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We love floral kaleere and floral rings. But what has caught our eye recently is the fast pacing trend of floral kadas. Yes, you read that right, we are talking about floral kadas. Imagine those scintillating flowers, formed into a beautiful, vibrant kada that sits on your hand and embraces it just perfectly. Isn’t the thought itself so dreamy?

So, check out these pretty floral kadas and adorn your hands with these beauties on your wedding celebrations.  

 Latest Floral Kadas That We Can’t Stop Raving About

The internet has been raving about floral kadas and so are we. It is such an exquisite trend that we are in love with the idea of a bride choosing a floral kada for her wedding festivities. One can never go wrong with something that includes flowers. And when they are present in such a gorgeous form, our lovely brides are sure to go all gaga over them. Be it your mehndi or haldi ceremony, bookmark these floral kadas and thank us later :)  

Romantic & Feminine Haath Ke Gajra

You have seen all your favorite Pakistani brides flaunting their oh so pretty gajra on their hands. Why not get inspired from them and incorporate this cute accessory in your bridal look as well? Check out their romantic and feminine haath ke gajray that are fresh and fragrant. They are sure to touch your heart and make you want to wear gajray during your wedding festivities!

Source Pinterest

Source Pinterest

Source Pinterest

Source Pinterest

Source Pinterest

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Source Pinterest

Say 'I Do' to Baby's Breath Floral Kadas: Your Must-Have Bridal Accessory!

A timeless marigold floral kada for an old-school charm

A classic marigold aka Genda Phool flower is unsurpassable. And Indian weddings, well, they are just incomplete without marigold flowers making their way to the festivities. These brides found an interesting way to incorporate marigold flowers to their wedding ensemble by making floral kadas out of it and they look absolutely gorgeous. And we must say, they have made a pretty interesting choice that gets a big thumbs up from our side. 

Source Zayridh

The oh-so-sweet red kada roses have our hearts 

Don’t even get us started on just how much we love those fragrant red roses. And when you make floral kadas entirely out of this beautiful flower, how can we not love it. The moment we laid our eyes on these brides wearing the red rose floral kada, it was all hearts. These roses add a touch of romanticism to the whole look in the most subtle way possible. We have definitely made a note of this one and you? 

Source Art Of Pia

Source Art Of Pia

Source Studio Ink

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Glamorous in all-white? Oh, yeah!

Who thought that an all-white floral kada can have such a chic look? We weren’t sure how a bride could pull-off an all-white kada but seeing these brides, all our doubts have faded and now we know what we were missing out on. These floral kadas in white have an all-together different appeal about them that is compared to none. They look so glamorous yet so sophisticated and surely one of our favourites. 

Blue floral kadas make us go week in the knees

When brides ask for some quirky and fun elements, we make sure to give it to them. Here, the brides went completely off-beat with their colour choice and opted for blue flowers for her floral kadas. Whether you go for the classic monochrome way or quirk it up with a contrasting ensemble, we are sure all eyes will be fixated on you. This is one of the best floral kada designs we spotted on the block and is completely worth all the attention.

Ditch the regular red roses and make way for the pink florets

Side please, make way for these pink roses into your wedding festivities. We are in awe of how good these pink rose floral kadas look that we just can’t stop gushing about them. They are as pretty as a picture and look absolutely gorgeous. These pink roses are going to give the conventional red roses a fight for its money, beware. ;)

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Going minimalist has its beauty

While going OTT is loved by many, what we love is when brides go for an understated look. These brides set their heart on some minimalistic floral kadas to finish off their look. We have to agree how well those simple floral kadas complement their entire look beautifully.

Dainty baby's breath flowers complete the look

The delicate, white baby's breath flowers are so underrated yet a must-have for almost all floral jewellery. They give such a neat look and even the floral kadas exudes a different elegance with the mere presence of baby's breath flowers. These floral kadas are a perfect example of the beauty of the dainty flower. Have a look!

Source Pinterest

Source Chaar Bhai

Floral kadas that extend into floral kaleere, why not!

We love floral kaleere. We love floral kadas. Then why not combine two of the best floral jewellery into one and have the best of both worlds. These brides chose to extend their floral kadas into floral kaleere and the whole look is purely magical. They look so stunning that it’s impossible to take our eyes off them. 

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Don’t have just one when you can have as many colours as you want!!

We have a weak spot for all things colourful. And when it comes to flowers, being colourful elevates their charm. These brides decided on multicoloured floral kadas which are all things wonderful. The vibrant colours glow and that’s what we love and crave for. It is definitely a Pinterest-worthy idea for your floral kada. 

Source Pinterest

Source Zayridh

One extra large floral kada please :D 

When a bride chooses things for her wedding that are life-size, she automatically has our attention. And these brides chose large, over the top floral kadas with colourful flowers which are heavenly. It looks so pretty and stylish at the same time that the bride is sure to grab all the eyeballs. 

Why settle for only floral kadas ;)

Our brides love flowers. Then why just settle on a floral kada when you can lay your hands on the entire range of floral jewellery. Right from the extra-large earrings, the dainty maangtikka, a neckpiece and not to forget, our very special floral kadas, these brides knew exactly what they wanted and made sure they got it. Well for us, we are so glad to see these brides pulling this look so effortlessly that we can’t wait for our to-be-brides to take inspiration from them and try this look. 

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Final Words

So, this was our trajectory of floral kadas and it's ready to inspire your bridal look in the best way possible! Do flaunt a floral kada on your big day and feel your absolute best!


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#Trending: Floral Kadas That Are Taking The Internet By Storm & How

by Pratiksha Pandey

#Trending: Floral Kadas That Are Taking The Internet By Storm & How