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Even though mostly recollected at the last minute, an engagement ring tray or a ring platter is one such wedding accessory you can't do without at your wedding. It is as important as your wedding rings and adds oodles of charm to their presentation. Hence, you've gotta make sure that it is every bit unique and stands out, and most-importantly looks pretty.

Now, when we talk about wedding ring tray options, there are just too many. Right from the ones made with mere seashells, to the ones curated with succulents and exotic flowers, there are all kinds of ring trays available in the market. Moreover, couples today are also getting their ring trays monogrammed with their hashtag or initials to add that much-needed pinch of personalization to their wedding celebrations.

Which is why we've got you some inspiration lined up right here. We spotted some uber cool ring tray designs on the internet and believe us, they're way more phenomenal than the ones you've seen. Check them out and pick your favorite one right now! (P.S. Don't forget to scroll till the end as we've given some more adorable ring holder options!)

Latest Engagement Ring Tray Designs for 2018-19 Couples

1. Floral ring platter with heart-shaped ring boxes

These pink flowers accompanied with svelte pearl details are completely winning us over. 

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2. Lovebirds themed ring tray design

For the much-in-love couples, here's the best ring tray design that not only describes their love in the most unique manner but is also fancy AF! Don't you agree?

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3. An enchanted ring tray design

This garden themed wedding ring tray made with a small silver platter, a moss base, and some pink flowers is all things pretty.

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4. Ring tray design with monogrammed hashtags

What better way to personalize your ring tray design than incorporating some metallic monogrammed hashtags to it with some pretty flowers? We're in complete awe with this one.

Source Regaalo

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5. A glass ring box

Doesn't this cutesy glass ring box filled with moss and heart cut outs makes you say 'I Do' too? 

Source Pinterest

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6. Wooden tray cut in the shape of a heart

Here's another oh-so-gorgeous ring tray design for brides and grooms who want to try something out of the box.

Source RSTDecor

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7. A geometric terrarium holder placed on a wooden pizza platter & surrounded with flowers

One look at this geometrical-shaped ring tray and you'll go gaga over it! We love how it is beautified with multi-hued flowers. This can be so easily DIY-ed!

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8. Lotus-inspired tray with petals made with painted seashells

This beautiful lotus themed ring tray made of seashell, decorated with white flowers and moss can make for a perfect wedding ring tray design.

9. Ring platter decked up with white exotic flowers and scented candles

Want to make your 'I do' moment even more special? Pick this super dreamy ring tray created with fresh white blooms and scented candles for your engagement.

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10. Lit ring tray design

This dual ring platter lit up with small bulbs and beautiful flowers is so unusually gorgeous. Also, it is just so perfect for a Bollywood themed engagement. 

Source Poshwrap

11. Exquisite seashell-shaped tray with birdcages ring holders

Another offbeat and very exquisite design made with wooden logs cut into a shape of seashells, decorated with flowers and doves. Those birdcage ring holders are a show-stealer.

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12. Decorated with fresh lotus buds and baby's breath

Never knew lotuses and baby's breath could make for an ever-so-stunning adornment for a wedding ring tray until we saw this one.

Source Regaalo

13. A fairytale inspired tray

Add a dash of charm to your otherwise dull and boring ring tray with some feathers and pearls. The chariot and love monogram look utterly romantic.

Source handcraftd

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14. Pink and golden floral engagement ring tray

One can never go wrong with a ring tray that has got pretty elements like a mirror, pearls, pink and golden flowers and small birdcage ring holders. 

15. Royal carriage ring platter

How about this cute customized carriage ring platter for your engagement ceremony? It is just the right pick for all you 2018-19 couples.

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16. Ring tray with lots of floral arrangements

Are you also too obsessed with flowers just like us? Then look no further and get this ring tray for your engagement ceremony.

Source Poshwrap

17. A dainty seashell ring tray

This dainty ring tray with gorgeous pearl embellishments and flower details is making our hearts flutter in awe. Pro tip: If you are someone who is a lover of minimalistic things, this ring tray should definitely be your pick. 

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18. Horse carriage ring tray

We can't stop drooling over this tiny horse carriage ring tray decked with white & blue flowers, pearls, and a bow.

19. A hanging birdcage ring platter

While scrolling through some top ring tray designs, we came across this svelte birdcage ring tray which is totes adorbs!

20. A silver embellished tray with crystal installation to hold the ring

Ditch those old-fashioned ring trays over this voguish one consisting of glimmering silver adornments.

21. Ring platter inspired by tree branches

Because your gorgeous rings deserve nothing less than a gorgeous platter to rest on.

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Adorable Ring Holder Options

If you don't want those bulky trays or platters, here are some more cute ways you can present your love bands:

1. You can opt for a mini macaron trinket box 

(You can buy one such ring holder at Etsy)

2. Ring holder made with paper quilling

(You can get such personalized ring holder from Hopping Chidiya)

3. Display your rings on an embellished photo frame

4. If your significant other is a batman lover, this cutesy toy can act as the perfect ring bearer for you!


Which engagement ring tray design your heart stumbled upon? Tell us in the comments.

25 Newest Engagement Ring Tray Designs you've Never Seen Before

by Anupriya Khanna

25 Newest Engagement Ring Tray Designs you've Never Seen Before