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Source: Divya Khosla Kumar; Deep Joshi

We literally spend months to get the perfect bridal look. It takes days to find the right bridal lehenga for your wedding day and then matching jewellery with the outfit is another task. So after spending so much of time before the wedding, and then hours with MUA on the wedding day, we at least deserve the perfect bridal portrait, right? Always looking for something new & unique for our brides-to-be we today spotted some heartwarming and fun bridal portraits and wanted to share ‘em all with you guys. So, start scrolling down and take some inspiration from these gorgeous brides for your picture-perfect bridal portraits. Bookmark this piece and don’t forget to screenshot these best bridal portraits by amazing photographers that are stunning from every angle!

ShaadiSaga's Best Picks Of Gorgeous Looking Bridal Portraits

Show-Off Your Mehendi

A bride has to sit for hours to have a gorgeous mehendi design on her hand. So be playful and have a fun photo shoot at your mehendi ceremony. Whether it's a simple design or personalised mehendi, here are some ways in which you can show-off your mehendi like a boss! 

Source Daas Films

Fun in Your Haldi Ceremony

These beautiful pictures from haldi ceremony are so cute, aren't they? Enjoy your each wedding ceremony and add some amusing pictures like these in your wedding album. The floral jewellery worn by the brides is just 'sone pe suhaga'. 

Getting Ready Shots

It's always better to capture the whole process. Make sure that your photographer captures your precious moments like getting ready shots perfectly. We are hooked up to these eye-pleasing shots and we are definitely stealing these poses. Don't miss the bridal portrait of Diipa Khosla who is a very famous international influencer!

Flaunting Your Jewellery is A Must

Your wedding look is incomplete without an elegant jewellery. So be it polki, kundan or temple jewellery, flaunt your jewellery with grace like these pretty brides did on their wedding day. We can't take our eyes off from these bridal portraits by photographers 😮

Capture The Dreamy Makeup

If you are the art, your makeup artist is THE ARTIST! When your MUA is beautifying you through their makeup skills ensure to capture those moments forever. And, after so many calculations and hassles, capture your bridal makeup that focuses on your lips, eyes, face, etc. & get a perfect makeup shot! 

Twirl It Up

Brides, we want to give you the best advice. Your wedding album is INCOMPLETE without this typical-bride pose. The art of getting the perfect twirl shot is difficult but worthy. Add a little drama and be a bride-chilla on your D-day. 

Classic Pictures With Your Veil

And here comes a beautiful looking bridal portrait that is also a mandatory pose with your veil because this posture can never be old. Here are the best picks of the admirable veil shots that you MUST check out! 

Exceptional Back Shots That Are Worth Capturing

Don't miss out on other amazing details from your bridal look, like your long veil, cape and bridal hairstyle. Aren't these bridal portraits just gorgeous? 

Close Shot Of Your Bridal Lehenga

What's the point of spending lakhs without getting a phenomenal photo of your bridal lehenga. So whether you want a sitting pose or a standing one, just flaunt your whimsical lehenga with grace and elegance. 

Source Jag Thandi

Tenu Kala Chashma Jachda Ae

Earlier, we gave you some unique ideas to spice up your bridal photoshoot. But the trend of wearing a kala chashma is our favourite. Be a swaggy bride and make a grand bridal dance entry with your favorite shades on . 

Source Dulhanama

Happiest Brides Are The Prettiest

These brides with their pretty smiles are the CUTEST! Your smile is the most beautiful thing you can ever wear. So whatever the pose you are thinking, keep smiling 😄brides!

Foodie For Life & Beyond

Maybe we should make one thing clear, no food=no wedding! How can someone say no to FOOD? Have a candid 'caught-in-the-act' photoshoot with your favourite food and beverages. If you are ☕ chai person, don't worry, we understand your addiction. 

Source Deep Joshi

For The Unconventional Brides!

If you are a bride who is not at all conventional, here are the quirkiest pictures we spotted for your bridal portraits. Choose a hatke location and props for your bridal photoshoot. Like a bicycle or a bathtub 😉. Or maybe you can play with your cute expressions just like these real brides did on their big day! 

Source Prune India


We have saved our favourite bridal portrait shots! What about you? 

Bridal Portraits By Amazing Photographers That Are Worth *Bookmarking*

by Rashmi Jayara

Bridal Portraits By Amazing Photographers That Are Worth *Bookmarking*