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Over the years we saw brides shift from traditional chooda designs to adding a personal element to them. Now, we are coming across brides who have completely changed the concept of chooda and have gotten extremely experimental with them. We like to believe that these new types of chooda designs are made for millennial brides who like to bring their own touch to their bridal look. So, if you’re a millennial bride, soon to be hitched, you just have to check out these trending millennial chooda designs. From stacked kaddas to your traditional chooda with a twist, we have everything covered below!

Check Out These Millennial Chooda Designs

Bangles For The Big Day

If you want to look traditional on your wedding day but not after that, bangles for the big day are a perfect choice. The good part about this is that you can choose the number of bangles you want to don, their colour, and whether you want to pair something with them or not. Scroll below to check out these real brides who pulled off their bangles extremely well!

Source Gaatha

Stacked Kaddas

When we talk about traditional jewellery, every millennial’s favourite piece is a kadda. Kaddas not only look elegant but give a very rich vibe. And, the new ‘millennial chooda’ is no other than your stacked kaddas on each hand. From Alia Bhatt to a plethora of real brides, so many women have opted for this type of chooda. Scroll below to take major inspiration for your own bridal look!

Subtle Chooda of Few Kaddas

We covered the stacked kaddas above but now we want to talk about the ‘subtle chooda’ or simply a few kaddas paired together. This type of trend is perfect for minimal brides who don’t want to cover their entire arms with bangles. Not only is this super easy to carry but also looks very sophisticated. So, if you’re a minimal bride, opt for this type of trend on your big day!

Source Sabyasachi

Traditional Chooda With Bangles

A quintessential chooda consists of plain red bangles with a few white dotted bangles. If you are a to-be bride who has always found the traditional chooda quite charming but wants to personalise it in your own fun manner, then simply add bangles or kaddas to the traditional chooda. Your bangle can consist of anything like your hubby’s name or can be your family’s heirloom bangle. Ladies, this will help you get the best of both worlds.

Unconventional Choodas

Real brides in today’s time always manage to surprise us with their unique tastes and personalisations. Hence, it is very common to come across something fresh and unlike anything we’ve seen before. If you are a bride who likes to think out of the box, we recommend going with an unconventional chooda. This can be anything like a combination of traditional and beautiful bangles or kaddas with family heirlooms.


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Exceptional Bridal Chooda Designs for Millennial Brides-to-be!

by Shweghna Gursahaney

Exceptional Bridal Chooda Designs for Millennial Brides-to-be!