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What's a wedding decor without a few roses, right? They are undoubtedly one of the most commonly used yet the most exuberant elements when it comes to wedding decorations. Roses instantly amp up the look and feel of your wedding, lending their aromatic fragrance and ethereal beauty to your wedding environs. While we've seen the magical infusion of roses in every aspect of weddings, they are exceedingly prevalent in decorations. From being etched to the ceilings & spiraled around the chairs to being meticulously incorporated in table settings, mandaps and stage decorations, the use of roses in wedding decor are myriad.

And to show you how you can make the most of these elegant beauties, we've put forth some unique & versatile ways you can incorporate rose decorations in your wedding. Dive straight into this blog and get your hearts blooming in sheer awe!

Striking Ways to Use Roses in your Wedding Decor

1. Include them into your table settings

One of the easiest ways to use roses in your wedding decorations is by having them in your table settings. All you need to do is pick unique and cutesy centrepieces or vases, fill them with roses and display them on your tables. Trust us, they'll completely turn around your table decorations.

2. Prettify your mandap with their charm

While floral mandaps are a cult since forever, but the ones that are curated with roses hold a special place in our hearts. They look super dreamy and can glam up your wedding vows like no other! So, take a few rose garlands, use them around your mandap space and voila, you have the mandap of your dreams. Still not convinced? Check out these rose mandaps listed below and ask your decorator to create one for you!

Decor by Altair, Mumbai

Source Zohaib Ali

3. Let roses takeover your stage decor!

If you too want your wedding stage to look as lit as you are, deck it up with your favorite choice of roses and witness the magic they create. We've seen a lot of decorators infusing the charm of roses into stage decorations and how beautifully! 

4. Etch them into the ceilings

What better way to beautify the ceiling of your sitting lounges and mandap than by trimming it with some cascading rose trellis. They look extremely pretty, especially when they are a lot in numbers and are hung altogether to create a magical effect.

5. How about some fresh & blooming roses for the entrance decor?

Don't want your entrance decorations to look anything short of commendable? Then ditch everything and drench it in the serenity of roses. We got instantly smitten by these entry arches festooned with roses. They're captivating and can instantly double up the charm of your entry walkways.

6. String them onto your chairs

Roses can easily be used into chair decorations as well. Just pull out a few loose roses, sew them into a thread along with other fancy elements and tuck them at the back of the chair. If you don't want to go too overboard with your chair decorations, you can simply string a rose or two at the side of the chair and let it do all the talking.

Source Pinterest

7. Use them in your tree decorations

Another unique way you can use roses in your weddings is by adorning those tall and enormous trees with some rose-y gorgeousness. Hang a few rose strings on the branches of the tree or maybe just add a few rose arrangements and use it as a photo op at your wedding.

Source Tanvi & Co.

8. Make a beautiful backdrop out of them

Want your guests to have fun and click great photos at your wedding? Then you have to have an all rose wall or backdrop in your wedding decor. You can ask your decorator to put it up in a corner as a photo booth or at the stage, so even you can click nice wedding photos.

9. Rose Chandeliers for the win!

Instead of having them etched directly to the ceiling, you can even get a huge chandelier made out of roses and then string it to the ceiling. Here are some remarkable ones that we fished out especially for you!

10. Perk up those hanging terrariums with these beauties

Pick out a few edgy terrarium holders, stuff them with multi-hued roses and then hang them around the venue. They'll literally take your decor game to a whole new level.

11. Create huge installations bedecked with roses

Lastly, try your hands at getting huge installations and sculptures made out of roses and place them at the entrance of your venue or some cozy corner. We're heart-ing over this enormous elephant installation curated with red roses and a few mogras.


How are you planning to add the aromatic fragrance of roses in your wedding decor?

11 Incredible Ways to Add the Romance of Roses in your Wedding Decor

by Anupriya Khanna

11 Incredible Ways to Add the Romance of Roses in your Wedding Decor