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Terrariums are having a major moment in Indian wedding decor scenes, & we're all game for it! They are different, super edgy and so impressively versatile in their use! These decorative geometric glass holders come in various shapes and sizes and can literally be infused anywhere & everywhere to add that pinch of dimension in your wedding decorations.

Lately, we have been seeing a lot of decorators swearing by this uniquely beautiful decor element for various wedding themes—right from boho, rustic, modern to the minimalistic ones. While some are using super chic succulent terrariums as table toppers & centerpieces, others are making gorgeous ring platters and wedding favors out of it. So, if you too want to make the most of these beauties and abide by this latest decor trend, check out these refreshing and fun ways to include terrariums in your wedding decorations. Get your phones ready and screenshot all those ideas that you like!

Super Unique & Edgy ways to include Terrariums in your Wedding decor

1. Hang them around the venue

Stuff them with your favorite blooms, some twinkling fairylights or fancy candle holders and hang them around the venue. They will instantly glam up your wedding venue. (Our favorite one is the cascading terrarium chandelier)

Decor by Altair, Mumbai

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Decor by Altair, Mumbai


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2. Etch them to the ceilings

Give your sitting areas a makeover by infusing some terrarium magic to it. Pick some small and huge terrarium holders (from cubes to pentagons), etch them to the ceilings of your sitting area with some greens & florals and you're done!

Decor by Altair, Mumbai

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3. Make Centerpieces out of it

Terrariums can make for great centerpieces. They can add an english touch to your table settings when accompanied with antique candelabras, pastel hued flowers, moss and pretty table linens.

Source Pinterest

Source Sarah May

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Decor by Altair, Mumbai

Decor by Altair, Mumbai

4. How about Terrarium fairy lights? (Yes, it's a thing!)

Ditch ordinary LED lights or bulbs and pick these cutesy terrarium-shaped fairy lights for your wedding decorations. They are super new and definitely need to be included in your wedding decor list.

Decor by Altair, Mumbai

5. Use them as Candle Holders

Another way you can incorporate terrariums into your wedding decor is by using them as candle holders. First, select different geometrical shaped holders in copper, brass or silver and then festoon them with scented or pillar candles. 

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6. Incorporate them in your Entrance Decor

Your entrance decor should be nothing short of beautiful. And all you need to make yours a captivating one are these edgy glass holders. They can double up the charm of your wedding decorations.

7. Create a Ring Platter out of it

Yes, you can very well use terrariums as ring holders too. Just fill or decorate the holder with some moss and pink blooms and use it to display your wedding bands. Here are some pretty terrarium ring holder ideas that you might love to take inspiration from!

Source Pinterest

Source Pinterest

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Source Pinterest

8. Perk up the chairs with these beauties

Take your chair decoration game a notch above by infusing dainty terrarium hangings to the back of the chairs, just how you see in this picture.

Source Pinterest

9. Give them away as Wedding Favors

What could be a better gift for your guests than something that can prettify their cozy living areas? These elegant terrarium favors are a sure shot win!

Source Pinterest

10. Last but not the least, include them in your Mandap Decorations

Your mandap is the major highlight of your wedding venue. Which is why it needs to look the best. So, we got you something straight out from Virat & Anushka's wedding. Their Mandap setup was breathtakingly beautiful and was all covered with terrariums. Don't you want the same mandap setup for your wedding too?

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Yay or Nay? What do you have to say about these beautiful terrarium decor ideas?

10 Ideas to Add the Edginess of Terrariums to your Wedding Decor

by Anupriya Khanna

10 Ideas to Add the Edginess of Terrariums to your Wedding Decor