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Metaphoric of light and happy days, Summers are a wonderful time but, let's face it, with extremely high temperatures and scorching heat Indian summers for that matter are unpleasant and dreadful. And getting married in this season isn't as comfy as it might look even if it is a night or an indoor wedding. And well, especially for brides.

Decking up in all those clothes along with having your jewellery, hair, and makeup on point isn't an easily manageable task. Not to forget how those huge lights further have you sweating and actually melting beneath your bridal lehenga. Well, if you're going to be a summer bride and are panicking over how are you going to survive your wedding then, fret not! We're here to aid you so that you can go all out there and enjoy the best time of your life to the fullest while being your fashionable best.

We've compiled some easy styling tips for summer brides that would help you doll up for your wedding in a perfectly trouble-free manner while not letting your bridal charm dwindle down.

So, scroll through RN and thank us later!

Latest Styling Tips for 'Summer' Brides

1. Opt for a minimal & lightweight bridal lehenga

First things first brideys, a minimal and lightweight bridal lehenga can actually be a savior at your summer wedding. A bridal lehenga made in lighter fabrics with minimal embroideries and embellishments can take a huge load off you. It'll make it easier for you to frolic around since there won't be a heavy bridal lehenga weighing you down.

2. Don't leave your hair open

A great styling tip for summer brides that's going to save them from a bundle of fuss is to avoid open hairdos; even half-tie hairstyles for that matter. You all are already aware of how difficult it gets to manage open hair in summers. And we believe that being a bride, that would be the last thing you'd want at your wedding. Have your hair tied up in gorgeous accessorized buns or chic messy buns. Ponytails and minimal braids would be a great idea too for your pre-wedding ceremonies and they look super trendy with gowns and dresses by the way!

3. Cooler & lighter fabrics

Just like there were some winter wedding styling Dos & Don'ts, there are for summers too. The most important and presumably one of the best styling tips for summer brides is to opt for cooler and lighter fabrics. Be it your bridal lehenga or other outfits for the rest of your ceremonies, choosing summer fabrics like chiffon, georgette, khadi, cotton, organza, chikankari or rayon should be your go-to.

4. Minimal & waterproof makeup

One of the greatest aspects almost every bride worries about the most for her summer wedding is her makeup. And frankly, bleeding makeup because of sweat is no less than a nightmare for every woman for that matter. To avoid that firstly, choose makeup products that are waterproof, provide a matte finish and are according to your skin types (especially if you have oily skin). Also, ruling the bridal scene off late is the minimal makeup or nude makeup look that a lot of brides have been favoring. Opting for minimal makeup is not only a current fad but also makes up for one of the most trending styling tips for summer brides. Not only would the cakey makeup feel heavy on your face but, chances of it all getting ruined 'cuz of heat and humidity are more. So, opt for lighter makeup and softer shades and try not going too extra.

5. Flowy & breezy outfits

Yet another thoughtful styling tip for summer brides is that you choose flowy and breezy outfits for your pre and post wedding ceremonies. Wearing maxi dresses for your haldi, a summery flared suit for the puja, a crop top and skirt/palazzos combo in flowy fabrics or sarees with beautiful blouses are some of the ideas that you can take cues from. Basically, the aim should be to choose breathable outfits and not necessarily the ones with loads of fabric layers and heavy work.

6. Minimal jewellery

Yet another recent fad that's also one of the latest styling tips for summer brides is to ditch heavy bridal jewellery and instead go the minimal way. Choose smaller baubles or maybe even skip out on a piece or two 'cuz believe us, you're going to feel so relaxed and free of the extra weight that heavy jewellery can add on.

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7. Avoid heavy dupattas

Opting for a single dupatta would be a great idea but, irrelevant of the number of dupattas you pick, make sure to not pick the heavy ones. Lighter dupattas would definitely be super easy to carry with no added weight onto your head.


Let us know if there's any summer styling tip for brides that we might have missed out on!

7 Unmissable Styling Tips for Brides Getting Married in Summers

by Divya Arora

7 Unmissable Styling Tips for Brides Getting Married in Summers