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Your roka function is the first function that will set the standards for all your guests especially when it comes to your bridal look. And, while you may have a gorgeous outfit decided for the occasion, there’s still a lot that needs to be figured out for you. And, that’s why today, we are focussing on bridal hairstyles that you can opt for for your roka ceremony. From unconventional sleek hair options to the half-tied hairstyle idea with curls, scroll below to see what’s trending in today’s time when we talk about bridal hairdos!

Trending Hairstyle Ideas For Roka Ceremony

Blown Out Hair

When it comes to hairdos, getting a good old blowout is always the safest option. Well, for one, you’ll feel super comfortable in this hairdo. And, all the attention will stay on your bridal outfit with the blow dryer just complimenting the overall look.

Scroll below and see how these ladies slew their blown-out hair during their roka ceremonies!

Half-Tied Hairdo

A good chunk of us is fidgety with the hair especially if it keeps coming on the face. So, if you want to be fuss-free and don’t want to keep managing your hair at your roka ceremony, we recommend you opt for a half-tied hairdo. Whether you keep the remaining half open or curled, we know that this hairdo will look just fabulous on you ladies!

A Messy Braid

If you want a traditional bridal look on your roka ceremony, we recommend opting for a messy braid. The messy braid is fun, chic and trending like anything right now. We strongly recommend going with this hairdo and even adding flowers and other embellishments to enhance your braid.

Scroll below and bookmark the braids that you like!

Messy Hair Bun

Another great hairdo can be a messy hair bun for your roka ceremony. This hairdo will work out great for you if you have a stylish blouse that you’d like to flaunt. 

A Ponytail

Gone are the days when keeping your hair open during wedding functions was a mandate. Now, more and more brides are into tying their hair into either a braid or a ponytail. And, why not!? A ponytail looks super pretty especially if you’re donning a western outfit. Not only will this hairdo help you achieve a glam look but the entire night you’ll be super comfortable!

Sleek Hairdo

Lately, we’ve seen a lot of brides take inspiration from the West especially when it comes to hairdos and the one hairdo which seems to be the most liked is sleek hair. A sleek hairdo is a perfect hairdo option if you want to keep your hair subtle yet want to make a statement. So, if you’re a minimalist bride, there’s no better hairdo than this one for your roka ceremony.

Don't Forget to Add Hair Accessories

Want to take your hairdo up a notch? Or simply want to do something unique? How about adding accessories to your hairdo? Ladies, you can include anything from a passa to embellished hairpins to amp up your bridal hairdo. And, if you want inspiration, scroll below and check out these real brides who look surreal thanks to the accessories they added to their hairdo!

Source Floristaa

Source Floristaa


Which hairdo did you like for your roka ceremony? Head to our Instagram page and tell us!

Trending Hairdos For Your Upcoming Roka Ceremony: Sleek to Blow Out Hairstyles!

by Shweghna Gursahaney

Trending Hairdos For Your Upcoming Roka Ceremony: Sleek to Blow Out Hairstyles!