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The Kaleera is the most special ornament that graces a bride on her big day and it carries a sweet meaning to it, as well. It is said and believed that the cousins and friends of the bride, tie the Kaleere to her chooda, wishing her a happy and prosperous married life. In turn, the bride leaves behind her love and best wishes for her family and friends as she goes to her new home. The fact that Kaleere adds so much beauty to the bridal look, makes more and more brides want to wear Kaleere nowadays.

So, we bring to you the freshest and most unique Kaleere designs that we spotted on Instagram recently. 

Fresh & Unconventional Kaleere Designs For 2023 Brides

Customised Kaleere Designs

Do you know how anything that's customised becomes ten times cuter instantly? Yeah, so it's the same with Kaleere. That feeling of joy you get from adding your personal touch to something that you are going to wear on your big day is unparalleled. These customised Kaleere are giving us some really pretty flashbacks from Katrina's and Alia's wedding. So, don't hold back and go customize your bridal Kaleere to your heart's content. 

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Bridal Kaleere With Seashells

What a quirky spin-off on traditional jewellery! We are all here for the stunning seashell Kaleere. It adds a nice boho vibe to your bridal look without taking you any far from your roots. Also, seashell Kaleere is the perfect addition to your intimate wedding. 

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Pearl Kalires

Just like diamonds, pearls are also a girl's best friend. Their elegance is unmatched and that's exactly why they belong in your bridal Kaleere. Pearls pair so beautifully with both, silver and gold. So, no matter what your undertone is, pearl Kaleere is going to look fabulous on you! 

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Source Paran Singh

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Traditional Kaleere

No matter how far we go, we are always attached to our roots and it is important to honour that. So, here are some simply stunning traditional Kaleere that are sure to win your heart. 

Source DelhiVelvet

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Unconventional Bridal Kalire

As the name suggests, unconventional Kaleere is not for everyone. They are the perfect balance of tradition and modernity. Unconventional Kaleere is for you if you want to bring your fun personality out on your wedding day and you know how much we love it when you do that!

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Gota Patti & Meenakari Kaliras

Last, but certainly not least, we have Gota Patti Kaleere and Meenakari Kaleere. They are graceful, intricate and just breathtakingly beautiful. You might not find them as easily as other types of Kaleere, but hey, they are worth taking the effort for! 

Source Krafterina

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Fresh & Most Unconventional Kaleere Designs We Spotted Recently on Instagram!

by Pratiksha Pandey

Fresh & Most Unconventional Kaleere Designs We Spotted Recently on Instagram!