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When February 14th comes around, you do everything in your power to wow your special someone. And that also includes gifting that someone a gift they will cherish for life.

Honestly, while flower deliveries, gourmet chocolates, and teddy bears are lauded as romantic go-to's, it's time for you to think outside the box this year with these unique Valentine's Day gifts for a partner. So, we've taken it upon ourselves to compile a list of unique Valentine's Day gifts for him and her, which can help you find a thoughtful gift that they will surely make them feel the love! Packed with romance, these gifts are ideal to put your feelings on display, especially the ones that are personalised, hold a special meaning or even an inside joke. 

Scroll down to check out our top unique valentine's day gift picks!

Trending Valentine's Day Gifts For Him & Her

1. Personalised Pendant/Bracelet

Source Tipsyfly


One of the most heartfelt things you can do for your loved one is to give them a personalised pendant or bracelet. There are so many jewellery stores and websites creating these gorgeous trinkets, that saying no to one is almost impossible. You can get your names written, or you can get a significant date engraved- the choice is yours!

2. 2021 Planner Bundle 


If your better half is someone extremely fond of journaling, using planners or buying cute stationery, then this one's for you! Pick the Space & Beauty 2021 Planner Bundle which includes a handmade planner, desk calendar, wall calendar, tote bag, stickers, pocket planner, jot book, greeting cards and more! The bundle comes in a beautiful dusty rose pink shade and is possible, one of the most amazing hand-designed planners out there!

3. Name A Star For Them

Source Oye Happy


Well, what could possibly be more romantic than this!? Because, ever since romance basically became a genre, every person has quotes, 'I'll bring the stars and moon for you!'. Now, getting the moon for someone is impossible, but stars? Now there's definitely a possibility there! You can name a star for your loved one in just under 3k now. And if that's not a steal deal, then we don't know what is! Naming a star for someone is not as expensive as buying a star for them (yes, you can do that too, if you have the money for it), but it is equally endearing. 

4. Diamond Stud Earrings

Source Carat Lane


Honey, diamonds are everyone's best friends. Not just women, but men love them too. And diamond studs are a great way to express your love to your partner! They're beautiful to look at and investment altogether. Who can say no to diamonds, after all?

5. Bath & Beauty Regime Kits


Source mCaffeine



From luscious strawberry and candy apple smelling ones to musk and cedar woods, the range of bath and beauty regime kits for both men and women are infinite. You can easily get your loved ones these kits from brands like Nykaa, Bath & Body Works, BodyShop, etc. Every beauty and skincare brand has options for both men and women. And honestly, nothing pleases people more than getting essentials like these!

6. Fossilised Flower Jewellery 


Jewellery made of fossilised flowers in resin is the new thing this era. Everyone's loving resin work and the beautiful way it can preserve and create beautiful patterns. One such way to gift someone everlasting is by giving them fossilised flower jewellery. Brand Alankaara has been making strides by being one of the first names to market this product and their products are downright gorgeous with a beautiful rustic element to them, making their work the ideal valentine's day gift. 

7. If They're A Bookworm, Then Gift Them A Bookmark!

[1] Source Rooh Dream Catchers [2] Source PALANQUIN


Okay, now we know what you're thinking. Gift a book and a bookmark? Well, if you know a true bookworm, then you know it's best not to give them a book unless you're well aware of what genre they prefer reading. And we bet your bookworm partner already has a hundred undread books sitting in their bookshelves, waiting to be picked and read. Instead, we suggest you give them jewellery for their books! Bookmarks are possibly one of the best gifts you can give to a partner who loves to read day and night. And with new designs and materials like resin, leather and metal rising in popularity, you don't have to worry about giving paper ones either!

8. Handpainted Clothing

Source Picchika


The joy of giving handpainted clothing is eternal. The joy is receiving handpainted clothing is eternal as well. This is an item your partner will definitely cherish for a very long time. Handpainted clothing is beautiful, rare and very chic. And with the rise of the whole 'handmade' trend this decade, no one can be disappointed by this gift. You can always get handpainted clothing from reputed brands online, or if you have a friend who does work like this, then getting a customised piece commissioned from them is even better!

9. A Nykaa/Amazon Gift Card

Source Nykaa


Look, if you're very confused about what kind of makeup your partner likes, or what skincare is good for them, then the safest way to deal with it by giving them a gift card. In fact, gift cards from Amazon or Nykaa can be used to buy so many things that they feel like a great gift idea for a partner who likes to choose and scrutinize whatever they buy and are very selective of their things. 

10. Zodiac Pendant

[1] Source Jaypore [2] Source Tipsyfly


Everyone's obsessed with zodiac signs (their's mostly!). But the point is, our zodiac signs are believed to be a major part of our personalities and lives. Plus, Zodiac sign jewellery is just so pretty! So, if your partner enjoys such jewellery, then surely giving them a zodiac pendant that's chic is a good idea!

11. Grooming Kit For Him


How can we ever forget to mention a grooming kit for men? If your partner enjoys the 'art of growing and grooming his beard' then this one's definitely for you! Grooming kits are a great gift, which fit perfectly with your partner's exact need. 

12. Bath Salts

Source Kimirica


Bath salts are your first step towards a great spa day. Now, these are great as gifts, but you must know that they should only be given to someone who has a bathtub or might be going to vacation at a spot where these bath salts can be used. So, we know it's selective gifting, but make sure all the necessary boxes are checked before you give someone this gift. 

13. Gift Them A Memory Mapper

Source Pine & Lime


Newlyweds, hear us out on this one! Memory Mappers are small frames that encompass a location that is significant to your relationship. It can be the spot you got married, or first kissed, or even the spot where you proposed. The website takes the map location of that spots, adds a message to it and frames it for you. How utterly romantic is that?

14.  If They're Fond Of Cooking

Source Amazon


In every relationship, there is at least ONE person fond of cooking. And that person will always be online, looking for new tools or gadgets for their kitchen. But if you're unsure what your kitchen friendly partner needs/want, then giving them a knife set is the best way to please them. It not only shows that you appreciate the interest, but it also enables them to feel reassured that you also take interest in their hobbies. So, show some supportive love with gifts like these. 

15. If They're Fond Of Drinking

Source Men's XP


In most relationships, there has to be one person who loves a good mimosa on a Sunday afternoon. For that partner, who enjoys creating a bar and making drinks for their friends, family and themselves, then a bar set is definitely something to give. From cocktail makers and shakers to wine and sangria glasses to whiskey glasses and hip flasks, the choices are endless. 

15. And If Nothing Else Works...

Get a bouquet of roses, some gourmet chocolates and write them a handwritten love letter. Honestly, the art of letter giving is slowly being forgotten. But we're the kinds who believe in this notion of old fashion love. Trust us, if that soulful, romantic love letter doesn't bring them to tears, nothing else will!

Source Archies



What are your thoughts on these amazing Valentine's day gift ideas? Don't forget to shop and show some love to your partner!

Unique Valentine's Day Gifts For Your Partner That They'll Love!

by Shivani Singh

Unique Valentine's Day Gifts For Your Partner That They'll Love!