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Wedding or sangeet dance performances are the most sought-after family affair at Indian wedding revelries. The couple, parents, or loved ones dancing their hearts out joyously celebrating the union of love is what everybody anticipates the most & basically, steals the show. Not to forget how preparing and practicing your performances with your homies is super fun and a chiller time spent with family amidst those hectic wedding preps.

As a matter of fact, preparing your wedding dance performances can get a tad bit tedious and tiresome for you all. To make that time easier and less nerve-racking for you we've put together some amazing tips for planning your sangeet dance performances. These tips and hacks are some of the important things to consider while planning wedding dance performances as they'll surely make this entire aspect of wedding preps way more fun.

Go take notes!

Ace Your Wedding Performances With These Simple Tips

1. People who would be performing at your weddings

The first and the foremost thing you should keep in mind while planning your wedding dance performances is getting a hang of all the people who would be performing at your wedding. From your main squad and the parents to your chachis and buas. Make a note of who all is willing to perform (or you want should be performing). Having an approximate idea of the number of people performing would help you further in many ways.

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2. Grouping or pairing them up together

The next step to planning your sangeet performances is to decide who will be performing with whom. Putting them into groups or pairs would not only make it easier to plan your performances but also choreograph accordingly. And as for the ones with 'em moves, let them go all solo and groove and shine on the stage, be it the groom setting fire on stage or the bride wowing everybody for that matter.

3. The songs you choose

Somehow, the choice of songs is more essential than the entire choreography. Even if you can't dance well or forget the steps mid-way the song that you're dancing to keeps the vibe jazzed up and the party going. Also, who is dancing to what songs matter a lot. Obviously, parents dancing to "tareefan" or the bridesmaids or groomsmen dancing to "o meri zohra jabeen" is an absolute no-no, right? The songs you choose for parents, songs that bridesmaids dance to or songs that groomsmen shake a leg at is essential. Make sure to have your people dancing to songs that keep up with their relationship that they have with you.

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4. Type of choreography

Keep it in mind to have the choreography simple, easily doable and not too difficult to memorize. Remember, not everyone is a good dancer or super comfortable in performing in front of lots of people. In fact, this should literally top your checklist while planning your wedding dance performances. The dance steps should be easy and not requiring too much effort. And of course, as for the slayers, let them rock the stage with their killer moves.

5. The budget for the choreographer

If you're planning to hire a choreographer, then do set aside a specific budget for them and then go choreographer hunting accordingly. And of course, hiring a choreographer is not always necessary if you don't have a budget and if there's someone who can take care of all this then let them take charge and plan your performances.

6. Must have a couple dance performance

The couple's performance is the most awaited one at weddings and that's what literally everyone is digging for. The mushy couple dancing to hep numbers or love songs or songs that tell of their story is a must even if you're not a dancer. Simply holding each other, doing a few twirls while looking into each other's eyes throughout would be enough too. Just DO NOT skip it!

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7. Total number and sequence of the performances

Have a note of the total number of performances and the sequence so that nothing and no one messes up on the day. With so much happening around, forgetting on such things is normal. So memorize it or have it written somewhere, have it all pre-decided and so that there's no scope of goof-ups.

8. Have an idea about the size of the stage

Having an idea about the size of the stage is going to help you big time. It'll help you plan your performance accordingly in terms of how many people you can put in one group and how well you can utilize the entire stage. If a stage is smaller, making shorter groups and knit performances should be your go-to. And if the stage is big enough, you can even plan a big family flash mob for that matter.

9. Rehearse as much!

Of course, there isn't much time for practice all the time for the performances but, make sure to rehearse whenever there's time. Also, do not skip out on the final rehearsal just a day before your sangeet night (Would be the best if you rehearse on the wedding stage where you're actually going to perform). You can even keep memorizing and visualizing your steps whilst you're at your chores.

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10. Amp up the performances with extra effects

An LED screen creating illusions as a backdrop of your stage, smoke bombs, jazzy disco lights, sparklers or Co2 blasters, include whatever you may like in your performances to add an extra edge and happening vibe to the night. Using such additional elements is one of the most amazing tips for planning your sangeet night.

11. Lastly, let loose and have as much fun

Sangeet performances are all about celebrating and having fun which is why being yourself and letting it all out should be your aim. Of course, everybody wants to perform good but, focusing only on your steps is not what you should be doing. It'll stop you from having fun and enjoying the wedding to the fullest. So, let loose, be yourself and enjoy while it all lasts because frankly, nobody is judging or grading you for how you perform.


Are you sangeet performance ready already? Note these points and thank us later.

9 Things to Keep in Mind while Planning Wedding Dance Performances

by Divya Arora

9 Things to Keep in Mind while Planning Wedding Dance Performances