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Gone are the days when weddings were all about red and gold and a mehndi function menu would consist of only Aloo Tikki and Papdi Chaat. Come on, bridey! It’s time to show your quirky and millennial side with the food menu at one of the most fun functions of your wedding saga - the mehndi madness. Not saying that the other functions will not be fun for you, but hey, you’ve got to believe us when we say this, you will have the most fun on your mehndi day by wearing this quirky mehendi outfit & food to die for! 

And, this goes without a doubt that all your wedding guests will also be looking forward to the amazingness of your mehndi function. After all, it’s a day full of dancing, singing, and having awesome food in the midst of all the fun. But the same old aloo chaat and papdi need an up-gradation now. So, to spice up your mehendi with delicious food & cuisines we've curated the best food menu for mehndi ceremony that will be a finger-licking treat for your 50 guests! 

Best Food Menu For Your Intimate Mehndi Ceremony

The food menu at the mehndi ceremony should be such that everyone who gets their hands painted with henna can eat everything easily without getting their hands dirty. While maintaining the quirkiness and theme of the event. So, brides, before you go crazy thinking about what food to include in mehndi ceremony, we have accumulated a list of the best must-have dishes for your intimate mehndi ceremony that would taste scrumptious where you won't even have to spend a bomb on it! 

1. Smoothie Bar 

Since mehndi functions are usually held in the morning and go on till early evening, it’s important to have a juice/smoothie bar at the function and especially when it's summers. The guests will be parched after all the crazy dancing, and they will love the idea of a fresh juice bar to rejuvenate them for another round of dancing.

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2. Burger Sliders

Now, who doesn’t like these cute and tiny little burgers, eh? They taste exactly like their bigger counterparts but are super easy to eat and do not mess up your clothes or hands. And oh, these work wonders in keeping little kids on your guest list busy.

Source NL Caters

3. Jalapenos Cheese Poppers

As soon as we hear cheese, it sort of becomes impossible to let it pass. Add the sizzle of jalapenos to it and we have a winner. Jalapeno cheese poppers are yummy, they go great with cocktails and soft drinks and they are also filling. Not to forget, it’s super convenient to just pick one up with a fork and pop it into your mouth.

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4. Chuski Station

Move over fancy ice creams and the likes, we Indians love our chuskis more than anything. Nothing like a colourful and yummy baraf ka gola to make us feel relaxed and happy on a hot summer afternoon. Trust us when we say this - if you are planning a summer #intimatewedding, your guests will love you for this addition to the food menu at your mehndi function.

Source Veggiewok

5. Fresh Fruits

We all have those fancy friends and relatives who are health conscious before anything else. So, a refreshing fruit salad or chaat will be a good way to get the celebrations started for them! 😉

6. Fries In A Jar

Pick up a mason jar, put anything in it and it becomes cute and efficient by default. And, when you’re putting in the jars are fries, there is no need to say anything more. The kids will love this amazing addition to the menu and so will the adults. You could also keep an option for cheesy and loaded fries that are everyone's favourite! 

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7. Deconstructed Nachos Corn Chaat

You would have never seen nachos corn chaat being served at a mehndi function but hear us out. We know you must be thinking that it’d be too messy to eat a cheesy nacho chaat, but not if you put it in a cup and call it deconstructed nachos chaat. You can thank us later, dear!

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8. Dry Chinese Snacks

We love our desi Chinese, and there’s no denying it. Also, a mehndi function is sort of incomplete without that cart full of dry Manchurian, chili paneer, and honey chili potatoes. You tell us what could be easier to eat than these simple and tasty snacks, nothing right? They’re staples!

9. Dimsums On A Stick

The good old’ momos get a fancy makeover, but they’re still the same good old momos. Just put on a skewer and you have yourself another super delicious and non-messy mehndi food item!

10. Kebabs & Tikkas

Punjabi's invented tikkas and spoiled all other food for most people out there. You can't have a mehndi function without these yummy kebabs and paneer, chicken, and mushroom tikkas. It would be not fair to not give your guests the pleasure of enjoying their fave tikkas with drinks, come on!

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11. Pani Puri Shots

Again, let’s be real here! Not the easiest thing to eat when you have mehndi on your hands, but where there’s a will, there’s a quirky way. No mehndi function can be complete without gol gappas/puchkas/pani puri or whatever it is that people may call these little drops of heaven. Serving them in the form of shots will be fun and you can also have a pani puri eating competition with the groom's side to make it all the more interesting.

12. Mini Idlis

People love South Indian cuisine for more reasons than one. It’s light, healthy, and tastes heavenly. Since it can get a little messy when eaten with sambar and all the various chutneys, it could be a good idea to serve mini versions of idlis, vadas, and uttapams in tiny plates with forks. Cool right?

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13. Waffle Sticks

And last but not the least, coming to the dessert. Save the kheer, gulab jamuns, and halwas for the wedding menu. Surprise your guests with waffles on a stick! A great end to a great day and a great meal, you know!


We hope you liked our list of quirky items to include in the food menu at your mehndi function. If you have any more suggestions, drop a word in the comments section below.

13 Fun Food Menu Items To Include In Your Intimate Mehndi Ceremony!

by Manvi Malhotra

13 Fun Food Menu Items To Include In Your Intimate Mehndi Ceremony!