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2022 has served some of the best bridal looks that we have seen to date. From outfits to makeup, everything has been breathtakingly beautiful. However, the jewellery department stood out the most to us. We spotted a lot of unique bridal jewellery throughout the 2022 wedding season and cannot wait to share the same with you. So, here goes. 

Unique Bridal Jewellery Trends In 2022 Weddings

1. Vintage Naths

A vintage Nath can singlehandedly take your bridal look from regular to regal. It also has a lovely old-world charm about it. So, if you want to achieve that vintage aesthetic in your bridal look, a vintage Nath would be perfect. 

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2. Hand Harnesses

On the wedding day, jewellery graces a bride from her head to her toes and a lot of emphases is on the hands. This is where the charming hand harness takes the spotlight. It is that one piece that combines the beauty of rings, bracelets and chains in one. Go for it to add more beauty and drama to your bridal look. 

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3. Sheeshpatti

Sheeshpatti is an age-old jewellery that has added to the beauty of brides over the centuries. Lately, it has made a comeback and we are all in for it! It is a mang tikka and a traditional headband in one. Wear a Sheeshpatti design on your big day to look and feel like the queen that you are!

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4. Statement Haars

Statement Haars, as the name suggests, are the perfect choice for a bride that wants to go for an over-the-top look while keeping it graceful. Statement Haars look as traditional and elegant as it gets. 

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5. Silver Bridal Jewellery 

Silver bridal jewellery is an unconventional choice for brides in the truest sense. It is bold and all things beautiful. Silver jewellery not only looks drop-dead gorgeous but also is lightweight. Go for silver jewellery if you want to make a statement while being your most comfortable self!

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6. Unique Bridal Chooda

Chooda is hands down one of the prettiest ornaments worn by a bride on her big day and we have seen enough pictures to support this statement. Recently, we spotted some quirky bridal Chooda designs and they are just as pretty, if not more. 

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7. Mang Tikkas & Passas

More is often less when it comes to Indian bridal jewellery. As a solution, brides have been sporting Mang Tikkas and passas together on their big day and we can't take our eyes off of them! It is over the top but it is also the epitome of gorgeousness!

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8. Diamond Naths

The grace that a diamond Nath adds to that pretty face of yours is unparalleled. So, don it on your wedding day and glow along with the diamonds of your Nath. 

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9. Seashell Haathphools

There is only one thing prettier than floral haathphools and it is seashell Haathphools. They are so elegant and quirky at the same time that it is almost confusing. So, seashell Haathphools should be your first choice when picking out jewellery for your pre-wedding functions. 

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10. Floral Kaleere

Nothing beats the allure of fresh and fragrant floral Kaleere. They are a must for your haldi ceremony. You will not only look ten times prettier but also feel ten times prettier as these lovely flowers sit beautifully on your soft skin. 

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11. Kamarbandhs

If you want to elevate your bridal look to the next level, a Kamarbandh will come in handy. It accentuates your waist like anything and looks extremely graceful. We love how you can easily get a matching Kamarbandh for your bridal outfit these days. 

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12. Floral Naths

Floral Naths are the perfect addition to your Haldi and Mehendi because they have such a pretty, fresh and breezy vibe to them. Plus they are so lightweight and easy to carry that you are going to fall in love with them. 

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13. Floral Rings

You just cannot miss out on floral rings if you are planning to have a picturesque and fun-filled Haldi Mehendi bash! They add so much grace and beauty to your hands that you don't need to wear any heavy jewellery with them. 

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14. Unconventional Kaleere

Finishing up this fun and helpful blog with some unconventional Kaleere because why not? These cute and quirky Kaleere will give you all the inspiration you need before you pick out your Kaleere. 

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Unique Bridal Jewellery Trends We Came Across In 2022 That Deserve A Chef's Kiss

by Pratiksha Pandey

Unique Bridal Jewellery Trends We Came Across In 2022 That Deserve A Chef's Kiss