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Source Shaadi Saga

Gone are those days when a typical high puffed bun was 'the only' hairstyle option for brides. Brides these days are going out of their way and donning gorgeous floral updos, dramatic braids, silky wavy tresses and elegant bridal buns on their wedding. More than that, they are making a major statement by wearing their hair half up and half down with their bridal outfits. Yes, we're talking about the oh-so-stunning half-tie hairstyles! 

Wearing half-tie hairstyles has emerged as the latest fad amongst the brides. They are classy, elegant and undoubtedly the most versatile of all. Irrespective of whether it is a small function like a Roka or Mehndi ceremony or the big day, brides are religiously swearing by this uber chic hairstyle for almost all the ceremonies. While some are doubling up their bridal charm by infusing the magic of roses and baby's breaths into their half-tie hairstyles, others are incorporating experimental braids into their half-time hairstyles to look their stylish best. All in all, brides are going cray-cray over this dazzling hairstyle and so would you! Which is why we've put together a few stylish half-tie hairstyles we spotted on brides. Scroll through and choose for yourself!

Best Half-Tie Hairstyles we spotted on Real Brides!

1. This beautiful half-tie hairstyle amped up with a single diagonal braid and a cascade of curls has us head over heels.

Source Anitashil

2. Want to keep your half-tie hairstyle simplistic yet bewitching? Then, this basic half-tie outlined with bright flowers is your ultimate save!

3. Classy yet elegant, this half braided hairstyle pinned with peachy roses and ferns can add a dash of elegance to your overall look.

4. We are all hearts of this gorgeous half-tie hairstyle featuring voluminous curls and a beautiful hair accessory in the centre.

5. How stunning does this crown-braid half-tie hairstyle look with those edgy braids and lavender flowers!

6. All you need is a bunch of baby's breaths to enhance your otherwise boring half-tie hairstyle and this bride is a proof! 

7. Look at this minimalistic crown-braid half-tie hairstyle teamed with a unicorn hued floral tiara! *So Elegant!*

8. Don't want to go the mainstream way? Try your hands at this unique half-tie hairstyle featuring bubble ponytails! (That floral hair clip tho!)

9. A beautiful crown braid coupled with voluminous curls and some fancy hairpins can make for a glamorous half-tie hairstyle

10. Here's yet another latest half-tie hairstyle accessorized with a floral tiara hair clip so beautifully!

Source Shahid Naar

11. We're majorly rooting for this scintillating half-tie hairstyle featuring a messy bun in the centre and a cutesy pearl embellished hair clip on one side.

12. This double crown-braided half-tie hairstyle decorated with white and red flowers is perfect for a Mehndi ceremony.

13. Take your hair game a notch above with this clean braided half-tie hairstyle with some soft curls on the ends.

14. How about this creative and beauteous swirl patterned half-tie hairdo for your engagement?

15. Adorn your lovely half-tie hairstyle with cascading curls and some dainty baby's breaths, just how this bride did!

16. With delicate baby's breaths, charming roses and voluminous curls, this half-tie hairstyle qualifies to be one of the prettiest of all!

Source Reba Khan

17. Ditch the usual roses and accentuate your half-tie hairstyle with some baby's breaths and lilac pansies!

18. One look at this princessy half-tie hairstyle adorned with twists & braids and you'll be left all floored.

19. This fab half-tie hairstyle with a floral braided bun in the centre is so unique. (Droolin' over those luscious curls!)

20. What better than a criss-cross braided half-tie hairdo ornamented with a stylish hair accessory for your reception day look?

Source Reba Khan

21. One can never go wrong with a loose crown braid half-tie hairstyle along with some twists and curls.

22. This effortless yet elegant centre-braided half-tie hairstyle is a sure shot win for a home function like Haldi or puja.

23. Turn around your sangeet look with this captivating double braided half-tie hairstyle accompanied with bouncy curls.

24. Such a beautifully done half-tie hairstyle clipped with faux carnations and greens at the back!

25. Here's a jaw-droppingly beautiful half-tie hairstyle festooned with lilac & yellow blooms and some sleek braids.

26. When you can't think of anything else, ask your hairstylist to play with some twists and twirls and glam up your half-tie hairdo!

Source Reba Khan

27. Lastly, this blossoming flower embedded half-tie hairstyle for all the contemporary brides!


Saved your favorite half-tie hairstyle from the list?

27 Effortlessly Stylish Half-tie Hairstyles We Spotted on Real brides

by Anupriya Khanna

27 Effortlessly Stylish Half-tie Hairstyles We Spotted on Real brides