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Best Bridal Makeup Artists in Churchgate

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Bridal Makeup Artists in Churchgate


You must look your gorgeous-best on the happiest day of your life- The best bridal makeup artists in Churchgate turn your dream bridal look into reality. Below is the list of makeup artists in Churchgatealong with the pictures of their work and re...Read more

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Latest Reviews of Makeup Artists on WeddingBazaar

Rubina kapadia 9 minutes ago

★ 5.0
Review for -  Makeup By Afrin Sayed

Beautiful makeup artist awesome work very professional n flexible...and polite ..makes a person looks beautiful n makes u feel young again ..very punctual ... responsible and flexible ..she makes you fall in love with yourself again

...See More

Zulekha2 years, 5 months, 3 weeks, 5 days, 14 hours, and 55 minutes ago

★ 5.0
Review for -  Makeup by Muskaan

So why am I spilling my guts to you about this? Well, this February, we’re working to challenge some of the normative themes we typically see this time of year, and we wanted to hear from you! Sure, as beauty editors, we have lots of thoughts on the topic of “pretty” and we will be sharing a bit more on that below, but we were curious to know what our readers would rather hear in lieu of “you’re pretty.” Thus, we opened up Instagram last week and asked you for your thoughts on the topic. And as always (and because Byrdie readers are the best), you exceeded our expectations

...See More

Namish2 years, 5 months, 3 weeks, 5 days, 15 hours, and 9 minutes ago

★ 5.0
Review for -  Makeup by Muskaan

Cool tones like silver and plum are a perfect complement to Cele’s olive skin and silver/black hair. Some shimmer on the eyes and lips make it appropriate for nighttime.Everyone can rock a red lip … the trick is to find the red that’s right for you. Warm shades such as brick red or tomato (orange-red) are best for people with warm undertones. Those with cool undertones should gravitate to a light watermelon red (shown) or a bright, true red

...See More

Zulekha2 years, 5 months, 3 weeks, 5 days, 15 hours, and 21 minutes ago

★ 5.0
Review for -  Makeup by Muskaan

“I pride myself on picking up on people’s energy, fast. If the vibe is off or on, I know. Therefore, I work fairly hard to protect and honor my own energy. Instead of telling me I’m pretty, tell me I have beautiful energy. It shows you’re in tune beyond the surface of my looks and interested in who I am.”

...See More

Latest Bridal Makeup Ideas

Hire Top Makeup Artists in Churchgate@WeddingBazaar

The wedding day is when the bride feels her prettiest best. All eyes are on the bride and she is the personification of beauty and perfection. This perfection cannot be achieved without the help of a professional makeup artist, someone who specializes in bridal makeup. These days, there are many different types of makeup services for brides. 

Various Types of Services Provided By Makeup Artist in Churchgate

Some of the different services offered by bridal makeup artists in Churchgate include the following:

Complete Hiring Guide For Makeup artists in Churchgate

Things to Remember While Choosing a Makeup Artist for Your Special Day


Things to Discuss with the Makeup Artist in Churchgate Before Hiring Them

Why should you book your make-up artist with WeddingBazaar?

How does WeddingBazaar help in hiring the best bridal make-up artist in Churchgate?

The make-up professionals listed with us go through strict background checks to ensure high-quality work and customer satisfaction. As soon as you decide to book a service through WeddingBazaar.com, you will be assigned a wedding manager who will ensure that the entire process is streamlined, and you do not face any hiccups. We also help you with negotiations and try our best to get you maximum discounts.

Mistakes you must avoid while hiring the best makeup artist in Churchgate

How much does it cost to book bridal makeup artists in Churchgate?

You can find many Maharashtrian bridal makeup artists listed on WeddingBazaar.com to suit any budget and requirement. The starting price for bridal make-up is from Rs. 8000 and can go up to Rs. 10,000 or more. 

The charges for guests’ makeup are additional, but you can negotiate a complete package with your makeup artist to include guests' makeup and make-up for your other functions. 

Once you choose your artist, the wedding manager assigned to you by the website can help you negotiate a good price with the makeup artist. 

The prices that the makeup artists charge may also vary as per the makeup technique used. For example, airbrush makeup is a little more expensive than regular makeup and gives you a smoother look. 

Other wedding services offered by WeddingBazaar in Churchgate Area

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Wedding Choreographers in Mumbai: No wedding is complete without some music and dance and some choreographed performances. Choose from the top choreographers listed on our website.

Wedding Planners in Mumbai: Leave the stress to someone else while you can focus on enjoying your special day. Hire a wedding planner from WeddingBazaar to take care of everything for you.

Mehendi Artists in Mumbai: Mehendi is an extremely essential part of any bride’s attire. Choose from the best Mehendi artists listed on our website.

Frequently Asked Question about Top Makeup Artists in Churchgate

Q - Can I get some discount through WeddingBazaar on bridal makeup packages in Churchgate?

WeddingBazaar has already negotiated rates with all the makeup artists listed on its website. However, once you register with us, the wedding manager assigned to you will help you in negotiating the best rates and discount on your package.

Q - How much do makeup artists in Churchgate charge?

The charges of the makeup artist would depend on the type of makeup you have chosen such as airbrush, HD or regular makeup. The range for makeup artists listed on WeddingBazaar.com is around Rs. 8000-Rs 10,000 per session.

Q - Are the makeup artists in Churchgate who are listed on WeddingBazaar Professionals?

All the makeup artists listed on WeddingBazaar.com have undergone stringent quality checks. We have verified their credentials and the reviews listed on our website are completely genuine. We do not list any amateurs on our website. We help you hire only professionals to give you high-quality work for your satisfaction.

Q - What are the main things I should keep in mind before hiring a makeup artist in Churchgate?

Before hiring a makeup artist, you should see his/her previous work. Read reviews by previous customers and try and select the one who is capable. You must take a trial before you finalise a bridal makeup artist. Ask if the makeup artist will travel to the wedding venue or you need to visit his salon. Fix your budget but be willing to spend a little more. Ensure that the makeup artist uses good quality cosmetics.

Q - Can I get some Quick tips about Bridal Makeup?

Make sure that the makeup artist has understood your requirements about the kind of look you want. While he/she is the expert and knows best, you know what looks good on you. For example, if you don’t like very bright colours, but the artist is insistent, it is because your pictures will look bright with such makeup. Keep your skin fresh and hydrated with minimal makeup before the day of the wedding. If you want flowers in your hair, then arrange for them beforehand.

Q - How can WeddingBazaar help me book the best makeup artists in Churchgate?

WeddingBazaar has the best makeup artists in Churchgate listed on its website. You can browse these listings from the comfort of your home and speak to the artists whose work appeal to you. You will find ratings and reviews on the WeddingBazaar website, which will convince you further. Once you register with us, we will assign a wedding manager who can help you with your negotiations and final booking.

Q - What are the other wedding services that WeddingBazaar offers in the Churchgate area?

WeddingBazaar is your one-stop shop to fulfil all your wedding requirements. Whatever you need for your big day, you will find on WeddingBazaar.com. You can find multiple wedding venues listed on the website. Apart from this, you will find photographers and videographers, choreographers, mehendi artists, wedding planners, decorators, card designers and so much more on WeddingBazaar.

Q - Should I visit the makeup salon/studio or can the makeup be done at my event venue?

These days, with so much traffic on the roads, which only worsens during the wedding season, chances are that you may get stuck in traffic while on your way to the wedding venue from the makeup studio. It is a good idea to have your makeup artist come to the venue to ensure that you won’t be late. However, some makeup artists may charge more to visit the venue, which is something you will have to check before booking your makeup artist. Also, some makeup artists may prefer to work in settings they are used to with all their equipment handy. Hence, the decision is really up to you, as both options have their pros and cons.