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When it comes to hairdos, picking your wedding day hairdo is super easy as the options are quite limited. The real task is finding the right hairdo for your cocktail and sangeet function. Now you want a hairdo that channels the vibe of your outfit. If you’re going for a western gown, you’ll pick a nice textured ponytail but if you’ve finalized a lehenga, you will go with half-tied hair. So, in order to make sure that you pick the perfect hairdo for your cocktail function, today we have hunted for some ultimate hairdos to inspire you. Ladies, we promise that you’re gonna swear by some of these bridal hairstyles!

Latest Cocktail Hairstyles For The Brides

Blown Out Hair with Curls

Ladies if you want a classic hairdo for your cocktail function then we recommend going with the plain old blown-out hairdo with curls on the end. This hairdo is so versatile that it will go well with almost any type of bridal outfit.

Scroll below to check out our favourite blown-out hairdos before!

Source Aash Vohra

Source Alif Studio

Hair Buns for the Cocktail Function

Hair buns had been in trend for decades but lately, this hairdo has started gaining popularity again. The good part about bridal hair buns is that now there are so many different types of hair buns that you can opt for this hairdo with literally any outfit. Scroll below to check out how these real brides got their buns made!

Half Tied Hairdo For The Win

Another great hairdo for your cocktail function can be the half-tied one. Now, there are a plethora of variations of this hairdo, making it a crowd-pleaser for wedding functions. From bow-shaped half-tied hairdos to half-tied ponytails, scroll below to check out our favorite half-tied hair.

Source Dot Dusk

Source Dot Dusk

Source Floristaa

Open Hair With Hair Accessories

One thing which has gotten very popular lately is hair accessories. From embellished hairbands to pins, there’s so much out there for brides now. So, if you too want to amp up your look then we recommend going with open hair and adding a hair accessory or two to your hairdo.

Source Floristaa

Source Floristaa

Go With A Ponytail

Nothing defines class and sophistication more than a pony hairdo. A ponytail has been around forever and has always been one of the favorite choices of brides. Go with a sleek one or you can also opt for a wavy one with your cocktail outfit!

Source Pinterest

Source Floristaa

Source Floristaa

Classic Straight Hair

Are you a subtle bride who enjoys simplicity and subtlety? Then the hairdo for you for your cocktail function is definitely a classic straight one. Ladies, trust us if you’re going for a puffy gown or even a straight one, this hairdo will compliment your overall look quite well.


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Bookmark The Most Favourite Hairdos for the Cocktail Function!

by Shweghna Gursahaney

Bookmark The Most Favourite Hairdos for the Cocktail Function!