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South Indian brides and their elegance is out of this world. There is something about their beauty that makes us fall for them a little bit more every single time we come across them. While there are so many stunning elements that add to the charm of the South Indian bridal look, it is their bridal saree draping style that simply sweeps us off the floor.

So, let's look at some fabulous South Indian bridal saree draping styles and get inspired by them. 

South Indian Bridal Saree Draping Styles

Kanjeevaram Saree Pleats Pairing With A Kamarbandh

Pleats on one shoulder with an intricate Kamarbadh on the waist accentuating your curves is the classic South Indian bridal saree draping style especially when you are wearing a Kanjeevaram saree. It looks put together and perfectly set which is why we love it so much for the wedding day bridal look!

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The Pattu Half Saree Draping Style Ideas 

The saree lehenga draping style is done on the half saree or the pattu saree which is essentially a lehenga but is worn to look like a saree. The saree lehenga draping style looks very feminine and youthful and we love it for a pre-wedding function bridal look!

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The Falling Pallu Draping Styles 

The falling pallu or the open pallu, as the name suggests, let the pallu of the saree fall free over your shoulders. It looks very pretty and is quite easy to carry as well. You can go for a falling pallu if the saree is lightweight and will be easier to manage. 

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Long Veil Draping Style 

While veils have always been a part of the Indian bridal look, we have been seeing a hike in the popularity of veils among South Indian brides. They often wear a veil with their bridal saree look, and we are mesmerized by it! The veil is usually the same colour as the saree itself but some bries go for a colour that contrasts with the colour of their saree!

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Of Beauty & Grace: South Indian Bridal Saree Draping Styles

by Pratiksha Pandey

Of Beauty & Grace: South Indian Bridal Saree Draping Styles