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Weddings for the groom and bride and their family are exciting for a lot of reasons but weddings for guests are exciting mainly because of the food that is there. Food is that one thing which these guests would remember for years after your wedding day so you should aim at keeping yummy but new and unconventional dishes which would simply blow their minds away. To lend you a helping hand with the food, today we have curated a list of 30+ boozy desserts to include in your upcoming wedding. These desserts are unconventional (thanks to the alcohol in them) and will help your guests have a pretty sweet time at your wedding! 

Ultimate Alcoholic Desserts For Your Wedding

What’s A Party Without Cake?

Ladies having a cake at your wedding is a must due to multiple reasons. For starters, everyone loves cake. Secondly, it's super easy to have a boozy cake. Boozy cakes taste amazing, are easy to prepare and go on for a long period of time. Scroll below to find some kick-ass boozy cake options that we’ve listed below for you. Oh, and don’t worry cuz we’ve included all kinds of alcohol below!

Fudgy Vodka Brownie

Source Pinterest

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Tequila Sunrise Chocsicles 

Rum Cake

Source Pinterest

Boozy New York Cheese Cake

Source Pinterest

Vodka Infused Black Forest Cake

Rum Carrot Cake

Source Pinterest

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Champagne Rose Cake

Chocolate + Alcohol = Match Made in Heaven

There's absolutely no doubt or scope of discussion that chocolate and alcohol together is like being in heaven. The flavours transform you into an unparalleled universe which is why we recommend having this duo in your dessert menu on your wedding day. Oh, and you don't have to have just basic chocolate. We've found numerous flavours of chocolate that you can now mix with alcohol and have on your special day. Get ready cuz some are simply mind-blowing!

Vodka Mint Chocolate Barks

Source Tasty

Rum Chocolate Bombs

Source Tasty

Boozy Chocolate Fondue

Source Pinterest

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Whiskey Infused Chocolate Ice Cream

Chocolate Rum Tart

Assorted Boozy Chocolate Poppers

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We Like Our Coffee With Alcohol

For decades now people have been putting coffee in desserts and we think that they made the right call. I mean have you ever tried tiramisu? Isn't it the best thing ever? If you're nodding then you'd be even happier to know that we have found the ultimate coffee desserts with alcohol in them for your special day. From different types of tiramisu to coffee cupcakes, we've covered it all. Scroll below and find the dessert that you want at your wedding!

Classic Tiramisu With Marsala Wine

Vodka Tiramisu

Source Pinterest

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Boozy Kahlua Bites

Source Pinterest

Coffee Rum Cupcakes

Source Tasty

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Boozy Coffee Black Forest

Source Pinterest

Boozy Cupcakes To Binge On In One Go!

Cupcakes are a relatively new addition to the dessert scene when it comes to weddings but a lot of people have started adding these to the menu for they're super fun, can be played around with and come in numerous flavours. Today, we've hunted for those top cupcakes in different flavours which not only gel well with alcohol but taste simply divine. Scroll below and take your pick! 

Tequila Lemon Cupcakes

Source Pinterest

Champagne Red Velvet Cupcakes

Source Tasty

Chocolate Rum Cupcakes

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Vodka Matcha Cupcakes 

Source Tasty

White Wine Infused Vanilla Cupcakes

Source Pinterest

Boozy Popsicle & Frozen Desserts Are A Must At ALL Summer Weddings

Ladies if you're all set to tie the knot during the summers, might we suggest that you keep boozy popsicles on the dessert menu? For starters, these are very pretty to look at. Secondly, the combination of the chilled popsicles with alcohol is kick-ass and we promise that if you decide to keep these, all your guests are gonna be enjoying these popsicles the most. Scroll down below to find the flavours we've found for you! 

Vodka Infused Mango Icecream 

Gin & Tonic Watermelon Popsicle

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Chocolate Rum Popsicle

Mimosa Popsicles

Sunrise Tequila Popsicles

Source Pinterest

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Watermelon Gin Sorbet

Source Pinterest

Boozy Jellies For The Win

Definitely, an unconventional dessert, boozy jellies are a wonderful addition to your dessert bar and for all the right reasons. These are super easy to eat, can get your guests drunk soon enough and are pretty looking which is why you have to have these if you want your wedding to stand out. We've found the ultimate jellies for you which are going to lit up your wedding party!

Gin & Tonic Jell-O 

Source Pinterest

Mulled Wine Jelly Bites

Source Pinterest


So which out of these boozy desserts are you going to keep at your wedding? Head to our Instagram page and tell us!

30+ Boozy Desserts to Include in Your Upcoming Wedding

by Shweghna Gursahaney

30+ Boozy Desserts to Include in Your Upcoming Wedding