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Hailed as an integral part of an Indian bride's solah shringhar, the age-old accessory-Maang Tikka has over the time become every bride's favorite piece of jewellery. Donned majorly with simple center-parted hair or gorgeous bridal buns, this beloved beauty alone is capable enough of adding that perfect touch of glam to your wedding day look. 

And while a Maang Tikka was originally just a basic statement piece adorned by the brides, it has come a long way now and is available in umpteen designs & patterns. Right from the ones with elaborate details to the ones with plain & delicate features, there is definitely one for each type of bride.

However, finding the right one to wear on your D-day can be a little tricky. And to make your hunt easier, we've listed some of the latest Maang Tikka designs that we spotted on real brides. Believe us, they are damn pretty. Go ahead, take a look!

Latest Maang Tikka Designs for all the to-be Brides

The Oh-So-Beautiful Chaandbaali Maang Tikkas

While mindlessly thumbing the explore section of Instagram, we came across a gazillion of unique and edgy mang tikka designs, but there were still none that we found to be as pretty as the Chaandbaali Maang tikka design.

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Source Pinterest

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A Satisfying dose of Over-sized Maang Tikkas

If you're someone who wants everything to be extra-ordinary or OTT for your wedding day look, an over-sized maang tikka would be enough to match with your style quotient. Here are some really pretty ones that you might adore.

Source Be Gorgeous

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Source Pinterest

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Lightweight & Minimal Maang Tikkas

If you are someone who has a thing for minimal jewellery, these minimal maang tikkas should definitely be your top pick. They are light weight and won't make you feel too heavy on the head.

Source Mortantra

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Source Pinterest

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When we talk about light weight maang tikkas, we can't miss on these statement pieces handcrafted with gota patti work.

Source Fooljhadi

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Source Fooljhadi


Traditional Borla style Maang Tikkas

A major favorite amongst Rajputi brides, Borla is a round-shaped maang tikka which is made of meenakari, kundan, polki and other precious stones.

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Edgy Crescent shaped Maang Tikkas

Maang tikkas with curved sickle-shaped hangings or half moons are quite in these days. They are beautiful, trendy and most importantly easy to carry. We also spotted some patterns on real brides which featured borlas and half moons altogether.

Source Pinterest

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Sleek Single-stringed Maang Tikka

A single stringed maang tikka is a classic piece of jewellery. The best thing about it is that it is neither too simple nor too loud and is just the perfect mix of minimalism and elegance. It's not just a big time fav amongst brides but the unmarried girls too.


Stylish Double-stringed Maang Tikkas

Just like single stringed maang tikka, double-stringed maang tikka also sits beautifully across a bride's forehead, framing her face. The only difference is that it has double strands while the other has one. But both of them are equally pretty.

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All-time-favorite Kundan Maang Tikkas

Kundan maang tikka is an evergreen choice amongst brides. Its regal look is what makes everyone fall for it every other time.

Source Amrit Kaur

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Source Pinterest


Intricate Polki Maang Tikkas

Introduced in India by the Mughals, Polki is made of unfinished natural diamonds and is widely used in traditional Indian jewellery. Whether incorporated in heavy bridal necklaces or just a maang tikka, it can add that perfect touch of bling to your wedding outfit. 

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Which one will you wear on your wedding? Let us know in the comments.

45+ Trending Maang Tikka Designs worn by Real Brides (All Kinds & Sizes)

by Anupriya Khanna

45+ Trending Maang Tikka Designs worn by Real Brides (All Kinds & Sizes)