor in the parting of hair of the Hindu women. It is a moment of extreme happiness for both bride & groom. So don’t forget to ask your photographer to freeze this moment in the best way possible. 

The Mangalsutra Moment

The mangalsutra moment is equally auspicious & special. It is an integral ritual in a Hindu wedding where the groom ties the pious beaded thread around the bride’s neck and officially announces her as his beloved for life until death separates them. This particular event makes the bride & groom truly understand the real essence of commitment and must be added into your photo album for sure.

The calming 'Just Married' Moment

Once the couple is done & dusted with all the rituals & proceedings and has just got married, their happiness knows no bounds. It’s a moment of pure ecstasy and that evidently shows on their faces. Don’t believe us? Check out these happy & fun ‘Just Married’ photos of couples who seemed to be on cloud nine right after tying the knot with their special someone. And do include it in your checklist once you’re done swooning over them!

The First Dance as a Married Couple

What else should most definitely make it to your wedding album? The first dance as a married couple! Yes, it’s a very special moment for you and your beau. And what better way to cherish it for a lifetime than by having it captured by your photographer? Trust us, it’s sure to give you wide smiles each time you flip through the pages of your wedding album.

The Teary-eyed Vidaai

Lastly, the most difficult and heart-wrenching moment for a bride and her family is the Vidaai. It witnesses a mix of so many different emotions-the feeling of 'Contentment' for the parents to see their 'jigad ka tukda' embark on a new journey, 'Distress' for letting her go and 'Satisfaction' for having someone equally loving to take care of her & treat her like a princess. So let your photographer capture all the quivering smiles and teary eyes to give you some rawly beautiful memories to gush over.


Do you wish to include such great pictures in your wedding album too? Book your photographer with us, at ShaadiSaga!

Must Have Photos of Heart-tugging Moments from your Wedding

by Anupriya Khanna

Must Have Photos of Heart-tugging Moments from your Wedding