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A pre-wedding shoot is personal and intimate. Before you have to spend your wedding celebrations posing for family and friends, take the time to just be the two of you in front of the camera. It will be a cherished memory for the journey ahead! It is also a time for you two to get down and be funky with the photoshoot! Let out your wild side, the romantic side, the goofy side ... you get the picture!

Select locations and/or poses a bit off the beaten path. Dress however you feel and cut away the strings of propriety and societal norms. The pre-wedding shoot is just for the two of you!

We are going gaga over some of these amazing pre-wedding photoshoot ideas! Check them out and thank us later.

Latest Pre-Wedding Photoshoot Ideas 

1. Alleyway

A tale as old as time, the girl meets boy in lane behind the market. So many trysts take place in alleyways and hidden alcoves.

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2. Balcony Romance

Challenge Romeo and Juliet and pose on the balcony, together. A metaphor for overlooking the journey ahead.

3. Home Improvement

Get messy in this really cool setting: painting! Paint the walls and your loved one in a steamy session!

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4. Picnic

It's cute, it's fun, and a throwback to the childhood carefree days! Munch on a delicious picnic as you make memories!

5. Baby You Can Drive My Car

Remember the days when the only alone time you guys had was in the car? Re-live those young love days in a classy photoshoot!

6. Love with the Fishes

An underwater aquarium makes for a slightly strange yet cool photoshoot location!

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7. Kitchen Space

Food brings people together, so why not have your pre-wedding photoshoot in your home kitchen!

8. Lazy at Home

Be true to the lazybugs you two are and lounge about at home for an amazing photoshoot!

9. On the Water

Often a location for cosy date nights, a lakeside dock makes for an intriguing photoshoot idea!

10. Run Away!

As the preparations for the wedding get intense, many couple desire to just run away to be alone. Which makes for a fantastic photoshoot idea!

11. Nautical Love

If you love the open waters, consider shooting on a boat. A row boat with just the two of you makes for an intimate shoot. Or, enjoy the luxuries of a house boat in Bollywood style!

12. Drive Her Crazy!

Be a bit goofy, and laugh it up as your partner drives you around in style!

13. Chillin' At Home

A slice of life makes for a lovely pre-wedding photoshoot!

14. Sporty Fun

Get competitive and play a round of your favourite pub game!

15. Muckin Around!

A hotel lobby is a busy place yet it can be a quirky location for a photoshoot! Check out this cute couple!

16. Poolside Romance

This one may be considered traditional as a pre-wedding photoshoot location but you can make it your own with an intimate style.

Final Words

Pre-wedding photoshoots are just for you and your partner. Let the pressures of social expectations go and just be yourselves. You will cherish these memories forever!


Which location appeals to you the most? Let us know on our Instagram page!

16 Funky Pre-Wedding Photoshoot Ideas For 2022 Wedding Season

by Maggie S.

16 Funky Pre-Wedding Photoshoot Ideas For 2022 Wedding Season