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Planning a wedding is a long and slightly complicated affair. Unfortunately, while you're tied up booking big things- like your wedding venue, catering, photographer etc- the smaller details can slip past you. And these 'small' yet important things don't strike you until the very last minute! Similarly, one of those small things that are a part of wedding planning is wedding favours. Easily overlooked yet extremely important. 

Wedding favours are small gifts given to wedding guests by the bride and groom (and their families) as a token of thanks for being a part of the wedding celebration and blessing the couple. It's a well-known tradition that can help elevate the tone of your celebration. Favours aren't required to be large, expensive or elaborate. They can be small, but still meaningful, especially when they're created with care, keeping the guests and your overall wedding in mind. 

So, to help you create the perfect wedding favours for your upcoming celebration, here's a guide that will come in very handy! Scroll down and learn how you can create the perfect wedding favours that will leave a lasting impression on your guests!

How To Create The Perfect Wedding Favours

Giving wedding favours is a custom that dates back centuries. In India, for as long as we can remember, wedding guests have always been given boxes of sweets as favours. And in some cases, they were also gifted with silver coins or even small statues of gods made from silver. Regardless of the country you're from, couples that gave their guests wedding favours were seen as lucky souls imparting their good fortune upon others. Wedding favours remain a popular custom in Indian weddings. From customised favours for bridesmaids to your typical edible wedding favours, wedding favours are varied and usually match the event's motif or season. 

Wedding favours also serve as a memento of your wedding. Many guests like to keep their wedding favour (or the favour box that it came in) as a keepsake afterwards. This is why it is important to create perfect wedding favours that your guests will love. When it comes to picking the perfect wedding favour, the possibilities are endless. Here are some things to consider when choosing a wedding favour:

Consider Your Guest List

The first thing you need to consider is your guest list. What are the different categories of people invited to your wedding? Are there children present as well? Once you've divided the guests based on their age, you can start working on wedding favours based on the age group. For example, if you were planning to give liquor chocolates as part of your wedding favour hamper, for children those could be replaced with regular chocolates. Similarly, you can also count your number of bridesmaids and groomsmen and give them something more personalised and different than your regular guests. Furthermore, you could do two types of favours- one for your close friends and family and another kind for the other guests which could include distant family or acquaintances.  

This is also a great reminder to create a concrete guest list upfront. A wedding guest list will inform you how much budget to keep aside for wedding favours. You'll also know how many favours to buy. If you don't have the right number on your guest list, you will end up messing up the number of favours to prepare. After all, it's not nice to hand a favour to a few guests and not to others. So, always consider and adjust your guest list before you begin planning your wedding favours!

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Personalise Your Favours

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Put your own unique spin on your guests' favours. Personalised wedding favours hold a special place in our hearts. The key to handing out a great wedding favour is to offer something your guests will actually use and enjoy. Something functional and personalized is always a great way to go! From mini cans of wine and custom jars of honey to perfectly potted succulents, the options are seemingly endless. But items such as a candle or a deck of cards—something that’s truly useful—tend to be the most popular. For example, labels, ribbons, and other decorative accessories available in the craft store and online can be used to customise each favour box with a tag bearing your guest’s name. 

Here are some examples of personalised wedding favours you will love!

Edible Bride & Groom Cookie Favours

As if that wasn't already the best thing ever, these yummy cookie wedding favours have a cute twist to them! They are in the heartwarmingly beautiful shapes of bride and groom!

Source Pinterest

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Personalised Wedding Koozies

A koozie is a fabric or foam sleeve that’s used to keep your cocktail, straight-up drink, or beer cool. From getting your wedding hashtag put to highlighting the theme of your wedding, there are so many things you can get incorporated into your personalised koozies.

Source Pinterest

Potted Succulents

Plant the seed for stellar wedding favours with small succulents in stylish mini pots. Tackle your DIY urge by decorating the pots with your and your partner's initials, or hand-letter the pots with your guests' names. Also, check out 10 Ideas to Add the Edginess of Terrariums to your Wedding Decor.

Monogrammed Wine

Why not gift your friends and family with their bottles of vino, decked out with your special label? We love the idea of adding your monogram to add a personalised touch. This wedding favour is especially perfect for a smaller, more intimate affair.

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Burlap Bags of Goodies

Giving out treats like your favourite tea or coffee, along with a cookie, is such a fun gift. But how about incorporating a little personalization into the bags? This DIY idea incorporates mini burlap bags full of goodies, each tied with a custom-illustrated gift tag.

Go Green With Plantable Seeds

For couples looking to go the eco-friendly route, gifting seeds as a favour is an amazing idea. To add a touch of personalisation, you could label each packet with your name and the name of the guest along with the wedding date along with a tiny 'thank you' note!

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Choose A Theme

Source: PinterestLaura Goldenberger Photography

Most weddings nowadays have a theme. Or their functions have a theme. That overall theme decides the vibe of the function, the kind of decor that'll be used, the kind of clothes everyone will wear and even the favours! Therefore, your wedding favour should be related to your wedding, and they must match your décor and your colour scheme. For example, a neon-themed mehndi has favours that are bright and vibrant things like bangles, tiny mirrors, potlis full of goodies, floral jewellery etc.

Similarly, you could match the aesthetics of your wedding favours with your wedding day decor or the overarching theme that inspired the event. If you choose to base your wedding favour on a theme, then you can work with both edible and inedible favours. Which is the best part!  

Here are some examples of theme-based wedding favours you're going to love!

Pressed Flowers for a Flower-Themed Celebration 

Calligraph your guests' names onto framed pressed flowers and voilà—a one-of-a-kind wedding favour for those who love dainty pressed flowers! 

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Snacks to Go for a Carnival-Themed Affair

A bottle of Coke, fries, and burgers make the ultimate late-night snack—and will help satisfy your guest's post-drinking cravings for sure! Also Bookmark: The Ultimate Late-Night Wedding Snacks to Serve to Your Guests!

Handmade fans for an Oriental-theme reception

These colourful, handmade fans keep guests cool during summertime ceremonies and also serve as the perfect photobooth prop.

Flipflops for a Beach-y Wedding Celebration

Cutesy slip-on or slippers is a mandate for a wedding at the beach. They're comfy and the best option for dancing and frolicking about in all that sand.

Source Pinterest

Goodie-Filled Mason Jars For A Vintage-Themed Wedding

Mason jars are always a lovely option for wedding favours. Based on the theme of your wedding, you can fill them up with appropriate goodies!

Source Etsy

Hats For A Pool-Side Party

Poolside pre-wedding celebrations are a blast. And such parties deserve appropriate props like hats, sunglasses and flip-flops.

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Think About Practicality

Source: Dyanna LaMora; Pinterest

Just as much as we love pretty wedding favours, we have to consider their practicality. No one wants an extra trinket occupying space in their homes from a wedding they attended. So, you have to consider giving favours that are useful either during the wedding or useful to them later on as well. Such wedding favours are always appreciated.

Now, wedding favours are of two kinds- edible and inedible. Weddings have food and there’s no better way to show appreciation to your guests than by offering them a tasty treat. Wedding favours such as individually-wrapped cookies, lollipops, small squares of fudge and chocolate-covered pretzels, popcorn, etc. are both edible and will delight your guests. Plus, they'll probably be consumed quickly, so they won't be wasted or occupy unnecessary space for too long. 

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However, if you're looking for something inedible that can be kept as a memento, then you can pick items like personalised candles, keychains, luggage tags, etc. Remember that your wedding is all about you and what means something to you both as individuals and as a couple. Wedding favours are a great way to personalise your celebration while also thanking your guests for being there.

Take Budget into Account

Of course, your budget plays a major role in creating your wedding favours. You have to understand the kind of budget you are working with before you go planning or setting unrealistic expectations with your favours. Based on the budget you have, you can either go big or go small with your favours. Furthermore, even if you have a big budget, you should be wise in allocating a part of it to your favour. A lot of times, the budget is not enough for something like wedding favours. Instead of feeling despondent, you should go over your budget again and see if you can allocate some money from other areas towards your wedding favours (that is if you're willing). 

There is also the conversation about the quality of your favours. While you should try to save money, avoid compromising on the quality of your favours. Your wedding favour need not be expensive to make an impact. You can find great deals on sites and even various ideas on how to DIY your wedding favours!


After the cake is cut and the last dance is over, you’ll probably want to thank your family and friends for coming to your wedding with a special token of your appreciation. This is where wedding favours come in. Wedding favours are a thoughtful way to show your loved ones just how grateful you are that they could be part of this important day.

So, while keeping the above-mentioned factors in mind, you can create amazing wedding favours for your guests that are both personal and practical and will be received!


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Wedding Planning: How To Create The Perfect Wedding Favours!

by Shivani Singh

Wedding Planning: How To Create The Perfect Wedding Favours!