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Every woman out there knows how her mommy and daddy have always waited for her wedding day since she was a little girl. As much of an emotional journey getting married is for you girls, it is equally heartwarming and soul-stirring for your parents. Watching you grow up from a tiny little munchkin to a lady only to leave her home for another's isn't easy guys!

No matter how lovey-dovey or how lowkey your bond had been all those years but, the last few months or days with them before your wedding is surely gonna be heavy for you all. Which is why it is important that you not only keep yourselves busy with the wedding preps but, also make the most of that time. Spend time, indulge in fun hobbies, take a lot of pictures and basically create as many memories together for a lifetime.

So here we're gonna help you with some ideas and ways on exactly how you can spend some quality time and live the best days of your life with your parents before your wedding. Basically, what all you can do to make this hard time a bit more joyous and full of love for all of you.

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Ways to spend quality time with 'Parents' before your wedding

1. Go for a family vacay!

Amidst all that wedding preps and relatives to cater to, taking time out for just each other is super essential. Which is why taking that mini vacay with your fam is one of the great ways to spend some time with them away from the world.

2. Give them a jar full of thank you notes.

No matter how much old school this may sound but, make them a jar full of thank you notes or notes telling them why you love them. Ask them to open a note each day up till your wedding day. This would not only be something different but would also make them feel special and bring a beautiful smile to their faces amidst those disheartening thoughts of you bidding you adieu soon.

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3. Join cooking or baking classes with mom.

Of course, the best way to learn the art of cooking is from your mother. But, to have a little more fun with your mommy, go join some cooking or baking classes together. It would be fun and perfection at the same time.

4. Choreograph their performance for your wedding.

To add a more personal touch to your wedding instead of letting someone else choreograph your parent's performance for your wedding, you choreograph it. Believe us it's gonna be so much fun and is definitely going to bring you closer. Also, performing along with them would be a great add-on too.

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5. Go for Hand Casting.

This new and offbeat memorabilia has taken people all over by a storm. Creating a mini sculpture of your hands along with your parents' to have for a lifetime is a super adorable way. Done with the techniques of creating alginate molds and filling it with plaster mixture, we believe this takes up for a unique gift that you can give to your parents. Also, be it doing with the help of professionals or doing it at your home, it's going to fun without a doubt.

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6. Do the wedding shopping together.

Now, this ain't a new thing but make sure that apart from shopping along with your bae, your in-laws or your BFFs, you shop a lot with your parents too. Your wedding shopping means a lot to them and it's going to be all exciting and easy-peasy with them by your side.

7. Take as many pictures.

Clicking pictures is never dull and boring and also, they're all that we're left with when those beautiful moments have sailed into the past. So, go ahead and capture all that you can and even the tiniest of moments to go back to for when you miss them. Also, pick out the best ones and make them a cute photo wall in their room.

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8. Treat them to a fancy dinner date.

Treat them, spoil them and take them to a fancy luxe dinner date. Have a private space or table booked and decorated with lights or candles. It would not only make them feel special but, would a good time to just chill and be in each other's company.

9. Have as much hearty and open conversations with them as possible.

Ladies, use this time that you're left with before stepping into your marital haven and spend time with your mom dad and talk. As much as you can. Have hearty conversations wherein you openly speak about anything and everything. From their personal experiences, their funny stories and lessons to your fears and desires, laugh it out, cry it out and just be out there. Believe us, you're gonna miss talking to them later.

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10. Spend more time with daddy dearest.

If you're someone who hasn't been much closer to your dad then this is the time ladies. Spend some quality time with him, go hang out together and have open conversations with him. This is the time when you both really should let your guards and awkwardness down and let each other know the value and importance you both have in each other's lives.

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10 Adorable Ideas to Spend Quality Time with Parents Before your Wedding

by Divya Arora

10 Adorable Ideas to Spend Quality Time with Parents Before your Wedding