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Pre-wedding photoshoots are a creative choice made by couples that is revel-worthy! Furthermore, pre-wedding photoshoots that capture and portray a couple's essence to its fullest are the ones we love. However, not every couple enjoys the outdoor wedding shoot spectacle. Some love the ease and comfort of the indoors for these romantic shoots.

After the pandemic, many couples and wedding photographers found themselves reevaluating their new normal. When people lost access to the outdoors, they were forced to create their little heaven worthy of being captured indoors. Indoor pre-wedding shoots have become super trendy in the past few years for their extreme personalised and bespoke vibe. And while we love sunny and gorgeous outdoor wedding photography shots, indoor pre-wedding shoots are just another proof that one can create magical moments while being in the vicinity of their comfort zone. 

An indoor shoot is as much fun as an outdoor one and these ideas will blow your minds. So, without further ado, scroll down and check out our favourite indoor pre-wedding photoshoot ideas!

 Latest Indoor Pre-Wedding Shoot Ideas

1. Do The Tango!

We love a couple that effortlessly breaks into dance moves while being super romantic with one another. Now, it may seem a bit unconventional, however, getting yourself clicked while performing a sexy dance number is one way to go. 

2. Romances Hidden Away In Libraries

How many of us have seen our favourite romance movies with scenes of the couple hidden away in libraries while sharing sweet nothings? Well, you can recreate that intimate and lovesome moment by taking a few shots of your pre-wedding shoot in the library. 

3. Utilise Your Family Photo Wall

Many family homes have a wall dedicated to photos of the family members. They can be a single wall, a narrow corridor or even the walls along the stairs. These areas are wonderful for some pre-wedding photo shots of you and your beau. So, if you've got that photo wall, make sure you utilise it well. 

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4. Turn Your Casual Moments Into Keepsakes

We love a couple that can turn a casual and fun time into a wonderful photoshoot that captures their candidness in the best way possible. Actor Nakuul Mehta and his wife Jankee Parekh are a gorgeous couple whose pictures always slay! They look so effortlessly gorgeous together that every time we see their professionally clicked photos, we swoon!

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5. Backhugs Are The Essence Of Romantic Shots

No pre-wedding photo shoot feels complete without a photo of the couple locked in a loving back hug. However, if you're camera-shy, then a slight back hug also works. Either way, it looks visually stunning and it's a pose you can recreate in the comfort of your home or any indoor location. 

6. Whimsical & Personal Moments To Capture

Whether you're lying in each other's arms or lying upside down on a bed, there are certain personal moments that are captured wonderfully behind the hazy lens of a professional camera. Plus, you don't even need to be outside for this gorgeous, deeply personal shot!

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7. Utilise A Wall Mural

Some homes or indoor places have stunning wall murals that can be the perfect background for your pre-wedding photoshoot. Choose something quirky and off-beat and mirror your pose with that mural's personality. 

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8. Blissful In Your Bubble

This unique indoor photoshoot by House On The Clouds took indoor photography to a whole new level. Inspired by the kind of lives we led during the pandemic, this photoshoot showed us how couples would be together yet so far apart. If this inspirational art resonates with you as well, then you can surely turn your pre-wedding shoot into a pictorial worth reminiscing. 

9. Life's Better When They Make You Laugh

We love it when wedding photographers capture a couple in the most candid and wonderful moment ever. You could always get a shot like this, especially if you have the perfect sitting spot by the window. With the right muted tones and a little cloudy weather, we bet your picture will be as perfect as the one below. 

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10. Rather Be Lost In The Eyes Of Your Loved One

No matter what or where you get your pre-wedding photoshoot, this pose is a classic. Reminding you of every romantic music vide you've ever seen, this pose can be shot both indoors and outdoors, but looks best indoors for it can be paired with the perfect props and lighting with ease. 

11. Utilise That Skylight

If your home or indoor location has a skylight in one of the rooms, then it's time to utilise that. Capture a gorgeous photo under a skylight in a dark room, for the perfect tender moment between you and your beau. This one works especially for camera-shy couples.

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12. A Tender Photo In Full Brightness

We've seen numerous couples being captured in during their romantic moments while the background and their surrounding are mostly swallowed in darkness. There is a certain allure to those shots, no doubt. However, couples being captured in a brightly lit indoor space while sharing an enamoured embrace is what we live for. And if you access a space that has large windows and drenches the inside with sunlight, then you can get a photo like this. 

13. Who Said Fairylights Were Only Decor?

We have been emphasising adding props to your photos to glam them forever. With indoor pre-wedding shoots, both photographers and couples have to get a bit creative with their choice of props. So, if you've got some dainty fairy lights on hand, use those to create some stunning imagery!

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14. Get Clicked In A Chruch!

Churches, especially ones with historical value, can be utilised as great backdrops for a pre-wedding shoot. Furthermore, if you're a couple on a time crunch and only have a few moments before the wedding to get a few photos in, then this can work in your favour!

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15. Challenge Each Other With Some Jenga

One of the best parts of an indoor photography shoot is the fact that couples can display their playful and competitive sides more easily than usual. So, if your pre-wedding shoot is going to be low-key and in your home, then use game items like Jenga, UNO or Twister to add those entertaining elements to an albeit romantic shoot. 

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16. Get That Quintessential 'Getting Ready' Shot

Honestly, we love those pictures the most of a couple before they become each other's forever partners because they capture the nervousness and excitement that's swimming in their eyes and over their lips. From sweet anticipation to the glam and stunning transformation into a bride and groom, they're cherished moments that we suggest all couples should capture! And if the groom is the one lending the bride a little hand before she is ready to stun the crowd, you better get that on a reel of your getting ready shot!

17. A Vibrant 'Frame-Worthy' Portrait

We love a well-shot, and wholesome couple portrait. Photos like these are gorgeous, no doubt, but they're also the kinds you can get framed and displayed in your homes after your wedding!

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18. Keep That PDA Meter Rising

Having a pre-wedding photoshoot has numerous benefits. The most fun one, for us, would be the fact that the couple can indulge in as much PDA as they want, for there's no one around to judge them!

19. Match With Those Furnishings!

Do you know what we love more than an indoor photoshoot? An indoor pre-wedding shoot that is aesthetically pleasing. Honestly, we love how this couple effortlessly matched their outfits to their blue furnishings without looking too over-the-top. 

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20. When Their Crazy Matches Your Crazy

There is nothing better than a couple who matches each other's vibe. Channel your inner quirk monster with photos like these that are just downright hilarious. We love a couple who keeps it real.

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21. Your Cozy Corner Is Always The Perfect Spot

Everyone has a cosy corner in their homes, a place used to hide away from the world. And if you have it in your home, then it's time to use that in your pre-wedding shoot. It adds a touch of personalisation to your shoot and is also a great way to introduce your partner to a space that has been your haven for so long. 

22. An Endearing, Upward Looking Shot Always Works

If you're short on time, then it's only practical to get your pre-wedding photos clicked right before the wedding. Which means you could be in your wedding venue. And if the inside of the venue has areas that provide you with the kind of isolation needed for a photo shoot, then we suggest you seize the moment and get a romantic shot clicked!

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23. Captivating Photos That Always Leave Us Spellbound

Indoor pre-wedding shoots, as we've mentioned before, are a way of capturing a couple in their element. Whether you're just relaxing with your partner or sharing a conversation that gives you butterflies, candid and real moments like these are what make a wedding album folkloric!

24. Utilise Gorgeous Heritage Spaces

There's no set rule that an indoor pre-wedding shoot has to happen in the vicinity of your home. It can be any venue, as long as it's indoors. And if you have access to a venue that is also a gorgeously designed heritage hotel like the Noor Mahal in Karnal, then we suggest you make use of that location and capture not only the beauty of your relationship but also of the place!

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25. Never Shy Away From Props

Getting cosy and intimate with your significant other in front of someone else can be a bit challenging for some couples. And that's why props are so useful. They give you something to do with your hands without them looking awkward. Furthermore, the best props for your pre-wedding shoot are everyday items that might just be on display in your homes!

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26. Showoff Some Royal Grandeur

One of the best things about couples of today is that they're taking advantage of having a professional wedding videographer or wedding photographer on their hand. Instead of fussing around, they willingly have ideas that resemble a royal wedding editorial. Couples are realizing that they have a unique opportunity to create elevated editorial imagery to document this incredible time in their lives, and we're all for it!

27. Let Your Loved Ones Shine Too

Indoor pre-wedding shoots mean you can bring forth aesthetic elements of your home into the pictures. These could be your cosy corner, your favourite library, a fully stocked pantry or a family photo wall that displays the pictures of various familiar generations. Pay homage to them by making them a part of your shoot!

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28. Your Kitchen Is The Most Romantic Corner Of Your House!

We can enlist 100 reasons why the kitchen is the best place in your house! Out of those 100, one of the most important ones, however, is that kitchen is simply the most romantic corner of your house with delicious food and unconditional love. 

29. A Love Like Mirror & Shadow

They say that true love is like a mirror and shadow- because the mirror never lies and the shadow never leaves. That's exactly what this couple's photo symbolises. There's an ethereal charm to this pictorial, with a very laidback vibe where the couple sits in comfortable silence. It's photos like these that entice a sense of peace and calm in us that not many pictures can invoke. 

30. Bring Your Routine Life To The Photoshoot

Nothing can make your pre-wedding photoshoot look more gorgeous than displaying how you fall in love with each other every day while doing little things together. Nothing beats being real, after all! Grab a cup of coffee together, binge-watch your favourite series, read out books to each other, or simply hide in your closet together! Your pre-wedding photoshoot will look even more authentic when it becomes a reflection of your real life. 

31. An In-Between The Veil Shot

One of the easiest props to use is a veil. Drape the veil over yourself and your partner and get close-ups clicked of you two laughing and smiling away to glory!

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32. A Feathery Pillow Fight

Wanna get the best shots captured along with your partner before you officially say 'I do'? Garb some pillows and start a cheerful, beautiful, and fun-filled pillow fight! Let the feathers flow and the fun enthral you as your photographer does the magic of capturing wonderful candids!


Who says picturesque locations and testing weather are what you need to lend your pre-wedding shoot a 'wow' appeal? While there are a lot of couples who go over the top and opt for breathtaking beachy backdrops or a serene view of snow-capped mountains for their pre-wedding photoshoot, nothing beats the essence of a pre-wedding shoot with a head-over-heels in love couple enjoying one another's a company in the sanctity of their personal space which is indoors. So, if you're planning a pre-wedding photoshoot and feel a bit awkward in outside spaces, then an indoor setting is perfect for you!


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31+ Latest Indoor Pre-Wedding Shoot Ideas!

by Shivani Singh

31+ Latest Indoor Pre-Wedding Shoot Ideas!