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In any person’s life, songs play an important role. We all have grown up with these popular Bollywood songs in films. And, I am sure that we must have imagined ourselves as the protagonist whenever there is a romantic scene. It's no brainer that songs just add value to everything. And, talking about Indian Weddings, no ceremony is complete without songs. So how about adding a peppy or romantic song to your reels when asking the most crucial question of your life: “Will you marry me”? We've curated a list of 50 latest songs for your proposal or engagement reels that will leave everyone in awe on social media. 

So, without further delay, let's bookmark these popular proposal and engagement songs.  

Trending Songs For Proposal & Engagement Videos

1. First up is the Ranjha song from Shershaah that is perfect for your Instagram reel! 

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2. Ed Sheeran's song - 'Perfect' is ideal for your special day!

3. Latest & Cutest Song For Your Dreamy proposal!

4. Tell Him/Her how Sad life is Without them

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5. Here is a song for your Flash mob

6. Tell your Girlfriend how much you Need Them!

7. Because of All of You, Loves all of your Partner

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8. We promise you that it will surely make your partner's emotional

9. We got the right track for your engagement reel

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10. What other hints do you want to give?

11. Save this Romantic Bollywood Track in your playlist & play it on your reel 

12. One of the most romantic songs of the recent times

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13. This song will never get old!

14.  Juliets, dedicate this song to your Romeos

15. A song with the cutest lyrics!

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16. Complete your Love Story with the track of the year!

17. A Fun and Peppy song for your D-day video

18. The Nights are Longer without your Partner, right?

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19. 'Meri Jaan' is such an Epic song for your day!

20. Such a Romantic Song for your Instagram & Facebook reels

21. This song will surely make your partner CRY! 

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22. This Bollywood Proposal Song is just the right choice!

23. Sometimes your partner becomes your life!

24. This Song + Your Proposal Video = Perfection!

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25. Atif Aslam Song hits hard and we couldn't agree more!

26. Trending Song Suggestion for your engagement! 

27. Armaan Malik's special song for your special one!

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28. We can never get enough of this song!

29. Gather up Some Energy and Pop the Question

30. Heart Touching Song For Your 'Gehra Isq'!

31. Make Her Yours with this Soulful Track

32. Go All Dramatic With this One!

33. Did you know, this was Virat-Anushka's wedding song?

34. We found an Underrated Gem for you!

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35. All the Millennials Cannot Forget This Song!

36. Propose Your Dreamy Girl with this KK Songs Female Mashup

37. Everything Starts and Ends with them

38. Cuz Kuch to Hai Usse Raabta?!

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39. Check Out How a guy Surprised His Girlfriend on this song!

40. You are Living Under a Rock if you don't know this song!

41. Prateek Kuhad For Your Rescue!

42. How Beautiful is this song for your proposal video song?

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43. It doesn't matter if it's a Paper ring or Diamond

44. When you are with them, even "sookhi roti" tastes better

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45. Because your partner is just Irreplaceable

46. When your First Love is your Last love <3

47. Add some Romance to Your Insta Feed with this song

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48. Just Imagine This song and Your Dream Proposal is LOVE!

49. This Cover Version of the song from "Schitt's Creek" is SO CUTE!

50. Evergreen Song for Your Special day!


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Getting Engaged? These 50 Songs Are Apt For Your Instagram Reels

by Rashmi Jayara

Getting Engaged? These 50 Songs Are Apt For Your Instagram Reels