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The salty tang in the air, the fresh breeze, and the gentle sounds of the waves crashing against the shoreline: a beach wedding is the ultimate celebration of love in nature. You open your hearts to the elements, rejoicing in the simplicity and purity of nature at its best. The vastness of the water symbolises the love held between the couple; an auspicious omen for marriage. And of course, a beach wedding promises fun in the sun and the promise of some fantastic parties! 

Something is mesmerising about having your wedding mandap on the beach itself with the open waters as a backdrop. And of course, it is an opportunity to get creative with the mandap decor! Whether you have a traditional Hindu wedding or a Sikh Anand Karaj or even a Christian ceremony with vows; a beach mandap makes for a delightful setting as you begin your journey as a married couple.

We are astounded by the creativity and ingenious of these beach mandap decors and have bookmarked these for future inspirations! Check them out.

Best Beach Mandap Inspo For 2022 Wedding Season

1. A Boquet of Love

This beach mandap design features elegant sheets juxtaposed with bright and vivacious flowers for a subtle yet charming effect.

2. Flower Curtain

This smashing beach mandap is minimalist and full all at once; almost bare pillars upholding a floral ceiling. Makes for an amazing contrast with the vast body of water as the backdrop.

3. Pink on Blue

This beach mandap keeps things simple yet so gorgeous. The pale pink theme against the blue waters and sky makes for a delightful mandap experience!

4. Sun-Kissed

An open beach mandap with yellow net hangings pays homage to the Sun shining down on the couple. Love the simplicity and elegance of this design.

5. Boho Blast

This beach mandap is inspired by boho fashion: bamboo vines on ceramic mosaics for the pillars, a plain ceiling circled with bright pink carnations. 

6. Sea-through

An intriguing design for a mandap; a clear, transparent structure with minimal flora for decor. Instead of adding elements, this mandap mirrors the natural elements to elevate the simple design. 

7. Pink Arch

An arched ceiling in a lovely shade of pink makes for an amazing contrast with the beach. The pillars are covered in fresh flowers, giving the mandap a classic wedding look.

8. Dressed Up

A sophisticated mandap for the beach; it boasts pale yellow sashes with a crown of flowers. Truly a majestic beach mandap!

9. Ganpati

The lovely outline of Ganpati behind the couple seating gives the impression of God being in the elements. Add in the soft cream sashes and bright flowers and you have an inspiring beach mandap!

Source Bandhan

10. Flower Power

A delightful mandap bursting at the seams with an abundance of flowers. Set against the beach, it makes for a wonderful view.

11. Bamboo Curtain

A rustic mandap design helps up of plain bamboo and minimal cloth and flowers. Simple and sweet, totally love this design concept!

12. Modern Tradition

This beach mandap is heavily inspired by traditional mandap designs featuring the auspicious colours of red and yellow interspersed with flowers.

13. Rose Love

This delightful mandap pays homage to the couple's love of roses! The facade features red and white roses with stems and leaves. A rosy idea!

14. Red and White

This beach mandap is designed to be minimalist yet it has a gorgeous aura around it. Playing with the traditional colours of red, yellow, and white for the awning held together by a big bunch of flowers on the ceiling facade. Sweet and elegant.

15. Floral Wreath

A circular mandap design, quite rare in itself but adds charm with its chromatic pillars, open ceiling surrounded by a wreath of gorgeous flowers. Makes this mandap fit for royalty!

16. No Frills

The most basic yet charming beach mandap we have come across. Simple white and pale pink drapes over the pillars, with no ceiling cover, makes this mandap seem almost part of the beach itself.

17. Clean Joy

This mandap seems bare-bones but is more! A bamboo structure with plain white hangings and globes of flowers hanging from the ceiling make for a stylistic, and clean mandap design!

Source Pintrest

18. Pure Elegance

This lovely mandap for an Anand Karaj ceremony catches your eye at first glance. Mustard yellow hangings with white flowers offer a sweet background beauty, giving the prime focus to Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji.

19. Garden of Delights

As if a flowery garden has sprung up on the beach, this mandap relies on the heavy usage of flowers on both pillars and facade. Makes a rather lovely image juxtaposed against the open, blue waters.

Source Band Baajaa

20. Dusk Dreams

An evening wedding calls for some design inpiration. A flowery mandap ingeniously playing on the dusk lighting, offering a surreal and delightful view.

21. Clear Blue

A gorgeous transparent plexiglass mandap that merges into the gorgeous scenery at the beach.

22. Hanging Gardens

A garden themed mandap, with flowers hanging from the ceiling as well as vines on the pillars for an ethereal look.

23. Baby's Breath

A lovely ceiling hanging with wonderful baby's breath flowers and a delightful mix of modern and traditional decor makes for a wonderful beach mandap design.

24. Bed of Flowers

A delightfully flowery mandap set against the open waters makes for stunning decor.

25. Dome Done

A unique set up of a dome, symbolising the inside of a lotus flower. Kudos for this ingenious design!

26. Raining Petals

A delightfully simple design yet the curtain of flowers strategically placed give an impression of falling petals. Set against the backdrop of the deep blue waters, it makes for a picturesque mandap design!

27. Love n Roses

A fantastic bouquet of red, white, and pink roses festooned above a simple beach mandap. The colours of the flowers and the clear blue skies and water play off handsomely!

28. Peach Love

A hint of peach fuzz for the beach mandap draperies and you have a smashing colour contrast for some amazing pictures!

Final Words

Beach weddings are fun in themselves, but these mandap designs have floored us. To make use of natural elements and mould design sensibilities at the same time is no easy task. Love these mandap designs and use them for inspiration! 


Which mandap design did you like best? Hop over to our Instagram page and let us know!

27+ Amazing Beach Mandap Designs For Your 2022 Wedding

by Maggie S.

27+ Amazing Beach Mandap Designs For Your 2022 Wedding