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In today’s time, your blouse is as important as your outfit especially if you’re wearing a lehenga. The blouse is such a crucial component of your overall look as it sets the tone of your bridal look. And, those traditional blouses (as beautiful and timeless as they are) ain’t cutting it. Now, you have to take things up a notch and stay with the trend. Currently, one type of blouse which is trending like anything is a blouse design with sheer sleeves. If you think about it, this blouse has been in existence forever but it is just now that designers and brands are starting to make it popular. So, if you’re intrigued and would love to see some real brides in sheer sleeve blouses, then you’ve come to the right place. Scroll below and check out our picks!

Stupendous Sheer Sleeve Blouses For Brides

Embellished Sheer Sleeve Blouses

It's a fact that sheer sleeves on their own would look very plain and dull. So, to amp it up, we always, always recommend that you opt for embellishments with your sheer sleeves. Not only will the embellishments come out well on the sheer base but will amp up your entire bridal outfit.

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Full Sheer Sleeve Blouses

Ladies, one of the best parts about going for sheer sleeves is that you should opt for full sleeves. As it is the sleeves are sheer so why not opt for fully covered ones?

And, you can choose whether you want embroidery work or thread work on your full sleeves blouse. Scroll below and take inspiration from these real brides!

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Source Jade by MK

Puffy Sheer Sleeves

Another great way of incorporating sheer sleeves is by simply opting for the puffy sheer blouse designs. Not only will the sheer fabric come out exceptionally well with the puffy detailing but your bridal outfit will automatically get amped up thanks to that blouse.

Scroll below to check out our favourite puffy sheer sleeve blouses below!

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Source Pinterest

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Sheer Sequins Sleeve Blouses

Another element that goes hand-in-hand with sheer fabric is sequins. There’s absolutely no doubt that no matter what colour or size of sequins you opt for, it will work so well on sheer sleeves.

So, in case you want to go for something fancier, then we suggest you go with sheer sequins sleeve blouses for one of your wedding functions.

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Which sheer sleeve blouse is your favourite? Head to our Instagram page and tell us!

27+ Sheer Sleeve Blouse Designs That We Are Swooning Over!

by Shweghna Gursahaney

27+ Sheer Sleeve Blouse Designs That We Are Swooning Over!