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Going to a wedding and don't know what to give to the lovely couple? Fret not, for we have your covered!

Finding the perfect wedding gift is no easy task. After all, each couple has differences in preferences. However, we're all left to our better judgement and wits to choose gifts for the happy couple. And we know for a fact that there is always something for everybody. So, to make it easier for you, ShaadiSaga has rounded up 22 of the best, full-proof wedding gift ideas that you can buy now right under 3K! From traditional wedding gifts to unique presents that you won't find in a department store, each of these hand-selected items will please any couple and won't weigh down on your pocket as well!

Scroll down below to check out these latest newlywed couple gift ideas to impress the bride and groom to be! 

Popular Gift Ideas For Newly Wed Couples Under 3K

1. Champagne/Wine Glasses With Decanter

One of the easiest ways to please any couple would be to give them wine glasses. After all, they are the one item that will be useful for any couple in the future. We suggest you pair a set of wine or champagne glasses with a decanter to make it a full set. 

Source Myntra

Buy Here: Wine Glasses | Champagne Glasses | Decanter

2. Personalized Couple Passport Cover

A little bit off-beat, but something that a travel-loving couple can be gifted. Picking personalised passport covers online is super easy and they make for chic and amazing gift options. So, if you are going to attend a couple's wedding that loves to stay on the road, then opt for these passport covers!

Buy Here: Personalised Passports

3. A Gift Of Luxurious Ayurvedic Skincare

Who doesn't love skincare? Gifting Ayurvedic skincare can symbolise your care for the people whose wedding you're attending. Plus, these fragrant options are just pure heavenly!

Buy Here: Forest Essential Gift Sets | Kama Ayurveda Gift Sets

4. Hand Embroidered Pillow Covers

For a couple, giving them pillow covers which are hand embroidered, or customised to their taste, is another great option. Newlyweds will be starting a whole new life. And this new life would require some chic furnishings. So, we suggest these hand embroidered pillow covers as gifts.

Source Dunelm

Buy Here: Jaypore Toucan Off-White Cushion Cover | Jaypore Frida Kahlo Inspired Cushion Cover | Homecentre Cushion Covers

5. Multiple Bedding Sets

Yet another gift to add to someone's furnishing are bedding sets. Like we said before, newlywed couples will not appreciate these kinds of pretty gifts, as they're helpful for them for starting a new life.  

Source Pinterest

Buy Here: Homecentre Bedding Sets

6. Butterfly Lid Decorative Stand

A piece of the show and a piece of use, this butterfly lid and decorative stand is not only a great piece to use as a table accent, but can be quiet useful to keep items of food and fruits on the table. Plus, the metallic piece atop the lid is quite a beautiful sight to look at. Who wouldn't love this wedding gift?

Source Homecentre

Buy Here: Butterfly Lid Decorative Stand

7. Floral Decal Platter

Dainty pieces made with much care and designed in beautiful designs like this floral decal platter are sure to wow anyone. Since the size of these platters isn't that big, you can choose to give a set of two, three or four in one gift set. 

Source Homecentre

Buy Here: Floral Decal Platter

8. French Press Coffee Maker

Speaking of useful appliances, a french press coffee maker is probably one of the most useful things you can gift at a wedding. Especially those who love drinking coffee and cannot start their day without a sip of joe, a french press coffee maker is a chance to skip this instant coffee for a more full-bodied coffee. 

Source Amazon

Buy Here: French Press Coffee Maker

9. Ivory Handmade Ceramic Tumbler Set

While searching the vastness of the internet, looking for the best gift for a newlywed couple under a budget, we came across this handmade ceramic tumbler set by Jaypore, which truly took our hearts away. For someone who values craft produced in India, these tumbler sets are a great gift!

Source Jaypore

Buy Here: Ivory Handmade Ceramic Tumbler Set

10. Rustic Wooden Platter Set

Chumbak is probably one of the most popular sites to buy off-beat and whimsical items from. On such is this Rustic Wooden Platter with Elephant motifs. Charming, dainty yet amazing gift options, this decorated platter set is a classic gift option. 

Source Chumbak

Buy Here: Rustic Wooden Platter Set

11. Garden Roundabout Plates

Another product of Chumbak, this ceramic plate comes with a floral design painted on it. You can opt to buy a set of four or six to gift to the newlyweds and add to their dinnerwear archives with something colourful.

Source Chumbak

Buy Here: Garden Roundabout Plates

12. Pretty Beaks Photo Frame

Yes, we know. Photoframe again!? Whenever people look at a photo frame given as a gift, they cringe. There was a time when everyone was giving those glass framed photo frames to couples at their weddings. However, we suggest that if you are planning to give a photo frame, then give something that they'll prefer keeping in their new home, something like this colourful piece from Chumbak. 

Source Chumbak

Buy Here: Pretty Beaks Photo Frame

13. Tasty Ultimate: How to Cook Anything

Does the newlywed couple consist of those who love to cook various cuisines? Then this Ultimate Cookbook by Tasty is sure to tickle their palates! Filled with hundreds of recipes, this cookbook is a gift no one will ever let go of. After all, most of us have cooked the best kind of food through Tasty's cooking videos on Youtube!

Source Amazon

Buy Here: Tasty's Ultimate Cookbook

14. Tasty Dessert: All the Sweet You Can Eat 

Another one from Tasty, if the newlyweds (or one of them) adore baked goods and desserts, then this Dessert Recipe Book is the ideal gift for them. Covering almost every dessert possible, from all over the world, this cookbook is surely bound to make them thank you later. 

Pro Tip: Pair this with the Ultimate Cookbook to create the ultimate foodie gift!

Source Amazon

Buy Here: Tasty's Dessert Recipe Book

15. Delight Merlon 5-Pc Non-Stick Cookware Set

Okay, hear us out. When couples receive cookware gifts, they feel disheartened if someone gives them boring, useless cookware sets. However, if a couple receives a non-stick cookware set, made in a gorgeous colour like teal blue, and consists of the right amount of utensils that can be used by a person, then they're grateful. Plus, it's useful, so why not?

Source Homecentre

Buy Here: Delight Merlon 5-Pc Non-Stick Cookware Set

16. Lifelong's Ice Cream, Sorbet, Slush & Frozen Yogurt Maker

Yeah, we can hear you all gasping while looking at your screens. We gasped too when we found this ice cream and fro-yo maker online. And the reviews are amazing. These days, there are so many couples who love having frozen yoghurt and healthy ice creams and sorbets, that having a mini ice cream maker at home would only be helpful for them!

Source Amazon

Buy Here: Ice Cream & Frozen Yogurt Maker

17.WONDERCHEF Celebration Cookware Set with Lid - Purple

Another cookware set, this non-stick set of cooking pans of various kinds is helpful for couples. Plus, it comes in purple. Who doesn't love purple cookware?!

Source Homecentre

Buy Here: WONDERCHEF Celebration Cookware Set with Lid - Purple

18. Multiuse Stainless Steel Knife Set with Wooden Block

Knives are always a useful and appealing gift to give to someone. Especially for someone who enjoys cooking as a hobby, this set of cooking knives are sure to charm them with the variety and the wooden stand that it comes with. 

Source Amazon

Buy Here: Multiuse Stainless Steel Knife Set

19. Mr and Mrs Printed Ceramic Coffee Mug

For any cutesy couple, who are romantic to a high extent, these Mr & Mrs Coffee Mugs are a great wedding gift idea. While there is the generic Mr & Mrs cup set, you can also get the different kinds of mug sets available in pastel colours, unique designs and minimal textures from various online websites. 

Source Amazon

Buy Here: Mr & Mrs Coffee Mugs

20. Wireless Bluetooth Speakers

Know a couple who love to groove to the latest tunes? Every couple would love to own Bluetooth speakers that can be used anywhere and have a wide speaker range. The boAt Stone Wireless Speakers are a tried and tested speaker brand that is sure to make a good wedding gift!

Source Amazon

Buy Here: boAt Wireless Speakers

21. Art Prints For Decor

An item of decor, these art prints are not too expensive and can add to the aesthetic value of a newlywed couple's home. You can choose from the vast array of art prints available online, mostly well under budget. Similarly, if you're an artist yourself, you can paint them a painting of their taste. 

Source Zufolo

Buy Here: Zufolo Silence of the Desert Wall Art | Zufolo Tropical Forest Wall Art

22. Mr & Mrs Etched Wine Glasses

Just like gifting regular wine glasses, or Mr & Mrs mugs, these etched glasses are all the rage these days. While you can find various kinds of etched glasses online, these Mr & Mrs set of wine glasses seem the most ideal for a newlywed couple as a wedding gift under a budget. 

Source Myntra

Buy Here: Mr & Mrs Etched Wine Glass


Have more wedding gift ideas in mind? Share your ideas in the comments!

21+ Best Wedding Gift Ideas For Newly Wed Couple Under 3K

by Shivani Singh

21+ Best Wedding Gift Ideas For Newly Wed Couple Under 3K