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Decor by Altair, Mumbai

A stunning wedding decor that outshines the rest is unquestionably a beautiful amalgamation of each and every part of the wedding venue into the theme and subsequently ornamented accordingly in unique and exquisite ways. Be it the walls of the venue, the massive ceilings, the floors, the huge staircases or quirky corners, having even the tiniest of elements decked up to further amp up the decor is what sets extraordinary apart from ordinary.

To help you ideate the decor for such unmissable elements, we brought to you some kickass ceiling decor ideas and quaint staircase decor ideas previously. For this round, we're ringin' in some captivating and popular tree decor ideas. Yes, trees, that are oh-so-commonly present at every wedding venue right from beaches, lawns, and gardens to your home, farmhouses and resorts. And well, why to leave them standing there sidelined when you can have them remarkably decked up to take your wedding decor a notch higher?!

Aiming to brim you up with loads of inspiration, we fished out some remarkable and latest tree decor ideas for every kinda ceremony and you're going to be spoilt for choices.

Don't believe us? Check them out!

Mind Blowing Tree Decor Ideas for a Charismatic Wedding Decor

1. Having those huge trees gorgeously decked up with fairy lights & bulbs and cascading light strings makes up for a surreally magical tree decor.

Source Eventures

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2. We love how this tree was so phenomenally made into a photo backdrop using cascading rose garlands, rose baskets, a decked up bicycle and rustic signages.

Source Tanvi & Co.

3. One of the best ways to incorporate the charm of dreamcatchers in your wedding decor is by having them hung from the trees.

4. Handmade with cane, these monkeys beautified with fairy lights surely took the tree decor a notch higher.

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5. Having marigold garlands in hues of yellow and orange wrapped around the tree trunks is a popular tree decor idea super apt for a haldi-mehndi ceremony.

Source Tanvi & Co.

Source Tanvi & Co.

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6. Have your trees uniquely decked up with cascading terrariums holding fairy lights or candles for a dreamy effect.

7. We love how this tree is quirked up with pompom strings and fairy lights covering up the entire tree while cane baskets with tassels hung from it.

Decor by Altair, Mumbai

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8. In addition to fairy lights or as an alternative to them, you can have glistening candle or lit up lamps hung from the branches of the trees.

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9. Unique and edgy cascading floral garlands makes up for one of the easiest and best tree decor idea.

10. With offbeat hangings and ribbons and pompom string swirling around the entire tree, this latest tree decor idea is perfect for home functions.

Decor by Altair, Mumbai

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11. With single rose ribbons hanging from the tree, we're heart-ing this subtle tree decor idea.

12. How about incorporating that tree in your bridal seating or dining setting so that it all looks a gracefully blended part of the wedding?!

Source Rani Pink

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13. Chandeliers and floral chandeliers hung from trees look dreamy and super magical without a doubt.

14. This favor table with bangles and accessories hanging from the tree so remarkably entwine into a beauteous favor display.

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15. With different floral garlands hanging from the trees and wrapped around the trunks, this setup is one of the best ones as it encompasses every tree into the decor.

16. A tent mandap right beneath the tree with floral chandeliers hanging from the branches? Yasss!

17. Have that 'right in the middle' tree converted into a DJ setup or a quirky corner.

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18. If nothing else, simplistic drapes and fairy lights would always work their charm.

19. We love how this ornamented tree makes for the perfect backdrop for those dreamy pheras!

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20. A super dreamy and LIT decor idea!


Let us know if these latest tree decor ideas gave you some inspo for your own wedding decor!

20 Exceptionally Pretty Ways to Decorate Trees at your Wedding Venue

by Divya Arora

20 Exceptionally Pretty Ways to Decorate Trees at your Wedding Venue